What is PancakeSwap? How to Connect Pancake Swap App to Trust Wallet

This article will cover things you need to know about the PancakeSwap app. The full definition of Pancake Swap and a lot more about PancakeSwap V2.

In a simple statement, PancakeSwap is known to be a quick and cheap decentralized exchange. Using PancakeSwap, you will be able to swap two coins with a low transaction fee.

What is PancakeSwap?

No doubt about this fact, PancakeSwap is the most popular decentralized exchange (DEX) Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology.

In recent, Pancake Swap has become the thing of discussion when it comes to the crypto world. As a result of that, it has gained massively when mentioning liquidity.

In fact, is the most used exchange blockchain on Trust Wallet, MetaMask and other crypto wallets.   

One of the reasons this has become so popular is not far from the fact that it was designed to securely trade BNB Binance Coin and various BEP-20 tokens without relying on centralized services or losing control over their private keys.

The technology also eliminates the risk of all forms as transactions or trades through the PancakeSwap app are automatically executed via smart contracts.

How Does PancakeSwap App Works

For people who don’t know much or who know little about Pancake Swap. Then, you need to know how it works before you can use it. In that regard, this part of the article will guide you through the process of how the decentralized exchange functions.

Pancakeswap uses a special system called automated market maker (AMM). This system allows transactions without a third party thereby making it safe and free from risk while trading on the Pancake swap app.

Therefore, you don’t need to border or worry about the matching system. This is because traders trade against liquidity pools instead of counterparties.

You may ask, what is a liquidity pool? In a simple statement, a Liquidity pool refers to a fund deposited by investors. Investor(s) could be anyone across the globe; it could even be you our reader.

So, as a buyer, you need not wait for matching with a seller or seller waiting for you as buyers. The system is automatic once you place your orders.

Take, for example, if you want to change a particular BEP20-based token, say Baby Doge to BNB on the PancakeSwap app.

You only need to find BabyDoge/BNB pool that has sufficient liquidity (meaning there are enough tokens inside the pool to facilitate your trade).

Then, you would need to deposit your BabyDoge tokens and automatically receive an amount of BNB based on the most recent exchange rate.

Getting Started with the app PancakeSwap

In other to use PancakeSwap, you need to use a wallet that is compatible with Binance Smart Chain. These wallets include BNB Chain Wallet, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and MetaMask among others.

Meanwhile, on the MetaMask wallet, you need configuration. The configuration process is very simple and easy to go about.

====> Network Name: BNB Chain

====> New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

====> Chain ID: 56

====> Symbol: BNB

====> Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

Once you entered the parameters in the space provided, you have successfully connected your MetaMask wallet to the mainnet version of BSC.

How to use PancakeSwap App On Trust Wallet

As a matter of truth, Trust Wallet is one of the safest crypto wallets to securely buy tokens and keep them. But, on the other hand, it is advisable to use a crypto exchanger to keep your cryptocurrencies. Best of the exchangers include BINANCE, and KuCoin among others.

How to Connect PancakeSwap to Trust Wallet on Android Devices

Many people use trust wallets on Android phones to buy crypto, but before you can do. You need to connect your trust wallet to the PancakeSwap app on your mobile phone.

The process is very simple, but you only need to follow simple and easy steps as explained in this part of the article.

Step 1 ====> You need to download Trust Wallet on your Android phone from Google Play Store.

Step 2 ====> Now, open Trust Wallet app on your phone

Step 3 ====> Then, locate and tap the DApps button at the bottom part of the screen

Step 4 ====> Stroll up until you get to Popular section or under the Exchanges option

Step 5 ====> Select PancakeSwap

Step 6 ====> You will be redirected to a new page with the official PancakeSwap logo.

Step 7 ====> Now, locate and tap on the Connect button

Step 8 ====> This process will open the PancakeSwap website on your Trust Wallet.

Step 9 ====> Then, tap Connect at the top-right of the screen, then pick Trust Wallet from the list of supported options

Watch this video to connect Pancakeswap to your trust wallet

That is all, you should be able to connect your Trust Wallet to Pancake Swap App on your android phone.

Enable DApp Button on Trust Wallet on Android

If you don’t get access to DApp button on your trust wallet on an Android phone. Then, you need to follow the steps in this part of the article to enable DApp button on Trust Wallet on Android smartphones.

Step 1 ====> You need to download Trust Wallet on your Android phone from Google Play Store.

Step 2 ====> Now, open Trust Wallet app on your phone

Step 3 ====> Locate and tap on the Settings button

Step 4 ====> Choose Preferences

Step 5 ====> Then tap on the DApp Browser

Step 6 ====> Now, new tab will open

Step 7 ====> Tap Enable DApp Browser

Step 8 ====> Return to the app’s dashboard to ensure you’ve enabled the DApp Browser

Connect PancakeSwap Using Trust Wallet on iPhone

Unlike that Android phone, the trust wallet on iPhone has no DApp button. Meanwhile, you need to have the latest version of the Trust Wallet App on your iOS device. In this part of the article, we will run through the guide to using PancakeSwap App on iPhone devices.

Step 1 ====> On Safari browser, go to https://pancakeswap.finance

Step 2 ====> Now click on the Connect button

Step 3 ====> Select WalletConnect

Step 4 ====> Now select Trust Wallet

Step 5 ====> Select Connection your Trust wallet prompt

Step 6 ====> Once the status is Online, you can go back to your browser

Step 7 ====> You should see your wallet connected

Step 8 ====> To disconnect, just click on your address and Logout.

That is all, you have successfully connected Pancake Swap App to Trust Wallet on your iPhone device.

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Connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap with WalletConnect on Computer or Laptop

This process will show you how to connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwapusing the WalletConnect option from within your Trust Wallet and connect to a browser on your desktop or laptop

Step 1 ====> On your Browser, you need to visit the official website of Pancake Swap (www.pancakeswap.finance)

Step 2 ====> On the Home Page, locate and click on the Connect Wallet button at the top right of the screen. You can choose WalletConnect or Trust Wallet; both will provide a similar outcome

Step 3 ====> Now, you need to open the Trust Wallet app on your phone

Step 4 ====> Go to Settings and select WalletConnect

Step 5 ====> Scan the QR code with your mobile device

Step 6 ====> Now, you will receive a notification on your mobile app that Pancake Swap wants to connect to your wallet.

Step 7 ====> Then, tap Connect to grant access

Step 8 ====> You need to return to the browser on your computer. Look at the top right of the screen to check whether the connection was successful.

If it’s connected, you should see your wallet address at the top right corner of the screen

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