Foot Locker Credit Card Review, Application Process and Online Login Guide

On a good day, the Foot Locker Credit Card is not a credit card but rather a VIP club card. Once you have this credit card, you will enjoy some good discount programs when you buy and pay your bills through this credit card in-store. You will have the best from this credit card when you shop for shoe accessories at the Foot Store.

Foot Locker VIP Club Card Features

This credit card has an amazing feature which makes it outshine other credit card serving the same purpose. In that case, we will not waste much of our time, we run through the feature of Foot Locker credit card.

====> Once you have this card, you will get special offers on your birthday

====> Get a Platinum membership to enjoy more offers, discounts and reward card after spending $300 in 12 months

====> If you are able to spend $50 and more through mail within the first 72 hours of opening your account, you will get a coupon of $10

====> You will receive special perks all through the year

What can you do with Footlocker Credit Card?

Many activities can be carried out once you have this credit card. You will be able to perform the following through the credit card

====> This is not a credit card as mentioned above, therefore this credit card is not generally accepted. You can only use this credit card at FootLocker stores

====> Once you pay through this credit card, you will be able to avoid unnecessary interest and fees.

====> Payment is easy, therefore you will be able to pay your balance on time.

====> Footlocker Credit Card can be used where Visa card or Master is accepted

====> If you have any question, you can contact the credit card’s customer service

Foot Locker Credit Card Application Requirements

With the features listed above, you may decide to apply for this card, but you need to meet up with some requirement. That is why we give out exactly what you need to be able to apply for the Footlocker credit card. For application first, ensure you have all the eligibility for Foot Locker VIP Club Card, and then go ahead. The VIP Membership requirements are:

====> You must be a legal resident of the United State of America

====> Must be creditworthy

====> Have a valid government-issued photo identification card

====> You must be of a reasonable age, at least you should be 18 years and above

====> Should have a verifiable source of income

Apply for the Foot Locker VIP Club Card

We are at the point of taken action, I mean the application process. Once you have the requirement, you can go and complete the application as we about to reveal in this article. Here we go:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official sign-up page of the website through your browser

Step 2 ====> Then provide all the required personal information; Name, date of birth, postcode, gender, telephone number, mobile phone number in the field provided

Foot Locker Club Card

Step 3 ====> Now go on to set your login details, thereby use your e-mail address, password, and password confirmation all in the space provided

Step 4 ====> Then click on the Next to continue or proceed on the application process

Step 5 ====> Enter your e-mail address and verify it

Step 6 ====> Finally, click on Send button to complete Fool locker credit card application process

If you followed exactly what we share in this article, you will face no problem while applying for this credit card through the official website.

Check the Status of your Foot Locker Credit Card Application

After the application for the credit card, you may decide to check your card application status. These days checking your application status has become very easy. This process can be done with simply put a phone call through 1 800 953 330.

By calling the phone number, you will be able to speak directly to the customer representatives handling this aspect of the credit card. Once you are able to talk to the customer representative, you will know the status of your credit card, either accepted, processing and or application decline.

Activate the Foot Locker Credit Card

After application, next is having your credit card. Mind you, this card remains useless until you activate it. As a matter of fact, activation is the only way to make Foot Locker credit card useful in your hand.

In that case, to activate the new card is very necessary to start using your card. You only need to put a call through another phone number thereby speaking with a customer representative to activate your credit card.

Therefore, if you get your new credit card, put a call through this phone number 1 800 991 6815 to activate it. Once your card is activated, you can then use it to start making purchases at Foot Locker stores.

Foot Locker Credit Card Login Guide

Once you completed the online application process, you have just completed one part. To enjoy this credit card, you need to login to your online account. This aspect of the article will run through the login process. It is very simple and easy to go about, here we go:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official login page as explained above

Step 2 ====> At the top right corner on the screen, locate and click on login/Register

FootLocker Credit Card

Step 3 ====> After that, you will be able to see login widget

Step 4 ====> Now enter your login details in the space provided

Step 5 ====> Finally here, click on the login button. If you enter the correct login details you will be able to access your Foot Locker credit card online account without a problem.

How to Recover Lost Login Details

Login details allow you to access your online account when entering the correct details in the space provided. Due to some reason, you may lose your login details thereby find it hard to access your online account.  This part of the article will run through the complete guide to recovering your login details.

Step 1 ====> Visit the login menu in the bottom right corner of the screen

Step 2 ====> Now click on Forgot password

Step 3 ====> Then enter your e-mail address in the space provided

Step 4 ====> After this, the credit card company will send a new password

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Payment through Foot Locker VIP Club Card

Making a payment through your credit card is what comes to your mind as the credit cardholder. In that case, online payment is the best through this credit card. To pay your bills through Foot Locker VIP Club Card, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1 ====> Log in to your Foot Locker account as explained above

Step 2 ====> Now go to the payment section on your account

Step 3 ====> Then select your payment method

Step 4 ====> Finally, make your bill payment


We do appreciate your time on this article titled around the Foot Locker credit card. We run through the application process, login guide and what you can do with this credit card.

Not only that, we run through the online payment process and complete guide to recovering your login detail all in the article.

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