Disable Chromes Automatic Sign-Ins

How to Disable Chromes Automatic Sign-Ins in Version 70

With Chrome 69, Google began automatically signing you into the Chrome browser whenever you signed into a Google website like Gmail. Chrome 70, available now, has a hidden option to disable this feature. Disable this feature is not an issue here, let me ask you, why do you need to disable Chromes automatic sign in on your Google chrome browser. You need to stop the browsing from signing you in, most especially when you think or doubt that someone may access your computer without your permission.

Disable Chromes automatic sign in will save your account from intruders, thereby keeping your account on the saver side.

Google definitely got the message that users were not happy about the auto-sign in/out link implemented in the previous version of Chrome (version 69). The company has launched an updated version of the browser (version 70) that makes it a lot easier to disable this annoying feature among other changes.

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Back in Chrome 69, the browser automatically signed users in or out of Chrome when they logged in or out of Google’s web services like, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive among other.

How to Disable Chromes Automatic Sign-in Feature

Despite these welcome changes in Chrome 70, the aforementioned auto-sign in feature is still on, by default, in the browser. Thankfully, opting out is easy. Before we go into the details, update your browser to Chrome 70.

====> Click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the browser, click on Help,

====> Then click on About Google Chrome.

====> If you don’t already have it, the browser should automatically check for updates and prompt you to restart Chrome to install the latest version.

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Now back to the point of this article, disable Chromes automatic sign-in on the chrome browser. The steps bellow will guide you through.

Step 1 ====> To find this new option, click menu

Step 2 ====> Now click settings in Chrome browser. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page and click Advanced.

 Disable Chromes Automatic Sign-Ins

Step 3 ====> Toggle the Allow Chrome Sign-in option here off.

 Disable Chromes Automatic Sign-Ins

Step 4 ====> Relaunch Chrome when prompted and your new setting will take effect. You can now sign in to your Google account on the web. Chrome won’t automatically sign you into the Chrome browser, just the Google website.

 Disable Chromes Automatic Sign-Ins


That is all about disable chrome auto sign-in. It is easier to disable auto-sign-in linking with Chrome 70 than it was on Chrome 69, but it is still annoying that Google insists on this being the default behavior for Chrome.


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