How to Explore What Google Knows About You

How to Explore What Google Knows About You

Google is a smart company that keep the details of its users to their data base, due to one reason or the other, these information are useful for the both parties at the end. You might have disable Google location on your devices, yet they get to know more about you on daily basis as one of their very liable customers. Thanks to the data the tech giant collects in order to sell ads, Google has a wealth of information on you, from what you look like to where you live and where you have traveled. The corporation may even be able to guess your favorite food. Just how does Google knows all of this?

Before you begin (Explore What Google Knows About You), it may be helpful to look at Google’s privacy statements and understand that you can control some of that data. Google knows users are wary of trusting them with their private data, so Google has gone out of the way to make the case that it’s up to the task. And don’t worry, the statements are interactive and user-friendly.

What Google Knows

Google knows a lot, particularly if you use its services such as Google Maps or search. I discovered recently that Google knows my name, gender, birthday, personal cell phone numbers, where I work, where I have been over the past years, the types of hobbies I enjoy and more.

How to Explore What Google Knows About You

You will get a copy of nearly everything Google has stored on its servers, including Gmail contacts, Chrome bookmarks, transactions from various Google services, locations stored in Google Maps, and lot more.

Google My Activity

First, you can visit your own history by going to My Activity at

This is a secure area that only you can view, and from here you can see:

YouTube (the videos you have watched while logged into your account)

Chrome activity (if you use the Chrome browser while logged into your profile and not in incognito mode)

Maps (any Google Maps searches while logged in on any device)

Google Searches (both from Chrome or from your Android) 

Image Search (same)

Android (which apps you’ve opened on your Android)

How To Download Your Google Archive

You can download your own archive of everything you have stored in Google’s services. Here are the steps to follow

How to Explore What Google Knows About You

Step 1 ====> Go to

Step 2 ====> Select the products that you want to back up. I decided to select everything.

Step 3 ====> Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next.

How to Explore What Google Knows About You

Step 4 ====> Choose the file format – you can pick a .ZIP file and choose a maximum size. I recommend going with the full 50GB file to avoid having your data split into multiple files. If you choose 2GB and have a lot of information on Google, for example, you are going to have a lot of ZIP files. Choose 2GB if you are on an older computer, since ZIP files larger than 2GB require newer operating systems.

How to Explore What Google Knows About You

Step 5 ====> Choose your delivery method. You can get a link via email or have the archive sent to Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, now click Create Archive.

How to Explore What Google Knows About You

Step 6 ====> Be patient. Google warns the archive may take hours or days to create. It took about 20 hours for me — and I then had about 148GB of content to sort through, which is a lot.

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Google will gather all of the information you have stored across its products and will send you an email with an alert including a link or notification that it is now in one of the cloud storage services mentioned above.

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