Ecobee Not Connecting To Wi-Fi? Possible Causes and How to Fix It

If you find yourself on this page, then you have been searching for processes to fix Ecobee not connecting to WiFi. I may say you are very lucky. Not only you will know why Ecobee is not connecting, but you will also learn steps to fix the connecting error.

Ecobee works perfectly with the thermostat. Ecobee system is a smart device used to enhance the performance of the HVAC system while making it more power-efficient. In simple language, it is used to maintain temperature balance by pairing with smart sensors.

In that process, the Ecobee smart device adjusts according to the number of people in the room, thereby making it a more conducive place as it adjusts to the perfect temperature in every section of your household.

Why Ecobee Not Connecting To Wi-Fi and Possible Solution

In this part of the article, we shall be looking at the possible reasons Ecobee not connecting to WIFI. Once your device is not properly connected, its function will be halted.

On the other hand, if it is well connected, it will work perfectly well. You will get the best from the Ecobee smart device.

Now, without wasting more time, here are the possible reasons Ecobee not connected to WiFi and possible ways to fix it.

Power Source

The first thing to look at is the power source. You must connect your device to a power source. If your Ecobee is not well connected to a power supply source, it will not function at all.

If you have connected it before, you need to check the power to be sure is well connected and fine. If it is fine, move a bit higher to check the switch, the switched on the power source.

The power source could be affected in various ways, it could be the wiring, or your children could switch it off unknowingly. Or maybe, you have not done the wiring appropriately.

The joy of this is that the power issues can easily be tackled and corrected. You only need to identify what caused the disconnection and fix it quickly. So, if the power source is the cause of Ecobee not connecting to WIFI, then you have fixed it now.

Thermostat Version (Ecobee Not Connecting To WiFi)

The next action on the list has to do with the software your device uses. The thermostat software version could be the source of Ecobee not connecting to WIFI.

If your Ecobee smart device is running on an older version of the software, it might not be able to connect.

Therefore, if you are unable to connect to the thermostat with the router after checking the channel bandwidth, check the current software version of the Thermostat.

The older or outdated version could be the reason the device won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Now, you need to update your device to the latest version.

So, try using cellular data and get the current software updated to the latest version. If the software is the cause, then updating to the latest version should fix it. You can also reach out to Ecobee customer support to request an update on your system.

Using the Wrong WiFi Password

Another reason your Ecobee device might not be able to connect is using the wrong password. Now, you must enter the right WIFI password in the space provided.

The best way to enter the right password is by writing and keeping it safe. Many router passwords are lengthy and complicated. That is the reason you need to write it in a safe place.

If you type the wrong password in the space or field provided, your device will not be connected to one another.

Check Security Protocols

Having weak or poor security protocols on the thermostat is another reason Ecobee not connection to WIFI.

That is why you need to check the encryption type on the router and update the security configurations if you are not connected to WPA2-AES.

 Poor Signal Strength

Ecobee smart devices are pretty sensitive to signal strength. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a solid connection to enable efficient functionality. 

You can check if the signal strength is at the right levels from your Ecobee device. Here is the guide to check it out:

====> Click on the Main Menu tab on your Ecobee thermostat

====> Now select the About function.

====> The, click on the WIFI button.

It will show the strength of the signal. It will be troublesome if it is below 75%, and your Ecobee will not connect to the WiFi. 

Alternatively, you can as well check the signal strength from your laptop computer. For example, if you use a Windows Operating System, the signal strength will be accessible from the desktop toolbar.

If you have an Apple device, you can check the signal strength from the AirPort Utility App. 

Proxy Configurations Setting

In this part of the article, we are taking into account the proxy configuration settings. The proxy configurations on the router could be the Ecobee not connecting to WiFi.

So, if you have messed with the proxy server settings in the router configurations, is likely the reason you are unable to get the Ecobee to connect to Wi-Fi.

In that case, the best method of fixing this situation is resetting the router to the factory default settings and then trying to go through with the connection again.

Depending on your device brand, the router can be reset by inserting a pin into the reset button. You need to press and hold down the reset button between 5 to 15 seconds, that should be enough to reset the unit. After that, you can connect everything again with the router.

Incompatible Router Broadcasting Network (RBN)

WIFI networks will broadcast on various bands. Hence, maybe your Ecobee smart device is not connecting because it is connected to an incompatible band.

There are two main bands via which WIFI routers broadcast. First, there is the 2.4 GHz and then the 5 GHz. The connectivity of your Ecobee device to either of the bands will depend on its compatibility. 

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Ecobee Not Connecting To WiFi: Restart Router

Most reports from the customers noted that they were able to fix Ecobee not connecting to Wi-Fi by restarting the router.

Bugs in the network can create these problems when you are connecting the smart devices for the first time. So, restart the router and try connecting it with the Ecobee smart device.

In most situations, the issue will be fixed once you remove the power from the router for around 30 seconds and then turn it on again.

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