Top Facebook Settings and Notifications You Can Turn Off Immediately

Facebook offers its users a lot of opportunities to stay in touch with distant relatives and friends, catch up with old classmates and coworkers, and connect with old friends. This is done mainly on Facebook Messenger. You can discover a secondhand moped in like-new condition as well as many recipe videos to watch (but never create), meanwhile, you need to enable Facebook Messenger Notifications to get notified when have message.

However, you don’t have to stoically accept every notification, privacy worry, or inconvenience that comes with the deployment of a new feature.

Here’s how to customize your Facebook experience to be precisely how you want it, from some commercial notifications to embarrassing memories you’d want to keep in the past.

Facebook Messenger

One of the most widely used chat services on the planet currently is Facebook Messenger. In such trying circumstances, being able to communicate with our loved ones even while we are apart is vital.

But occasionally we require a little peace and quiet in order to escape the relentless Messenger chimes. We will talk about how to disable Facebook Messenger Notifications today to give you the mental tranquility you so richly deserve.

What are the Types of Notifications on Messenger?

As we all know, Facebook Messenger is a very helpful software. It keeps us in contact with the important people in our lives by providing a ton of cool features.

The Facebook-owned service never fails to update you on any development since it understands the value of time better than most others in the industry.

You receive a Facebook Messenger Notifications whenever someone texts you, a ding when someone reacts to your comment, and a loud ring whenever a friend decides to call you during the day, whether it be by voice or by video. Additionally, you are informed when someone wants money.

You may also utilize floating Chat heads with Messenger. In this manner, replying to a Messenger text won’t need you to interrupt what you are doing right now. You must enable Chatheads from the app’s settings and grant it access to draw over other apps in order to utilize it.

Facebook Live Notifications

Facebook Live brought extra alerts with it. Facebook notifies you when friends go live, whether or not you are tagged in the video and whether or not you intend to watch.

The good news is that it only takes a few clicks to turn off Facebook live notifications.

====> Go to Notifications under Settings

====> Scroll down to Video

====> Click to enlarge the drop-down menu

====> Select off.

Here, you may also manage notifications for tags, birthdays, potential acquaintances, the marketplace, and other things.

Read Message Notifications

It is improper to leave someone on read on social networking. Ideally, you should be able to view a message before responding, but without setting the recipient to read. Individual messages can be easily marked as unread, allowing you a little extra time to come up with the ideal response.

Each discussion in Facebook Messenger has a circle with three dots to the right of it when you hover over it. Select Mark as Unread by clicking it.

How to Disable all Facebook Messenger Notifications Through the App

You will be happy to know that you can disable notifications in the Messenger app on both Android and iOS if you are tired of receiving them constantly.

To disable notifications from the Messenger app on iOS and Android, follow the instructions below.

On iPhone Devices

There are only a few quick touches needed, and the procedure is very simple. 

====> Open Messenger

====> Tap on your profile photo first.

====> Turn on Do not disturb by going to “Notifications and Sounds”

====> Select the timeframe

====> Finally, click Ok.

On Android Devices

====> Open the Messenger app

====> Tap your profile picture in the top-left corner

====> Go to Notifications and Sounds right away

====> Turn on the first toggle button

====> Finally, choose a duration

How to Turn off all Facebook Messenger Notifications on PC?

There are three methods to use Messenger on a Personal Computer: via the standalone desktop version, via the web client, and lastly, via Facebook. For each of the aforementioned situations, we will cover how to disable Facebook Messenger notifications.

There are still a few things you could activate to reduce distractions even if you won’t have the opportunity to select Do not disturb in this location.

====> At the bottom of the Chat sidebar

====> Click the tiny gear (Options) button to get started.

====> Turn off voice/video chat

====> Then deselect Chat sounds

====> By selecting the Turn Off Chat Tabs option, you could also disable chat tabs.

Desktop Client

You can disable Facebook messenger notification through the desktop client through these simple steps.

====> Login to FB Messenger app on your device

====> Click on your profile image in the upper left corner of the Messenger desktop

====> Now go to Preferences right now.

====> Next, select Notifications.

====> Once there, activate Do not disturb

Because only supports desktop push notifications, if you simply disabled desktop notifications and closed the browser tab, you would no longer receive any notifications.

====> So, click the gear symbol at the top

====> Select Settings before closing the tab

====> Make sure Desktop notifications enabled is unchecked after that

====> After validating the change, click Done

How to Turn Off Notification Previews?

You won will not receive any notifications if you have already disabled chat or activated Do Not Disturb. You could opt to completely disable notification previews if you are still unsure and want to prevent the notifications from showing up on your lock screen with tiny previews that can also be viewed by nosy eyes.

Both the iOS and Android versions of the mobile app and the desktop client of Messenger support this.

