How to Convert itunes Songs to MP3 Format

Convert itunes Songs to MP3 Format

iTunes songs can only be enjoyed on iTune devices, the only way you can enjoy these songs on non iTune devices is to convert iTunes songs to MP3 format so that you can play it on other devices.

Do you take note of this on your iTune music, when you move them to non iTune device, they will not compatible with the new device, and then there is need to rip iTune songs to MP3.

There are a lot of sketchy audio converters out there trying to get you to pay $20 for something you can do for free with this hidden feature in iTunes. It is simple to use and works with your pre-existing library.

Convert AAC files to MP3 in iTunes

There are various dedicated audio conversion software packages available, but the best one is probably already on your device, as it’s iTunes itself. While its default setting is to use AAC, you can switch this so that any new songs imported into the library will automatically adopt the MP3 format instead. iTunes also allows you to easily create new versions of songs already in your library. Here are the steps:

Step 1 ====> Open iTunes on your Mac, then go to the menu bar at the top and click on iTunes

Step 2 ====> Then click on the Preferences. On PC to access the preferences, locate the settings, then Edit and preferences

Step 3 ====> Now from the menu that appears, check that the General tab is selected, then click on the Import Settings button at the bottom of the window.

Step 4 ====> In the next window you will see a section marked Import Using. Click on the dropdown menu here and select MP3 Encoder.

Step 5 ====> Beneath it is another section with the title Setting. This allows you to specify the quality of the tracks created. The higher the setting, the larger the file size, so choose the one that suits your preferences. Click OK to save the setting.

Step 6 ====> Next, go to File ====> Convert ====>Create MP3 version, and iTunes will duplicate the existing tracks but in the new format.

Convert itunes Songs to MP3 Format

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Convert itunes Songs to MP3

If you find the above step a bit tough, then here is another method with simple steps

Step 1 ====> Open the iTune, find the song you want to convert in your library and select it.

Step 2 ====> The next step is the Preferences, on the tool bar select Edit and then at the bottom Preferences.

Convert itunes Songs to MP3 Format

Step 3 ====> Now select General and then click on Import Settings.

Step 4 ====> When the window is open select the first drop down menu and select either mp3 or wav, then click OK.

Convert itunes Songs to MP3 Format

Step 5 ====> Then go back to your music, right click on the music you want to convert.  Select Create mp3 version. It will do it in few seconds. You are now through with the convert iTune.

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