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Data Recovery: How To Recover Data From Damaged Hard Drive

Data recovery in one aspect of computer user fear so dearly, so I believe every user may go to any length to recover data from damaged or crashed hard disk. But before we go into the details of this process, I will advise to back up your data.

Hard drive on your machine may fails at any time with or without any genuine reason. And you didn’t back up your data, did you? We have been there—hey, everybody has to learn this lesson once. Now what?

Now if your hard disk fails, the first thing to do is determine if it really is a hard-drive failure you are confronting, and not one of the countless other equipment glitches that can cause a boot failure.

If you have access to another computer, remove the failed hard drive from your sick PC, and hook it up as a secondary drive to the alternate computer. The easiest way to do this is through a USB universal drive adapter and is a good device to have around for all sorts of hard-drive diagnostics.

Recover Data

Successful hard drive recovery is important to everyone, because you have important and potentially irreplaceable data and files.  Whether the data has been lost due to a hard disk drive crash, or the computer has stopped working for some other reason, this article shows you how to safely recover data and potentially save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

How To Recover Data From Damaged Hard Drive

The good news is that there are lots of great recovery tools and methods out there and I would like to share them with you. Please take this as a reminder to start a proper back up routine. Here are the steps to recover data from crashed hard drive:

Step 1 ====> Connect the hard disk to another computer: The first step is connecting the damaged hard drive to another computer via USB cable. This mean you are removing it from the computer where it was not functioning and connect it to another one.

Step 2 ====> Try to copy the data to another Drive: After connected the drive to another computer with the USB adapter, check to see if you can browse the contents of the drive. It is worth trying because maybe it was not the drive itself that actually crashed. If you can, try to copy data off that you would like to recover.

This might not work if you are trying to recover data from a dead hard drive but there is a chance that only the operating system is corrupt and the user data is still fine.

Step 3 ====> Download and Try Data Recovery Software: Now if you cannot copy from the hard drive manually, then it is high time to try data recovery software to recover data from the hard disk.

Do not write anything to the hard drive you are trying to recover data from. This means you should not install the recovery software onto the drive that you are trying to recover data from. There is various data recovery software to use, here are some of them:

1. Hiren’s BootCD: This software allows you to boot into a slimmed down version of Windows called MiniXP from the bootable CD or bootable flash drive and run diagnostic utilities on a problematic computer, therfore Click here to get Hiren’s BootCD.

Recover Data

Recuva is one of the utilities that comes bundled with Hiren’s so you can run it right from the CD. This is helpful if you don’t have a USB to IDE/SATA adapter or just don’t want to pull the drive from your computer.

2. Recuva: Click here to get Recuva which is a free hard drive recovery tool from Piriform (the makers of CCleaner) and is one of the best free PC data recovery tools available.  Even if the drive has been formatted, Recuva can scan the drive to recover files. If the basic scan fails, there is also a deep scan to discover more deeply-buried results.  There is also a portable version if you don’t want to install the full version.

Recover Data

Step 4 ====> (If required) Use a Data Recovery Service: If none of the above steps work or you are unable to follow the steps correctly, it high time to get the service of data recovery company. A word of warning these companies are typically high tech and therefore have a corresponding price. These are real professional Data Recovery services.

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Finally On How To Recover Data From Crashed Hard Drive

Don’t depend on data recovery process, this may fail you and definitely result to the lost of your data and important information you have on your hard drive. On a good note, I will advice to back up the most important files on your hard disk as this can fail at any time. Recover data on hard drive may sometime not work for you, pleas back up your data.


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