How To Invites All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page In One Click

Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page

Invite all Facebook Friends to like Facebook page is a topic of the day to be answered by everyone using Facebook platform to promote business online.  Facebook is considered as one of the most popular and effective Platform of Social Media. It has become number one social networking site in a very short period of time. Facebook is the place where we create our user profile, our Facebook Fan Page or Facebook page as you may call it, Groups and also Events to Get in Touch with our Fans and Followers on every post we shared.

So, that Facebook users are very much like to create groups and events for their social purposes and on accordance to business matters Facebook users tend to create Facebook pages which are really helpful to expand their businesses and skills.

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This article is about how to invite all Facebook Friends to like Facebook page by single click and if you need to know how to add or invite all Facebook Friends to like Facebook page, then following this article will be of great advantage for you as you keep reading.

Adding or inviting Facebook Friends to like Facebook page is a time consuming work if you are to go about it one after the other, it could take up to day if you are having many friends. Meanwhile, following the guides that you are about to learn here, it is a time saving Facebook guide and you just need to click once and automatically all of your Facebook friends are invited.

There are many ways on Facebook and scripts but guys now that time most of the scripts used to invite Fb friends to their fb pages are banned because facebook need delay of 10 or 20 seconds to authenticate that this is genuine user manually invite their Facebook Friends to like Facebook page.

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So below we sharing different ways by which you can invites all Facebook Friends to like Facebook page in a single click.

Invites All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page In One Click

Using Google Chrome Extension

If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, then you can easily invite all your friends to like your Facebook page in a single click just by installing an extension called “Facebook invite ALL”. Facebook invite ALL allows you to invite all your Facebook Friends to like Facebook page and join your page so easily.

Step 1: Download Facebook Invite All Chrome Extension

Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page

Firstly, Download this Chrome Extension from Web Store (Facebook Invite All). After successfully added in your Chrome Browser then let’s do the real deal. After the installation of this chrome extension small icon will start appearing on the top right side of the browser. The extension has provided the opportunity to invite all Facebook Friends to like Facebook page by a single click.

Step 2: Log in into your account

Login your Facebook Account and when you open Facebook You can See a Tick on Top Right Side of the browser.

Step 3: Open Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page

Now Open your Facebook Page which you want to Invite Your all Facebook Friends and Click on “Invite Friends to Like This Page”

Step 4: click the extension icon on the far corner of the browser

Now readers show time, click on Black Tick that shows in top right side and chrome extension can automatically send an Invitation to your all Facebook Friends in few seconds. You can see in below picture that how Invitation is automatically sent to all friends.Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page

If you have sent request to some of your Facebook friends manually, scan will take place to check those of your friends and as well send request to those that you are yet to invite to like your page. You might be having many friends, this will take few minute if not seconds depending on the number of friends you are inviting.

There are many ways to invite all Facebook Friends to like Facebook page in one click but this is the most reliable and easy way to do so.

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It is not officially by Facebook but this is easy to get more like on Facebook page without wasting any time to click on many invite buttons, I tried this and work perfectly well for me, you too can do the same and it will work as well.

Invite All Facebook Friends to like Facebook page using script

Step 1: Visit Faccebook Page

First of all open your Facebook page where you want to invite friends.Then click on Invite all friends option and pop window will appear.

Step 2: Press F12 key from the key board

After that press F12 button on keyboard. Now console window box will appear.

Step 3: Copy and paste

Copy below code and paste them in console box.

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

After pasting above code into console box press button. Invitation to like Facebook page will be send successfully.

NB : With the new Facebook updates they have set a limit to invite and Sometime your option to invite friends will be restrict for couple of days. But nothing will happen to your account. The script is also a safe script too so don’t worry at all.


I hope these tips will help you to invite all your Facebook Friends to like Facebook page on a single click. If you know any other techniques please let us know via below comment section. If you benefit from these guides, do share with your friends on social media.

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