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Youtube Sign Up: How To Create Youtube Account

Create a Google Account to sign in to YouTube account. With a Google Account, you can access many YouTube features, including Like, Subscribe, Watch Later, and Watch History. YouTube can also recommend videos based on what you have watched, liked, and subscribed to.

Creating YouTube account is fairly simple, though it is complicated by the fact that Google owns YouTube and has linked the two for registration purposes.

So for these reasons, to sign up for a YouTube account you must have a Google ID or sign up for a new Google account.

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To repeat, to register for YouTube you need a Google account, this is just a simple fact you need to know and accept, it can be tricky figuring out how your Google ID and YouTube credentials work together.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site and is the second largest search engine today after Google. It is a place to bring all your videos to popularity and so millions of people create account with YouTube.

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006, they have increasingly found ways to attempt to coerce you into creating a Google account to use the video service.

More recently it seemed like you no longer had a choice at all, and that will almost certainly be the case soon, but some clever people have found a “trick” that seems to work for now

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However, if you are finding it hard to open an account with YouTube, not anymore as today, I’m going to show easy ways to make a YouTube account.

How to create a YouTube account: YouTube sign up

If you have an existing Google or Gmail account, you can sign into YouTube using the existing account. If you don’t have any Google related account, you will have to create one by going to the sign up page which can be accessed from YouTube or any of the Google products.

Access your YouTube Account with Existing Gmail account

Step 1: log inYoutube Account

The first thing here is to log in into your existing Gmail account by providing your log in details.

Step 2: click YouTube

Youtube Account

As soon as you logged in, at the top bar of the Gmail, look through to see where YouTube is and click on it to proceed to your YouTube Account.

After clicking, you will be directed to a new window on your browser.

Step 3: sign in

Youtube Account

The next step is to click the sign in button at the top right hand side of the window. When you click on the sign in button, you will be asked to choose the gmail account you want to use if you have signed in to different Gmail Account.

Step 4: Choose Gmail Account

Youtube Account

By clicking on the Gmail Account you want to use for logging in, you will be require to provide your log in details as well. This is not hard at all, provide your gmail login details and hit the next button.

Step 5: last step

Youtube Account

This is the last step to create YouTube Account with your existing gmail. Just hit the Next button as explained in the previous step. Then you are done, that is all.

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YouTube Sign Up Mobile, YouTube Login for PS3, iPhone, Android, Apple TV

One thing worth noting about signing into YouTube from mobile devices or game consoles is that there might be a conflict between pre-installed YouTube app and the YouTube app from official App store.

The most recommended YouTube app is the one you can get and update from the Appstore or Play Store.

The easiest way is to simply access YouTube via browsers. As for PS3, you will need to verify your account by entering an access code which will be sent to your Google account before you can start using YouTube with your account.

Google still doesn’t support YouTube on Apple TV yet.

Finally on YouTube account

Creating YouTube account is very easy and simple if you followed what was explained above in this article. Moreover, YouTube is the largest site to watch video for free, rent and even to buy.

It is also one of the largest sites to share videos, so having a YouTube Account is good.

If this article had helped you in one way or the other, please don’t keep it to yourself, share so that other will benefit from, and you may have any comment, please drop it on the box bellow.

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