How to Fix MetaMask Crashing on iPhone or Android Phone

If you are a die-hard cryptocurrency investor, you are definitely aware of the recent noise surrounding MetaMask. The MetaMask app has apparently started crashing on many users’ Android and iPhone devices after the most recent patch release. In this article, we shall be covering a guide to fix MetaMask crashing on mobile devices

Due to this, users must deal with significant losses on their cryptocurrency investments. I believe that users are upset with the developer because they believe this to be a costly danger to them.

Developers, on the other hand, have acknowledged this problem and said that they are trying to resolve it. They anticipate providing some patches or a patch update shortly to address the MetaMask crashing problem.

But are you just sitting there idly watching your cryptocurrency holdings decline till they offer something? Naturally, I don’t think so!

But what choices do you have to stop MetaMask from crashing on your iPhone or Android device? Not to worry! Just read the entire instruction manual.

Fixing MetaMask Crashes on Smartphones

Although there are not many fixes available to address MetaMask crashing issue. You can still attempt these approaches because they have the potential and have already assisted many users in resolving this issue. So, here we go:

Check Your Network Connectivity

First of all, you need to check your network status. Have you checked to see if your WiFi or mobile internet is working perfectly?

It rarely happens that an internet problem causes a program to crash, so MetaMask crashing is not excluded. But occasionally it does as a result of inadequate connectivity.

Therefore, you must ensure that your mobile data is functioning properly and that your internet is steady if you are utilizing a WiFi network.

Meanwhile, you can visit Google and perform a search to check internet speed or check connectivity speed to see if your internet is steady or not.

In the interim, be careful to restart your router and recheck the connectivity speed if you discover that WiFi or mobile data aren’t providing you with the necessary connection speed.

Additionally, if you utilize mobile data, turn off your phone and reinstall the SIM card. This will undoubtedly improve the speed of your internet connection, and as soon as it does, the problem with MetaMask crashing will also be resolved.

Make Sure The Servers Are Live

The next action is to be sure that, the servers are working well. You need to be certain the MetaMask servers are up and running.

Well, there’s a chance that the MetaMask servers are down and that’s why the program keeps crashing. As a result, you must check the SaasHub to see if other users have reported the same thing or not.

Additionally, it is advised to follow the MetaMask staff on Twitter, as they are frequently updating users on forthcoming events, new features, and other problems with their services. MetaMask is highly active on Twitter.

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Clear Cache on MetaMask Wallet (Fix MetaMask Crashing)

If you have not deleted your MetaMask app’s cache files in a while, there is a good possibility they may still be there. In that case, clearing the cache files is the best course of action to take in order to resolve the problem.

Let’s look at the procedures for clearing the cache data of the MetaMask app on your Android or iPhone smartphone:

Android Phone (MetaMask Crashing)

====> Firstly, Run MetaMask app on your phone

====> Now select the App info option

====> Then, select the Clear Data option

====> Tap on Clear Cache

 ====> Finally tap on Ok

Clear MetaMask Caches on iPhone

====> Open the Settings app on you device

====> Now hover to the general tab

====> Then, select the iPhone Storage option

====> Select the MetaMask app from the installed app list 

====> Now tap on MetaMask

====> Then tap on the offload app

That is all, you should be able to clear the MetaMask caches file thereby resolving MetaMask crashing issues.

Restart Your Device

Once you performed the above steps, you are still experiencing MetaMask crashing on your device. Then, the next action is to reboot or restart your device(s). You might realize that your gadget is malfunctioning because it has corrupt temporary bug files.

So, if you are having problems with MetaMask crashing, you may now try restarting your device to see if that fixes the problem.

Many customers claim that after restarting their mobile device(s) (Android or iPhone). The issue with the app crashing immediately disappears. See if it helps if you try this as well.

Log-out / Log-in (MetaMask Crashing)

You have tried all the above procedures, yet no one working, keep pressing. Log out and log in to your MetaMask wallet account.

Most frequently, people (users) claimed that the MetaMask crashing problem can be fixed by just logging in and out.

Therefore, as a result, you ought to give it a shot as well and see if it works. Simply tap on your profile and select the Logout option to accomplish this.

After that, re-login to your MetaMask account using your login information to see if the program is still crashing or not.

Try Using Any Other Device

With all these steps, you are still facing the same issue, the crashing problem. Then, try out other devices.

The MetaMask application can also be used on a laptop or MacBook. Therefore, give it a try and determine whether you can access your MetaMask account without any issues or not. So, if it works perfectly on other devices, then consider the next step.

Reinstall MetaMask Wallet App (Fix MetaMask Crashing)

Try reinstalling the MetaMask app on your iPhone or Android device if the techniques stated above don’t work to fix the issue.

This is due to the possibility that your application file could become damaged during installation as a result of technical difficulties, causing it to keep crashing.

Reinstalling will therefore be your last resort for resolving this problem.

Contact MetaMask Support Team

The last but not the least option is contacting the MetaMask Wallet support team.

We strongly suggest you contact the MetaMask help desk and submit a support ticket if you have tried running the MetaMask application on a different device but are still experiencing the same problem.

Depending on the circumstances, you can hear back from the official in less than 24 hours. They typically respond within an hour, but occasionally they can take up to 24 hours.


That is all we have for you guys about resolving MetaMask crashing problems on Android or iPhone smart device(s).

We hope the troubleshooting techniques covered earlier in this article were beneficial to you. However, feel free to use the comment section to ask us any questions or to share your thoughts on the subject matter.

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