Complete Guide to Create an Android App From Your Website

Android and iOS app development always seemed tricky and hard to do, but with AppsGeyser you are now able to create an Android app within just a few minutes. In this guide, we will show you how to create your own Android app from your website.

Why Do You Need a Mobile App?

Mobile apps are a great way to drive additional traffic to your website. Smartphone users are used to access content via mobile apps downloaded on Google Play or Apple’s App Store. If your app store page is optimized, you can generate even more traffic when new users are searching for relevant keywords on the app stores.

Requirements to Create an Android App From Your Website

====> Active website

====> A Google Play Developer account ($25.00 one-time fee)

====> Several screenshots, icons and logos (as shown below)

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Create an Android App From Your Website

The process of creating an Android app based on your website is pretty straightforward and easy. You can either create the app based on an URL, HTML code or a YouTube channel/keywords. For the purpose of this guide, we shall be using an URL.

How to Create an Android App From Your Website

Just fill in the required information, upload your logo (72×72 px png, max 1 MB) and choose a fitting category

After hitting the Create App button and filling out your contact/login details your app is already good to go.

You are now able to distribute your app on your website, using the provided QR code or on the AppsGeyser app store. Have a look at the Edit menu for more in-depth settings like app permissions, user agents or the implementation of custom code.

How to Create an Android App

AppsGeyser itself offers several features for your Android app: Statistics about downloads, installs and usage as well as possibilities to distribute it. You are also able to push up to 3 messages to your users every month for free.
As soon as you reach 100 installs you are able to monetize your app using in-app advertisings served by AdMob or Inner Active. Profit made through those advertisements will be split 50/50 with AppsGeyser.

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How to Distribute Your App on Google Play

In the first step of this guide, we have created an Android app based on your responsive website and now it is time to properly distribute this app to generate more traffic.

Of course, the AppsGeyser website is a great start, but keep in mind that users need to activate unknown sources on their device to be able to install your app. This is very inconvenient and might be too much of an effort for users.

Luckily it is fairly easy to distribute your Android app on Google Play,  you only need the following things:

====> Google Play Publisher account ($25.00 – sign up here)

====> A working .APK file (download from AppsGeyser)

====> At least two screenshots of your app

====> High-res Icon (512 x 512 px – 32-bit)

Make sure to check out our App Store Optimization guide to accomplish the best results.  After filling in all necessary details you can decide if you want to offer your app for free or charge a certain amount of money.

The Google Play Developer Console offers you statistics about ratings, installs and usage of your app. You should check it regularly to see how your app performs and if everything works properly


To wrap up this, if you follow what we explained here with no error, you will create an Android App from your site in a space of short of a period of time.

If you know another way of achieving this on AppsGeyser, kindly let us know through the comment box below.

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