Complete Guide On How To Download Online Video Using Orbit Downloader

Download online video using orbit downloader is a simple process in which you can use to download your favorite movies online to watch at your leisure time. Meanwhile, so many internet users are not interested in using this amazing program just because they don’t understand the inter face of the program.

Orbit Downloader, apart from automatically downloading the files from the Internet, also allows you to grab the videos from the online tube sites. One example of such site is YouTube.

Although there are several applications available out on the Internet that allow you to grab the streaming videos from the YouTube, all such applications are precisely designed for YouTube only.

Download online video using orbit downloader is free and can download youtube movies easily with great speed. Orbit Downloader, leader of download manager revolution, is devoted to new generation web (web2.0) downloading.

Download online video using orbit downloader, is chosen by millions of people. Because it is the most efficient, easiest, and popular way to download YouTube movies. Also people use Orbit Downloader to download all social movies and music like download Youtube, download Dailymotion, download Pandora, download Myspace among others.

There might be some sophisticated applications that also support a few other tube sites, but their support is limited and restricted to some particular websites only.

Complete guide on how to download online video using orbit downloader

This article will guide you on how to use orbit downloader manager to download videos, not only that, it will highlight step by step require to carries out the downloading process. Here we go

Step 1


The first thing to do is download orbit manager and installed on your computer, keep the program running, by so doing you are getting closer to the real deal.

Step 2

Go to the video you are to download and click on, you will only get this by visiting the site of your favourite video.

Step 3


At the icon of Orbit Downloader on the system tray  that is beside the clock, on the right corner at the bottom of the screen, click on Grab ++

Step 4

The Grab++ menu appears. Grab++ will automatically catch the link you want to download.

Step 5 on download online video using orbit downloader


Here you to do more job compare to the previous steps, here you are to choose link of the video you want to download. Then click on download

The Create New Download window pop up, you enter the information about the download file here.
At the URL box: The download link of the Video (set this box as default)

At the Save to box: The path to the location you want to save the downloaded video

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The default path to the storage location of this file is C:\Downloads\

If you want to select the other storage location, Click Browse… and choose the new storage location.

At the Save as box: Choose the name of the video file you want to save.

At the Size box: Show the information about the file size and the size of the storage disk

Here the file size of the downloaded video is 570.70MB.

The size of the storage disk is 300.05GB

Step 6

download-online-video-using-orbit-downloader This is last step here to discus, after setting the file parameters that suit your purpose, click Download to download the video to your computer and begin to enjoy your movies at your leisure time.

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