How to Enable Developer Mode on Tecno Phone

How to Enable Developer Mode on Tecno Phone

Do you believe there is a secret menu hidden in Tecno phone Settings called Developer Options that provides access to additional, useful tools? As the name implies, these tools are mostly meant for developers, but there are some things non-developers might also like, such as turning off animations to speed up your devicefaking your GPS location, or turning on USB debugging so you can back up app data on your phone with or without rooting or unlocking it. In this article, we shall be looking forward to enable developer mode on Tecno phone. But before then, let quickly look at the benefits of Developer mode on Tecno phone.

Benefit of Developer Option in Tecno Phone

The name may sound funny to you as you are not a developer, yet you can make use of the setting menu in one way or the other if you know tweak some settings here. These are some of the benefit you can enjoy from Developer option on Tecno devices.

====> Speed up high-end games & apps

====> Enable USB debugging

====> Set a desktop backup password

====> Speed Up your device by slowing down or turning off animations.

====> Stay awake while charging

====> Force any app to work in split-screen mode

====> Show CPU usage

====> View running processes

====> Fake your GPS location with a mock location app

====> Background process limit

How to Enable Developer Mode on Tecno Phone

The following steps will guide you to access and enable Developer mode on your Tecno phone, I assured you, the steps are very easy and simple to follow.

Step 1 ====> First, open up your Settings app. You can achieve this by wiping down the screen from the top or go through the main menu process.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Tecno Phone

Step 2 ====> Scroll all the way down to find About phone or About Tablet. This is sometime hidden in the latest Tecno phone, but you see what is called system, then tap on it, look toward the bottom screen you see About phone, then tap on it.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Tecno Phone

Step 3 ====> Scroll down again and find the entry with the Build number.

Step 4 ====> Start tapping on the Build number section, Android will now pop up a message informing you that in x amount of clicks you will become a Developer. Keep tapping until the process is complete.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Tecno Phone

Step 5 ====> Now head on back to the main Settings menu and you will now see Developer options listed.

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How to Disable or Hide Developer Options in Tecno Phone

If you no longer need to use the Developer options, you can disable them, leaving the Developer options item still available in the Settings. If you would rather not have the Developer options available at all in the Settings, you can hide the Developer options item entirely.

In either case, we need to be in the Settings. So if it’s not open already, open it again by swiping down from the top of your device’s screen and tapping the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the notification bar that displays.

Step 1 ====> To disable Developer Options, tap Developer options at the bottom of the left pane.

Step 2 ====> Then, tap the OFF slider button at the top of the right pane.

Step 3 ====> If you would rather hide the Developer options item completely, tap Apps in the left pane.

Step 4 ====> Scroll down in the list in the right pane until you find the Settings app and tap on it. On the Settings App Info screen, tap Storage.

Step 5 ====> Tap the Clear Data button on the Settings Storage screen.

You are warned that all files, settings, accounts databases, etc. will be deleted permanently. DON’T PANIC! Only the Developer options settings are set back to defaults. The other settings on your device are not affected.

Step 6 ====> So, tap Delete on this dialog box. The Developer options item is now removed from the left pane in the Settings.


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