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Cracker Barrel Employee Login on

Series of benefit awaiting you when you log in to Cracker Barrel Employee Portal. These benefits include work schedules, wages, and other work-related information. The joy of this is that Cracker Barrel created a wonderful employee portal refers to as

If you are a current employee of this organization or old employee you will have access to this login portal via your credentials. These credentials include your Username or User ID and your Password. This portal is only accessible by the employees, therefore, before you can access this website, you must be a worker or employer in the organization.

About Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Cracker barrel was founded as far back as 1969 by an American called Dan Evins. Cracker-barrel an American old company deals with restaurant and gift stores when founded. The company menu was categorized as follows, breakfast items, lunch and dinner dishes, seasonal food, the exclusive menu for kids and desserts.

The company is headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee, United States. With more than 70000 employees and 645 locations, they are operating across the entire United States of America.

Whether it is beef or pork or chicken or fish or vegetables, cracker barrel has always been successful to win the hearts of millions of their happy customers by serving fresh and deliciously tasty food.

How to log in Cracker Barrel Employee Portal

Logging to Cracker Barrel Employee Portal is very simple as the steps require are straight forward. Meanwhile, before we go through the login procedure, we shall quickly highlight the requires materials in the process.

Requirements to Access Portal on

The following are materials needed in other to be able to login to your Cracker Barrel Employee Portal. Once you have these at hand, then, the problems are half solved.

====> You need reliable internet connection

====> You need a computer, Smartphone such as Android, iPhone and other devices that can access the internet

====> You need your Username

====> You need your Password or Passcode

Now that you know what you need, let runs through the process of login to Cracker Barrel Employee Portal via As mentioned above, the steps require are simple and straight forwards as follow:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official website at on your browsers

Step 2 ====> Then navigate to the left-hand side of the screen to locate the Current Employees login section and click on it.

Step 3 ====> Start entering your details in the field provided, that is cracker Barrel Old Country Store Employee Number in the first field

Step 4 ====> On the next field, enter the password in the box below.

NB: For the first time logging in, it is the last 4 digits your Social Security Number, you need to input as your account password

Cracker Barrel Employee Login

Step 5 ====> Mark the Remember me every visit box if you are planning to access the site frequently on the device you are using. It will lessen the login procedure in your future access to the account.

Step 6 ====> Finally click the red login button.

Cracker Barrel Employee Mobile Login

Step 1 ====> Open your browser app.

Step 2 ====> Go to the Cracker Employee portal at

Step 3 ====> Enter your Cracker Barrel employee login details in the login menu.

Step 4 ====> Tap the Log In button to open your account.

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Forget your Login Password

If you are one of those that forget their login password quite frequently, there is a link provided on the login page itself for retrieving your password.

Step 1 ====> Click the forgot password link provided below the password blank field

Step 2 ====> You will be redirected to another page.

Step 3 ====> In this page you will find one blank field for entering your employee ID

Step 4 ====> Then click on the submit button provided below the field.

It will then enable you to reset your password and with the newly set password, you can again log in to your employer account of cracker barrel old country store.

How to Contact the Cracker Barrel Team

You may want to contact the company team for one reason or the other. Irrespective of the reason behind contacting them, here are the simple steps to contact them.

Feel free to access their official page and then reach for the Contact US menu at the top of the page. Hence, you will land on a page with an FAQ section where you are also able to complete the Contact US form. After you fill in your personal data, you can submit the inquiry.


As a Cracker Barrel employee, you are offered many advantages. Their Employee Login platform will provide you with the necessary information regarding your wage, schedule and other news about the company. You will not only be the first to learn about the greatest changes at work, but you will also be able to contact HR or learn about frequently asked questions.

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