Complete Guide to Download and Install 9Apps on Android Device

How to download and install 9Apps on android device

9Apps is a play store which allows you to download apps of your choice on your Android smart phone. Just like Google play store, there are millions of apps available for Android in different categories. All the smart phones come with a default Android operating system with an empty Menu. You can fill it with your own apps and games depending on your Choice. In order to do this, you need an App store where you can get all the free apps. Downloading and install 9Apps is the best Android play store that provides millions of free apps that you can download offline and install manually.

Features of 9Apps

Before we go into the details on how to download and install 9Apps, let quickly look at some of its features.

Third party apps: The best feature of 9Apps store is that it has no strict restrictions for apps like Google Play Store or iTunes store. So, we can download third party apps like VidMate, TubeMate, King Root through 9Apps which won’t be available on other App stores.

Safe & Secure: There are other APK markets like Uptodown and Mobogenie, but 9Apps is the most secure of them all encoded via https in website and OWASP in Android app. this simply means when you download from this play store, your device are free from the risk of been attack by virus.

Millions of Apps & Games: 9Apps is the largest Android market with more than million apps and games ready to download. You can sort all downloads by trending, popular, category, genre or keywords.

Unlimited downloads: As 9Apps is a free app store, there are no paid installations. All the APK files provided are absolutely free and secure.

Offline installation: All the apps, games, themes from 9Apps downloading software provide APK files which are the source files. As all the apps would be in our storage, we can install them anytime offline unlike Google Play Store. This is an advantage over the popularly known Google play store.

Downloading 9Apps APK for Android

To install 9Apps Downloading software on your Android smart phone, you have to follow the manual installation process.

You can install 9Apps APK 2018 latest version on all Android mobiles. But it is recommended that you run it on Android devices running 4.0 and higher. Click here to download 9Apps on your Android device

How to install 9Apps on your Android device?

How to download and install 9Apps on android device

Now that you have downloaded 9Apps from the link above, here are the steps to install the app on your device.

Step 1 ====> Download APK from above page.

Step 2 ====> Tick the ‘Allow apps installations from unknown sources’ box from Security settings.

Step 3 ====> Open the APK file to start installing.

Difference between Google Play Store and 9Apps Store

When it comes to play store, Google and 9App are the most popular play store. Here are some of the different between these two play stores.

Google Play Store                               9Apps Store                                                    Features

Yes                                                                 No                                                                          Online installation

No                                                                  Yes                                                                         Third party apps

No                                                                  Yes                                                                         Offline installation

Yes                                                                 Yes                                                                         Unlimited downloads

No                                                                  Yes                                                                         All free downloads

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Merits of 9Apps

The following are the benefits you will enjoy when you downloading 9Apps on your Android phone. They are:

====> You have no restrictions to the number of apps you can download from the play store.

====> Every apps download from this play store are free, you are to pay no penny before you can download from the play store.

====> Best alternative to Google Play Store in Android mobiles.

====> Unlike other play store, every APK file download files are save directly on the SD card on your smart phone

====> Sort apps by categories. You can sort apps from the play store by their categories, this is amazing feature of the app.

====> Download streaming apps and third party apps.


No need to waste more of our time, if you don’t have downloading 9Apps on your Android smartphone. It is time to click on the link above to download it on your smart device. This is justify by the features and benefits you get from the app.

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