What Is the Difference Between a Tablet and an iPad

Earlier, only computers used to be the digital device used for saving and transferring files and documents. Thanks to technological advancements that lead to the invention of more electronic devices, including Smartphones, iPads, and Tablet(s). These devices are highly portable and come with an enhanced list of specifications.

But, what is the difference between a tablet and an iPad? Let’s find out about them in this article based on different parameters.

What Is an iPad?

iPad is a certain kind of tablet designed and manufactured by Apple. This device is known for its excellent high-quality display and provides a robust user experience. It improves communication by allowing face-time or video calling from any part of the world.

From playing games, selling, purchasing, and making payments to storing files, you can do anything on these kinds of digital devices. You can store a huge bulk of your favourite apps.

What Is a Tablet?   

Manufactured by different companies, tablets are basically short computers that can be recharged using a charger. They feature a flat thin touch screen and accomplish all the purposes of a phone.

The biggest advantage of using tablets is that it supports multitasking which is not possible while using an iPad. These are excellent alternatives to large computers as they are smaller in size, easy to carry, and more affordable.

Uses of Tablet and iPad

iPads are primarily designed for viewing different types of media. You can enjoy your songs by adding music to your iPad and listening to music offline. These are even marketed as portable gaming devices.

Tablets can prove great for professional presentations, sending and receiving email, video-conferencing, sharing images, or snipping images. You can even snip your iPad images on Mac. If you often ask yourself how do I snip on Mac, it’s pretty simple. 

Operating System

iPad runs a proprietary operating system known as iPadOS or iOS operating systems. This operating system makes all processes, such as communication and customer experience, easier and smoother.

However, tablets are exceptional devices that work on various types of operating systems, including Windows and Android. The operating system of the tablet determines the touchscreen interface layout and apps it runs.

Designs of iPad and Tablet

 The design is another key factor that differentiates between iPad and tablets. Since tablets are manufactured and marketed by different companies, they vary in design, size, and shape. However, because iPads are designed only by Apple, the design remains consistent.

Android tablets are designed around customization, while iPad OS is designed to be more intuitive. You get more personalization options when it comes to interface or themes on Android; however, these options are limited on iPad.


 As already discussed above, tablets are good for multitasking. You can decide what type of apps you wish to use for any work. You can also personalize the screen images, font types, and lots more. It’s worth mentioning that more apps are available for tablets as compared to iPads.

An iPad can run only one task at a time because it cannot interact with multiple apps flawlessly at the same time. If you try to run another function at the same time, then the previous function will be closed. However, you can stream videos or listen to music.


Since tablet users can download and install various apps from third parties and/or the Google Play app store, they lack security. Android tablet users can install any app without advance approval.

So, this can occasionally lead to security and malware risks. On the contrary, Apple only supports and allows apps to be downloaded and installed only via its own store. So, it provides additional security. It reduces the risk of bugs and malware.


When compared with laptops and computers, tablets are highly affordable. Any person who needs to purchase a computer/laptop but has a tight budget can consider less expensive tablets. You can buy an external keyboard for tablets for extensive functionality.

However, they don’t have any exact cost as it depends on the tablet type and the features or incorporates. iPads, on the other hand, are usually more expensive. The reason is that these are designed by only one company with fixed features.   

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The Conclusion

 That’s pretty much everything you need to know about what is the difference between a tablet and an iPad. The main factor that distinguishes an iPad from a tablet is that iPad is the brand name for Apple-based tablets. On the other hand, tablets are mobile computing devices with keypads, touchscreen displays, and other components.

As you can see, both of these devices have certain weaknesses and strengths, the one you buy primarily depends on your budget and preferences. Both work flawlessly with the range of apps available for their respective operating systems.

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