Best Football Streaming Apps – on Android Mobiles in 2019/2020

Football Streaming Apps

Football Streaming Apps become more famous this time as football is one of the most popular games known globally today, is a kind game that gathers thousands of people together across the stadia worldwide. There are many reasons behind this among which are: it allows viewers to have fun, it encourages young talented player and many more.

In many occasions, you might not be able to watch these matches on the stadium or even on cable but thank technology that allows Football Streaming Apps on your android phone these days.

There are millions of Football fans, some love Manchester United, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, AC Milan, Barcelona FC and many more. There always comes a time, when you don’t have access to TV or PC to get yourself updated with live scores of your Favorite Teams and clubs.

Football Streaming Apps

In addition, with any of the apps that will be discuses on this article, live football streaming become more possible and readily available at all time. I have researched and have come up with the best Football Streaming Apps – on Android Mobiles in 2017.


SoccerCenter is number one on this list, this app was officially released by ESPN for android users. This app covers other things other than games, these include Events, News, Schedules and Fixtures from the World of Sports News.

This Football Streaming Apps almost covers all the world major sports events, like Football, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Rugby and many more. Using the ScoreCenter App, live football streaming becomes easy and you can watch the Video highlights, News and much more.

This wonderful app has the following feature, it is free to use, you get access to live scores of your favourite team, you get news and update, you can personalize the scoreboard on this app, finally you have access to videos highlights and reviews of matches, with this you can watch free live football online now.

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports make the list of Football Streaming Apps in this article, this is a well-known Sports broadcaster in the US. This is an Official App for Android users and dedicated mainly to Football. With this App, you have access to live football streaming free online as well as News Alerts of your Favorite clubs and Players.

One drawback to this app is that the live football streaming is only available for NBCSn subscribers. However, the App is one of the best on the App store for Football news and Updates in which you can enjoy live football streaming free online.

These are the valuable features of this app, this app is not totally free for everyone, live football streaming is possible, you get news and update and have access to videos highlights and reviews of matches, with this you can watch free live football online now.

Sybla TV

Number three on the list is Sybla TV, with Sybla TV, world football matches and crystal clear streaming are in your palm while talking on live football streaming free online.

If by any means your Sybla app is failing to connect or reporting something like can’t play link, as means of troubleshooting, simply clear app data and update the app or better still download MX Player to enhance streams with Sybla.

The downside of Sybla is mostly no English commentary and is one of the best Football Streaming Apps you can have on your android.

365 scores

This is another amazing app when it comes to Football Streaming Apps on android phone. 365Scores has you covered football, tennis, baseball, volleyballs, basketball, soccer, you name it, you will find it on 365 Scores app.

Use this app to customize your own personalized sports homepage or rather channel that will allow you to stay up to date with the latest on all of your favourite sports teams. You can lay your hand on this live football streaming free online app and you will never like to do away with it.

The certain thing about this app, it offers a sports TV guide feature so you will always know when and where to find your favourite game. This Football Streaming Apps also built with these additional features: Ability to view highlights as soon as five minutes after they happen, ability to personalize to suit individual preferences and Up to date postings of stats and scores.

Sports Stream HD, a Football Streaming Apps

Sports Stream HD is the fifth on this list of the best Football Streaming Apps you can have on your android devices, with this wonderful app live football streaming becomes easy and possible for every user.

Never miss a live world sports event again with this app. With this free app, that does not require the install of another app, you can watch free live football online now and keep up to date with a wide array of sports including which includes: Live football, live volleyball, live baseball, live soccer, live handball and so much more.

Football Channel Next Match TV

The last but not the least to make this list is Football Channel Next Match TV, this app was developed by RVB. With this Football Streaming Apps, live football streaming is free and best App to Watch your Favorite Football matches right on your Android device.

To get most of the best out of this app, you must have high-speed internet connection or wifi Network and the rest is free and enjoy your favourite matches on the go with live football streaming free online.

The feature of this app includes: Free to Use, almost includes all major events from the World of Football and finally live Streaming of Football Matches.

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