Corporation Bank Review, Debit Card Application Process, Activation Guide and Many More

Corporation Bank is an India Bank, which was established in 1906, Haji Abdulla Haji Khasim Saheb Bahadur as founding president. Then, it was started with ₹5000 capital. Presently, the bank has a network of 2432 fully automated CBS branches, 3040 ATM stands or machines, and 4724 branchless banking units across the country. In fact, this article will focus on Corporation Bank Debit Card

It was announced by the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman in 2019 that Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank would be merged into the Union Bank of India. In that case, all their branches have changed their name to Union Bank of India on April 1, 2020.

What Corporation Bank Debit Card Offers Customers

This part of the article will enumerate what you will benefit from the used Corporation Bank Card. To explore these as we list them in the article, you only need to keep reading.

====> Customers who have these debit cards in their wallet will get a lot of benefits while shopping, dining and a lot more with the use of the card

====> Corporation Bank offers multiple discounts when customers use their debit cards for shopping, dining and entertainment expenses.

Types of Debit Card Offer by Corporation Bank

We will move on to introduce to you some of the Corporation Bank Debit Card offers to customers by the bank. These debit cards are introduced to meet customers demands. Customers need to choose among these cards that best suit his or her purpose.

Corporation Bank Card

Corporation Bank Signature Debit Card

This debit card is specifically designed to suit and complement the lifestyle of the cardholders. This card gives privileges for luxury life once you have it in your wallet.

This debit card comes with lots of benefits, such as access to a free lounge by the cardholder, higher daily transaction limit which includes cash withdrawal and online purchases or transactions.

Customers who have Corporation Bank’s Signature Debit Card in his or her wallet will enjoy the benefits of spending on dining, travelling, entertainment, blockbuster, and lifestyle weekend exclusive discounts.

Corporation Bank Classic Debit Card

Another debit card issued to customers by Corporation Bank is called Classic Debit Card. This card is mainly for transactions, it brings convenience and is highly secure when used debit cards.

Corporation Bank Classic Debit Card can be used anywhere, anytime, mostly where debit cards are used within the country.  This debit card can be used in fuel stations, used to pay bills, book tickets online and pay transactions made online.

Not only that, you will be able to withdraw and transfer found through this debit card. Cardholders also enjoy the facility to access additional 4 secondary accounts (apart from a primary account).

The only cons of this debit card, you can only use it on the Corporation Bank ATMs machine, so if you can access Corporation Bank ATMs, then you will not be able to use the card.

Corporation Bank Platinum Debit Card

Enjoy the freedom of using your Platinum Debit Card internationally, you will be able to withdraw cash and pay purchases through this debit card. There is a limit to what you can withdraw and a transaction limit is also placed on the debit card.

One important aspect of the debit card is the fact that you will be able to access it anywhere across the globe provided you have access to internet service. Using this debit card will get you a lot of benefits, it can be used for booking online tickets, used in fuelling stations, transfer and withdraw from ATMs

Cardholders are also provided with Zero lost card liability cover. In case your Platinum Debit Card is lost or stolen, this cover protects you from any loss of money that might result from fraudulent transactions using your card. Please make sure that you intimate the bank as soon as your card gets stolen/lost.

How to Apply for Corporation Bank Card

This part of the article will be talked about the application process for Corporation Bank Debit Card. The Corporation Bank Cards are readily available for existing customers who partner with Corporation Bank.

In case you have decided to apply, you could walk to the bank any braches, collect the application form. Fill in the required info or details on the form and submit after you have entered your details.

The application can also be downloaded from the website and the applicant can submit the form with requisite documents to the branch.

How to Activate Corporation Bank ATM Card

Once you have a debit card, you need to activate it before you can use it. Without activation, Corporation Bank Debit Card is just like a plastic card in your wallet. Therefore, you must activate your debit card before you can make use of it.

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The steps on how to do ATM Card Activation, then read this article very carefully. Here we will provide full detailed information related to the Activate Corporation Bank ATM Card. Next, we will discuss the steps to activate Corporation Bank ATM PIN Number

Activate Corporation Bank ATM PIN Number

The activation process is simple and easy to go about. Everyone could just follow the steps here in the article about Corporation Bank Debit Card to complete the card activation process.

Step 1 ====> New cardholder need to visit any nearest ATM Machine of Corporation Bank. Note, this ATM Machine must be that of Corporation Bank.

Step 2 ====> Now, enter the premises, and insert your ATM Card into the ATM Machine.

Step 3 ====> Then enter the ATM PIN Number by using the ATM keypad.

Step 4 ====> Follow the instructional guide to complete the process

Step 5 ====> In this manner, every applicant will be able to do the ATM Card Activation Process of Corporation Bank.

This is the whole process you can do to activate Corporation Bank Debit Card. Everyone has to follow the all above-mentioned steps & get your ATM Card PIN activated.

If still, any problem occurs, then can reach the Corporation Bank customer representative through 1800 425 3555 number, toll-free.

How to Block/Unblock Corporation Bank ATM Debit Card

This part of the article will run through the process to block and unblock your debit card. Why do you need to block Corporation Bank Debit Card?

This is a good question, you need to do so if you misplace your card or someone stole your card, you need to block it so as to save guide your money. This part of the article will run through various means to block and unblock your debit card.

Block/Unblock Corporation Bank ATM Debit Card via Mailing the Customer Care

The first method we are taken in this part of the article is sending mail to the bank customer care service through the mail. You send the mail through the bank mail address / 

Once your mail is received, you will get a reply that your corporation Bank Debit Card has been blocked. This is also an easy way to unblock your ATM card instantly.

You only need to send them details of why your card was blocked if your message was right with the info gotten before your card was blocked. Your card will be unlocked instantly.

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Block/Unblock Corporation Bank ATM Debit Card by Visiting Bank

This is another means to report your card, either to block or unblock your debit card. The process requires you to visit the bank branches closer to you. Get to the customer care centre, ask them to block or unlock your Debit Card.

You only need to give the representative reasons to do that, if you are able to give a reasonable reason, your Corporation Bank Debit Card will be locked and unlocked depending on your request.

Block/Unblock Corporation Bank ATM Debit Card via Helpline Numbers

The last but not the least means to block your debit card is to put a call through the helpline. From our point of view, this is the fastest means to reach the Corporation Bank customer care services.

You can also register your debit card-related complaints. The customer care toll-free number: 18004252407. By calling these numbers you can block your ATM instantly. These numbers are free of charge. These numbers are available for 24 hours.

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