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How To Download Facebook Video For Free On Any Device

Download Facebook video for free on Facebook platform is gaining popularity this days among the users, no doubt about this, Facebook is one of the most famous social media of our era. People share different videos on their timeline and want friends, relatives and well wisher to see, and if possible download.

Irrespective of any devices you user to access your Facebook, in one way or the other you might have come across some videos interesting you. Facebook download video will probably be the next line of action to be taken.

I have received divers questions on how to download Facebook video using mobile phones, using personal computer, even with or without special apps. These are great questions, to be honest! The reason(s) that so many Facebook users want to download video from Facebook , so they can re-purpose that video in other ways and on other platforms.

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For some reason, Facebook does not make it super easy to figure out how to download Facebook video, so I am coming to the rescue with simple steps on Facebook download video and then a tool that does it for you!

Download Facebook video on computer

Step 1: copy link of the videoDownload Facebook Video

The first step here is to copy the URl link from the video(s) you want to download. You will be wondering how to go about this, to get the link is very simple. Place you cursor on the video and right click on the video.

Step 2: Show linkDownload Facebook Video

By right clicking on the video, a dialogue will comes up with different option to choose from, just click on the show URL to get link.

Step 3: Visit Google and type download Facebook videoDownload Facebook Video

Typed download Facebook video on Google search box to get any of the Facebook video download, on any that comes your way, paste the link you copied from above step into the space provided and hit download button.

Step 4: DownloadDownload Facebook Video

The final step on Facebook download video is to properly download the video, here are different links in which contain mainly fake links but ads links. Don’t worry, you can still get the right link to download the video. I will advice to hit Download Video in Normal Quality.

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Download Facebook video on iOS devices

Here, I will be sharing a trick which you can use to download Facebook videos on your iOS devices. Also the best thing is, you can browse the videos on the official Facebook app which makes it easier to find any videos you are looking for.

Step 1: download mymediaDownload Facebook Video

The first thing you are to do is download an app called mymedia from the App Store. This app is like a downloader and file manager which you can use to manage your media files on iOS. After download then installed on your device, open the Facebook app and look for the video you would like to download.

Step 2: Play videoDownload Facebook Video

After you play the video, you will be able to see an option button to share the video. Just tap on the option and select Copy Link. This will automatically copy the direct URL of the video to your iOS clipboard.

Step 3: Open mymediaDownload Facebook Video

The next action to take on download Facebook video is to open MyMedia app that you installed earlier and it will give you a browser. Then, open up a website called and paste the video link copied from Facebook app and tap on the button to decode the video link.Download Facebook Video

Depending on the video, you will get option to choose HD or SD download. Tapping on the option will give you the option to download the video.


If is saying that download link is not found, then try downfacebook and paste the link there.

Step 4: Name and downloadDownload Facebook Video

Now the app will ask you to give a name for the video and start the download. Once the download is finished, you will be able to see the file in the Media tab of the app.Download Facebook Video

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How to Download Facebook Videos Without Special Software

This trick will show you how to extract an MP4 file of your video from Facebook. No fancy software is really required. The example comes from a Facebook Page of LearningRx.

Step 1: Go to PageDownload Facebook Video

Go to the page that posted the video. Then click the ‘More’ button below the cover image or just scroll down the page and find the video.

Step 2: Find the VideoDownload Facebook Video

Find the video you want to download then click on it to open it.

Step 3: Change the URL

In the URL, change the “https://www” to “https://m”. For instance, the above video link is:

So I replace the https://www with “m”, like this:

Now when you view the video, you see the mobile view, which fills the whole screen, like this

Step 4: Save download Facebook video

Now all you need to do is right click on the video and choose the “Save video as” option. You will then see the MP4 option. Choose a name for the file and save to your computer.Download Facebook Video

NOTE: If you right click and have not played the video, this option does not come up.

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