What is the Difference Between Article Rewriter & Paraphraser?

A paraphrasing tool can help writers with many aspects of content creation. This includes portraying information in a better way or changing the content tone. While an article rewriter is the cause of bulk content creation and revamping of old or lacklustre content.

Both these tools are undeniably crucial for writers in any aspect of life today. Whether you’re a student or a professional, these tools must have helped you at one point or another.

Since 58% of marketers hail original content as the primary pillar of their marketing strategies, writers employ these tools to implement original and unique content. So, how are these tools any different?

Moreover, which one of them should writers prefer for extended usage? While it comes down to choice and need, the difference between the two is clear. Hence, let’s clarify what exactly it is:

What Is An Article Rewriter?

An article rewriter is an AI-based tool that performs multiple tasks, such as refining content or rewriting it entirely. While some tools give you the choice of picking the one in which you wish to rewrite content, others depend entirely on their AI-based algorithms.

The common traits of an article rewriter include:

====> Changing content tone or voice without altering the meaning

====> Tweaking content from active to passive & vice versa

====> Rewriting using better words, i.e., synonyms or antonyms

====> Implementing better terms & phrases than the original

An article rewriter can often be mistaken for a spinner, which basically just changes a few words here and there. However, a proper rewriter will change the text by replacing words, sentences, and entire passages to revamp the content.

The purpose of such a tool can be to recreate content in bulk or rewrite existing content to make it better than the original.

What Is A Paraphraser?

A paraphrasing tool is also an AI-based program that reads, comprehends then changes your content according to your demand. Some of the paraphrasers also offer content tones, but most of them depend on AI algorithms to rephrase your content accordingly.

Compared to a rewriter, a paraphraser has the following unique and similar traits:

====> Tweaking or altering content tone without changing the context

====> Changing content voice from passive to active & vice versa

====> Removing plagiarism or duplicity by rephrasing specific terms and words

====> Changing or altering content’s flow to make it readable

While the changes made by paraphrasers aren’t as drastic as an article rewriter, they are still enough for the eye to notice. In the end, it all comes down to preferences, whether you wish to rephrase or rewrite your content entirely.

Head-To-Head Comparison on Article Rewriter

To understand the difference between these tools, it’s imperative that we pit them against one another. However, first, we must look at the way these tools are different from one another. Here’s an article rewriter:

And here’s a paraphraser:

If you look closely, you can see these tools are virtually the same in options. However, it’s the objective they’re created for that differs. How is that? Here’s a table to help you grasp the idea:

Article RewriterFeature/OperationParaphraser
SomewhatChange The ContextNo
NoAlter The MeaningSometimes/Depends
YesUse Synonyms & PhrasesYes
YesRemove PlagiarismYes
Changes Content EntirelyChanging Content ToneYes
YesImproving Content FlowYes

While these tools aren’t that different from one another on paper, it’s the goal for which any writer uses it matters. An article rewriter is something that’ll change your content entirely without altering the context entirely.

While a paraphrasing tool will only make slight and minor changes. However, plagiarism removal is the one common trait of both these tools.

In other words, you can employ both these tools to remove plagiarism from your content. On the other hand, you can also use them to improve your content’s tone. But, it’s the minor changes where paraphrasing tools are more suitable.

While article rewriters are ideal for bulk content creation and rewriting an existing text entirely.

Using Both Tools: A Demonstration

To further understand the difference in both these tools, we must use these tools to change the same piece of content. This will help us demonstrate just how vastly different an article rewriter and paraphrasers are.

Here is the content we’re using.

Good content depends on the writer’s ability to formulate a readable text. On the other hand, it also relies heavily on extensive research and understanding of the subject. Therefore, it’s imperative the content is of top-notch quality.

This content is grammatically sound, and there’s nothing particularly wrong with it. However, the purpose behind this is to test the prowess of both our online article rewriter and paraphraser. So, let’s get started.

Using Paraphraser

First up is our paraphrase online. Since we’re looking to see how both tools tweak the same content, we’ll keep the content tones to standard and simple. Here’s what we get when we use the paraphraser:

As expected, the paraphrasing tool has made only minor changes to revamp our content. It detected a few problems, such as lackey flow and fluency, then changed it enough to remove those problems.

Using Article Rewriter

An article rewriter is probable to change our content vastly. Since the idea is to revamp content without altering the meaning, here’s what we get when we use the article rewriter:

As was expected, the article rewriter does change the content much more than the paraphraser. Instead of changing bits and pieces, it rewrites the content using alternate words.

It can almost be perceived as an entirely new content piece when read closely. However, the context remains the same. This should tell you how different both these tools are at recreating content.

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Conclusion on Article Rewriter

A rewriter and paraphraser are both essential for writers today. You can use these tools to achieve the goals that they promise to deliver. But, you can try other content tones available in both these tools to push them to change your content further.

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