DJ A House Party Using your Smartphone

How to DJ A House Party Using your Smartphone

Sometimes we need to do a get-together party in our compound that requires us of DJ. This party does not welcome a lot of people but bring together the family members. This will sound so unrealistic to engaged the DJ man outside. But do you know you can still go on with the party with fine music, as well enjoy the get-together party as you DJ using your smartphone?

There are different DJ software out on the play store, then you can lay your hand on them and try it out. Meanwhile, on the course of this article, we shall be dealing with DJ Mixer.

Meanwhile, according to PBS, the turntable emerged as a musical instrument during the 1940s and 1950s when the world’s experimental composers started sampling and creating music entirely produced by the turntable.

The music they created shifted perceptions about what was possible with something not traditionally considered an instrument. As radio DJs emerged and played the world’s trending music, turntables rose to prominence and hit the mainstream.

On the other hand, amateur and professional DJ’s alike have moved beyond turntables and into the digital age to create mind-blowing DJ sets never possible on vinyl. But you don’t need complicated a piece of expensive equipment to curate, play and replicate your favourite sound.

Instead, rely on your own smartphone to produce music that keeps the party going all night long. So even if you just love curating music and making playlists you can still step up and rock a friends party.

Download DJ Software and Use it on your Smartphone

Thing is made easy these days, we all know, we can do almost everything on our fingertips. As we mentioned earlier in this article, with your smartphone, you can do a lot. There are thousands of DJ program on the net, thank Google for Play store. On Google Play store, you get various apps on your smartphone, DJ inclusive. Here are the simple steps to download DJ Mixer on your smartphone.

Step 1 ====> Power on your device, then dive to Google play store app and tap to launch it.

DJ A House Party Using your Smartphone

Step 2 ====> From the search bar on the play store, type your desire DJ app name. Here we typed DJ Mixer on the space provided.

Download DJ Mixer

Step 3 ====> As soon as you get what you want, tap on it to download and then install on your smartphone. By default, Google Play Store will commence installing after downloading, meaning you don’t need to perform any task after downloading.

Step 4 ====> Now, after installation, go to the main menu on your phone, locate and tap the app you had just installed. By tapping mean you launched it, that is you bring it to action.

Step 5 ====> Then, you need to follow the tutorial, you don’t need to panic. The tutorial is very simple and easy to follow. After that, you are good to enjoy your party using your smartphone DJ app.

DJ A House Party Using your Smartphone

Accessories Yourself

You don’t have to give up your favourite equipment once you have found the perfect smartphone. It’s entirely possible to use a standalone mixer along with your smartphone at your next house party.

The DJ Mixer can play files from a smartphone, laptop or USB to enhance the sound of your music. Use it with Android or iPhone and use built-in hardware effects like Beat Effect.

For something smaller and more cost-effective, Monoprice’s portable DJ mixer easily connects and mixes right from your smartphone or tablet.

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It is a thing of joy that you can do so many things with your smartphone, You don’t need to get huge amount of money before you can organize a get-together party for your child birthday, graduation celebration as you can call on family and friends to celebrate with you in your compound with the power of smartphone DJ.


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