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Site Traffic

Facebook is the talk of the town over a decade now, where users share different thing such as photos, videos, audio clips and many more. But the fact still remain that, Facebook is far more than this. For the wiser users, Facebook is a great place to increase site traffic with or without paying any penny within a very short time of period.

Increasing website traffic is the soul winning of any site, some time, achieving this could be hard and take some months if not years. Meanwhile this is achievable if you will diligently follow what you are about getting from this article.

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Facebook is a social media platform consists of divers people around the globe. Therefore, irrespective of your ideas, it will definitely meet the need of some people (users).

Now to the topic in proper, a friend of mine asked this question:  How will I increase blog traffic through Facebook? Driving traffic to site is possible through Facebook, it requires you do what you are about to read.

If you are looking to build traffic to your website, you need to look at the places where your potential customers reside online. With more than a billion active users from all around the world, Facebook seems to be one of the most reliable sources to boost your site traffic.

Beyond posting when a new article goes live, what are the other ways to utilize Facebook for greater traction? Here are the effective ways to drive traffic to your blog with Facebook.

Effective Ways Of Using Facebook To Increase Site Traffic

Even if you are running a blog and write quality content, without readers, your efforts as a marketer will fail. Facebook offers a great opportunity to increase your blog readership (site traffic). So, here I have explained some different tactics that should help you to get more traffic to your blog through using Facebook.

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Complete Your Facebook Profile: site traffic

Much like all other social networks, your Facebook profile is the first impression people see. It is best to try to make it a good one. First of all, think about your goals for your Facebook profile.

Do you want to use it as a tool to establish yourself as an expert in your field and drive traffic to your blog? If so, you need to ensure that your profile includes all the information to support your expertise. Be careful about the types of photos, video and personal interest you include in your profile.

Create a Facebook Post: (website traffic)

Yes, this is obvious. But create a Facebook post that shares a link, driving traffic to your site. I use the standard link share almost exclusively. I have found that this method drives more link clicks than attaching links within photo shares or text updates.

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However, make sure you check your statistics to see what works best. And feel free to use a link shortener like to cross-check results. Also consider posting multiple times per day. I share my most recent blog post every morning and then an evergreen piece of content late at night. The result to increase in site traffic.

Vary Your Types of Posts

When you are sharing content from your blog on a regular basis, it can be easy to slip into a habit of crafting all posts in the exact same manner.

Play around with wording posts in different ways and see which resonates most with your audience. You can experiment with utilizing simple, direct statements that leave the reader wanting to learn more about what you have introduced.

Monitor your analytics and see what types of posts garner the most engagement and clicks, then stick with that when posting the majority of your posts in the future.

Find Friends On Facebook

Find people on Facebook with using the search tool. Additionally, you can search by name, company and more. This is a great way to connect with your friends or followers to build your network.

You can also find people by looking through the friends of people you are already friends with. Additionally, you can look for Facebook groups and pages to find people with similar interests to your own.

This way you will get more traffic, visibility and engagement on Facebook. When you find people who match your criteria and might be interested in your blog content, go ahead and send them a friend request.

Make your Updates Short

Yes, you can drive Facebook traffic to your blog article, and your blog article will have lots of text. On Facebook, though, short, witty updates generate the most engagement, and click through. Ideally, keep your update one sentence, and under the 140 Twitter character count.

Site Traffic

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Remember that lots of your Fans are using Facebook on mobile, too. Keep this in mind when you are creating your text. Make your blog updates a short, clear and intriguing teaser for your blog article, by doing this, you will probably get increase in site traffic. The Facebook update gives you a good idea of what the blog article is about. It is funny, enticing, and short.

Make Your Images Big: site traffic

Facebook posts that include images get more engagement than the posts without photos. Make your images attractive. This is because with these types of images you will get more Facebook likes, shares and comments as well. Use large size images in your Facebook blog post updates.

Site Traffic

No one like to read a couple of text so include a photo in your post that represent the subject if the post. If you have the good image along with your post someone will actually click through to the blog. The posts without graphics are often overlooked because they are not visually attractive and take more time for the reader to become engaged.

It is also important to remember that Facebook is going to scale down your images to their maximum. Therefore, it is in your best interests to upload larger images in order to preserve the quality of your photos.

Use a Short Quote From Your Blog

Give your Fans a taste of your blog post. Include an intriguing quote from your article. Quotes in general are some of the most shared content on Facebook. If a Fan shares your update, they are more likely to have clicked through to your site, too.

Site Traffic

Find a quote in your article that’s concise and gives a flavour of its contents. You can even make it more personalized, by including a photo of the person or writer making the quote.

Share Lifestyle or How-To Blog Articles

Generally speaking, your Fans on Facebook don’t just want your product or service. They want you to enhance their life, and their sense of community on Facebook. Let’s face it, Facebook is a place where people go to catch up with their friends.

Site Traffic

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As a business, you need to be posting tips to enrich the lives of your market too. When you write a lifestyle or how-to blog article, share it on your Facebook Page.

Embed Short Blog Video

Get creative with your blog images. Make a short Vine or Instagram video to show your readers the essence of your blog article. Then embed the video on your Facebook Page.

By embedding the video, your Fans can get a taste of what your article is about without leaving the site. If your video is enticing enough, your Fans will engage with your post, and click through to your blog article thereby increasing site traffic.

Share Other People’s Blog Content

While it may seem counterintuitive, sharing other people’s content is actually a brilliant strategy in driving more traffic from Facebook to your blog and website. Social media is all about sharing. So, share blog content from industry leaders, your Fans, and other reputable sources. Use articles that are relevant to your market, and that relate to your business too.

This strategy makes your business look more willing to share (and thus gain reciprocal Fan shares), your customers will appreciate your informative content (which can gain customer loyalty), and the businesses you’ve shared will be more likely to share your content to their Fans too (which can bring new Facebook traffic to your blog).

Be Active On Facebook

In order to get extra traffic to your blog from Facebook, you need to be active and post frequently. You need to actively update your status, share useful content, join conversation and engage with other people.

In this way, you will get more visibility and traffic to your blog. Share your blog on targeted groups and like or comment often in a group. This is a great way to get more exposure and connection while engaging in conversations.

By building a relationship with your Facebook friends, you can indirectly grow your blog’s audience as well (site traffic).

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How do you drive traffic to your website from Facebook? Anything you know and do not feature here? Let me know in the comments below! If you find it helpful, do share it on social media.

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