Simple and Useful Guide to Pair Smart Watch with your Mobile Devices

These days, the smartwatch is trending. You need to pair your smart watch with your mobile phone to get the best out of it. I am sure you are here as a result of your searching for “How to Connect Smart Watch with Phone”

Yes, you are very lucky. This article will cover the complete process to pair your newly purchased smartwatch with your mobile phone.

Are you using an Android phone or you are holding an iOS device, don’t worry. We will cover the processes on how you can connect your smart watch with your mobile phones.

Meanwhile, you must believe that smart watch comes in multiple variations. These may include Samsung smartwatch, Apple Watch, and Fitbit among others.

What is Smartwatch?

In simple language, a smart watch can be defined as a wearable computing device which looks like a wristwatch. Not only given time, date like a simple wristwatch.

Smart watch has more features which make it stand out from an ordinary wristwatch. On your smartwatch, you can access your mobile phone contact, you can as well access your phone message.

On the other hand, using your smartwatch when connected to your phone, you can make a call. You can as well perform more advanced features on your smart phone when paired with your mobile phone.

Most smartwatches are Bluetooth-capable devices. The watch becomes a wireless Bluetooth adaptor capable of extending the capabilities of the wearer’s smartphone to the watch.

Type of Smart Watch

What are the types of smart watch you can pair with your Smartphone? This part of the article will cover various types of smartwatch you may come across in the market.

Wear OS watches: This type of smart watch is available from multiple vendors that design and sell watches using Google’s Wear operating system (OS).

Apple Watch: In simple language, this smartwatch is manufactured by Apple. Apple’s smart watch is a purpose smartwatch.

Tizen watches: On the other hand, this smart watch uses Samsung’s proprietary smartwatch OS.

How To Connect Smart Watch With Mobile Phones

The majority of people use either Android devices or Apple devices. So to this, we will cover the process to pair smart watch with an Android device as well as Apple device.

Therefore, you only need to keep reading as we explore the process together in this article. So, we take them one after the other.

How to Pair Smartwatch With Your iPhone?

Wow, you have just gotten your smart watch, now let’s connect them together. In other to do just that, follow these steps

Step 1 ====> You must power on your smartwatch

Step 2 ====> Now, you need to install the smart watch app on your iPhone

Step 3 ====> Then, you need to run the app on your iPhone

Step 4 ====> Select the Start setup option

Step 5 ====> From here, you need to follow the screen instruction to pick a language and agree to the terms of service on your Smartwatch

Step 6 ====> As well; follow the steps on the screen of your iPhone until you see a list of neighbouring devices

Step 7 ====> Then, you need to tap the name of your watch, followed by Pair

Step 8 ====> After that, the pairing code will be shown on both your iPhone device and the smart watch. Check that they match, then press Confirm on your iPhone.

Step 9 ====> When the pairing is successful, you will be required to enable a few options on your iPhone

That is all, you are done. You have connected your smart watch with your iPhone device.

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Pair Smart Watch With Android Smartphone

This part of the article will cover the process to connect smart watch with Android phones. Like that of iPhone, the process is very simple and easy to go about.

You only need to follow the steps as explained in this part of the article. Here we go to pair smartwatch with Android devices.

Step 1 ====> You need to turn on Bluetooth on your Android smartphone

Step 2 ====> Go to the Settings app on your Android device

Step 3 ====> On the settings page, locate and select Bluetooth

Step 4 ====> Toggle the button to enable Bluetooth on your device

Step 5 ====> Check the box next to it to enable the Discoverable mode.

Step 6 ====> Now, you need to power on your Smart watch

Step 7 ====> While Bluetooth is turned on, go to the bottom of the screen and select Search for Devices or Scan Devices.

Step 8 ====> Select your Smartwatch from the list of devices.

Step 9 ====> Following that, a new screen with a code will appear.

Step 10 ====> Check that the code on your phone and the code on your wristwatch are the same.

Step 11 ====> Go to your phone’s settings and select Pair to connect the two devices

Once the paring and syncing process is complete on your devices. Now, can do a whole bunch of tasks such as checking notifications, getting directions, making note entries, etc.

The best part about Android watches is that there is a built-in Google Assistant to make your life simpler. You can also perform tasks with just your voice, depending on the device you own.

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