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How To Make Money From Facebook Job Posting

Good news for everyone using Facebook, wow this might just be for you. Here is new feature from Facebook team to dive into your career. They finally introduce what I will tag Facebook job posting.

You may ask what Facebook job posting is about. Facebook always surprise us with what they do, I will say Facebook job alert is the process whereby Facebook connect the employers with the employee through Facebook news feed.

Today Facebook is rolling out job alert to 40 more countries to make itself more meaningful to people’s lives while laying the foundation for a lucrative business.

Businesses will be able to post job openings to a Jobs tab on their Page, Jobs dashboard, Facebook Marketplace, and the News Feed that they can promote with ads.

Meanwhile, job seekers can discover openings, auto-fill applications with their Facebook profile information, edit and submit their application, and communicate via Messenger to schedule interviews.

On the other hand, Facebook job platform will not guarantee your job rather they alert you by connecting job seeker to the employer by recruiting agent through Facebook career page.

How To Make Money From Facebook Job Alert

This may put an end to your unemployment, Fcaebook job posting is out there to help you out. Here is how to find a job on Facebook for free without any problem.

Facebook Job Posting

Step 1 ====> Access your Facebook account on any browser.

Step 2 ====> Visit Facebook job dashboard

Step 3 ====> Then visit Market place and click on Jobs, you will find this under Explorer

Step 4 ====> Now create a job application on the page

Step 5 ====> The following will come up, these include:  Your job application, job history and lastly your Facebook profile details

Step 6 ====> Go through your credentials to know if its correlate with what the employer’s need and finally hit Submit

Finally On Facebook Job Posting

Now that you have completed steps above, you have successfully subscribed to Facebook job alert or Facebook job posting on your Facebook platform.

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