Download Google Camera APK for Nokia Smartphone

Download Google Camera APK

The latest smartphone cameras have gone to exceptionally well, they have completely replaced the DSLR camera. This Google camera APK is capable enough to capture high-resolution pictures without deteriorating the professional look.

Meanwhile, every smartphone manufacturers are working hard to improve the camera sensor as well as prefer to include some software tweaks to enhance the beauty of the camera, Google is nowhere beyond and has gone a step far ahead of other manufacturers.

Of all the Google smartphones, the Pixel phones are claimed to have the best camera as they include advanced post-processing algorithm that make the images look better.

Recently, it has introduced a new feature that has been unofficially rolled out to all the Google Pixel phones. This new mode can completely change the way that we take pictures at night. While capturing the pictures from Google camera app in normal camera mode at night, we may find that most of the details are not clear.

Apply Night shift mode to find the difference on your own. The picture clarity comes out as if they are taken in daylight conditions. Here let us discuss further to understand how to download Google camera APK and install it with the night shift.

How to Download Google Camera APK

We will provide Google Camera APK download links for all compatible Nokia Smartphones. If your Nokia smartphone is among the listed links, tap on it and download on your device.

Nokia 8.1 – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 8 (Pie) – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 8 (Oreo) – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 8 Sirocco (Oreo) – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 7.1 – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 7 Plus (Oreo) – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 7 Plus (Pie) – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 6.1 (Pie) – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Oreo) – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 6.1 (Oreo) – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Pie) – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 6 – Google Cam APK link

Nokia 5 – Google Cam APK link

Install Google Camera APK & Enable Night Sight

Let us now move further in the process after you download Google Camera APK from the links above to enable night sight or mode. The steps to achieve is listed below.

Step 1 ====> First thing to be noted is, like other Google camera ports, it does not demand you to root the device to enjoy the benefits.

Step 2 ====> Before installing the Google camera APK, enable Unknown sources on Android smartphone.

Go to settings ====> Security ====> Enable unknown sources.

Step 3 ====> Now download the Google Camera APK from the trusted source and remember the location in which the APK file is saved. Download it from the link above in the article.

Step 4 ====> Head to the location of the APK file and tap on the file to find the option to install. Tap on Install to begin the installation process.

Step 5 ====> After complete installation of the Google camera, open the app and find the option More. Tap on it to find different modes in which the camera can be operated.

Download Google Camera APK

Step 6 ====>  Finally, select Night which is in the shape of half moon. Selecting this mode will click the picture in night shift mode.

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