Messenger app for iOS

In other to disable Facebook Messenger notifications on iOS devices, you only need to follow simple and easy steps.

In order to access “Notifications and Sounds,”

====> Login to you Facebook account

====> Tap on your profile picture in this case.

====> Then, to enable or disable notification previews

====> Click the toggle next to Show Previews

Desktop Client

====> Sign in using your Facebook credentials

====> Go to Preferences by clicking on your profile image in the top-left corner of the page

====> Toggle it on or off by clicking Notifications

====> Click Show previews now.

Messenger App for Android

====> Login to your Facebook Messenger account

====> Tap on your profile photo in the top-left corner of the ‘Chats’ panel.

====> Go to Notifications and Sounds right now.

====> Once there, deselect the toggle next to Notification previews on the right.

How Can I Stop Receiving Notifications From A Certain Conversation?

Simply pick to silence their chats if you wish to disable notifications for a few people. You won’t have to miss other, more significant messages in order to attend to a select group of criminals.

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Best Alternatives to Chrome Browser

Through the main Facebook app, you could silence a discussion similarly to Messenger web. To begin the chat,

====> First click on the person whose voice you want to muffle.

====> The overflow menu will then appear

====> Press on the gear icon (Settings)

====> Next, select Mute conversation

====> Finally, choose the timeframe and press Ok to confirm.

Messenger Desktop app

Through Messenger’s desktop client, enter the:

====> Chat and click on the vertical ellipsis in the top-right to disable notifications for a specific contact

====> Choose to silence all notifications

====> Select duration now, then click Confirm

====> The chat’s alerts would all be muted

Messenger App

You may quickly mute the notifications for a single contact whether you are using iOS or Android. In other to stop receiving Facebook Messenger notification, follow these simple and easy steps

====> Open the conversation you wish to mute in the app first after starting it

====> In the top-right corner, click or tap the “I” icon (information)

====> Select Mute by tapping the bell icon next to the contact’s name

====> Select the time frame now

====> Then click Ok to confirm

====> Log in to Facebook using your account

====> Then click and hold the contact you wish to mute.

====> select Mute after clicking the ellipsis.

====> By choosing Mute, you can confirm your choice of duration.

How to Use “Do not Disturb” to Stop Notifications?

You could just activate your device’s Do Not Disturb feature to block all notifications if you don’t want to permanently disable notifications or the procedure seems a little too random.

No third-party app could disturb you when you turned off DND, but the messages would still come through silently.

Additionally, since notification previews don’t follow DND’s guidelines, you would also see them.

Users of Android 10 can now disable all notifications by using Focus Mode. Just be sure to leave out Facebook Messenger from the list of exceptions.

How to Turn Off Notifications through Settings on Android?

If the app’s method of disabling Messenger notifications doesn’t work for you, you can disable notifications (Facebook Messenger Notification) directly from the app’s root.

The ability to disable notifications for a select few contacts is obviously not available here, but it is still a reasonably feasible option if you don’t mind messing around with the app’s settings.

====> Go to Settings and select Apps first

====> Messenger can be found by swiping down the list; tap it to open.

====> Click or press Notifications now

====> By clicking the button next to Show notifications, you can choose to turn off all notifications or just the ones under “Chats and calls,” “Group chat mentions,” “Stories,” and “Others.”

====> Make your decision, then leave.

====> Your notifications would be disabled

Final Words

Facebook Messenger is a fantastic service, but frequent notifications can be annoying and overwhelming.

A quick and easy method to manage your time and concentrate on what matters is to turn off Facebook Messenger notifications.

You may quickly disable Messenger notifications on your device by following the instructions provided in this article.

FAQ on Facebook Messenger Notifications:

Q1. How do I turn off Messenger notifications for a specific time period?

A1. Follow the instructions in this article and select the desired duration to mute alerts to disable Messenger notifications for a set amount of time. Choose between 15 minutes, one hour, eight hours, or twenty-four hours.

Q2. How do I turn off Messenger notifications on my desktop?

A2. Click on the Settings icon in the top left corner of the Messenger window to disable notifications on your desktop. After that, select Notifications and switch Desktop Notifications off.

Q3. How do I turn off notifications for Messenger group chats?

A3. Open the discussion and press the “i” icon in the conversation’s upper right corner to disable notifications for Messenger group chats. Turn off the Notifications button after that.

Q4. Can I turn off notifications for a specific conversation on Messenger?

A4. Yes, you can disable Messenger notifications for a particular chat. Open the discussion, then tap the “i” icon in the conversation’s upper right corner to do so. Turn off the Notifications button after that.

Q5. Will I still receive messages if I turn off Messenger notifications?

A5. If you disable Messenger notifications, you will still receive messages. You can manually check your messages by opening the app.

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