Top Free Mobile Movies Apps for Android and OS Devices

Hi, Guys! Welcome to my post on free mobile movies apps to watch movies online for free. This post is to maintain friendly nature from our side on other apps that can be used to watch movies online.

In this article, you are going to find some apps that have the same capability to stream movies online as Movies Box app does. Moviebox app is mainly created to iOS devices like iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Devices.

There are other free movies apps developed by these app developers for Android devices. You will know the name of those apps as you continue reading.

Meanwhile, free mobile movies apps are the best answer to boredom created by spare time. Struggling to have entertainment while on a journey or after a hectic and boring day, these list of free movies apps will amaze you with the stuff they contained. Movies always help to break that boredom continuity flow.

Aside from movies, one can easily watch TV series based on these free mobile movies apps. From the past few years, the entertainment market is showing a movie app trend which is very good for the industries. New free mobile movies apps are created and launched frequently to enhance or improving the process of watching movies. Many are available at Google play store while others could be downloaded from outside sources.

Top Free Mobile Movies Apps for Android and OS Devices

Never miss the free movies apps list to have an alternative to Movie box for better safety.


First free mobile movies apps on this list is the crackle. Crackle provides great new content every month. No signup, no fees, just hit movies, TV shows, and original series.


The new Wi-Fi-only option allows you to view content without using data, this is remarkable development from the developers, and with this feature alone ranked it among the top free movies apps.

Other  features include full-length Hollywood movies and TV series, new movies and TV episodes added monthly, Cast movies, shows and original Series to your TV with Chromecast, build and manage your watch list for viewing on the app or online at, etc.

Movie HD

Another free movies apps in this group is the Movie HD app. Movie HD Android app was developed in conjunction with the creators of the HD Cinema and Sky HD apps, so it comes with good credentials.


There are more than twenty film categories to pick from and these include popular TV shows like Breaking Bad and the Big Bang Theory too. This is definitely one of the best free mobile movies apps for Android phones available to watch free movies online.

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It has an expansive collection of free movies, in a long list of genres, but its main benefit is that it can be used with Chromecast. This means that any film you choose can be streamed directly from your smartphone to a television screen at the touch of a button.

Snag films

Here comes another app on the list of free mobile movies apps. Snag films claim to have above 5000 movies on their catalogue. Snag film is one of such movie watching App that holds Bollywood, African, Spanish movies among others.

From cult horror to classic movies, Chinese, Korean and more. This app has really set our expectation and trust of movies to the next level. You can always download for Android mobile and Tablets from play store.

Flipps HD

Flipps HD is free and can watch channels in Flipps HD with no banner ads which make it stand out among other free movies apps. This app can project movies, music videos and more onto a TV using only your Android device.


Flipps can access more than 100 channels of great entertainment beyond the standard TV guide right on your phones touch screen interface. You can choose from hit movies, music videos, comedy, news and sports highlights.

Then tap your phone to zap a show to your connected TV and enjoy instantly, it is an amazing app for your Android.

Flipps HD features include unlimited stream videos in epic HD quality, adjust TV volume and playback straight from your mobile devices. You can quickly access your favourite channels or choose from recommended videos based on what you have watched.

This app supports Internet-connected TVs by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG & Philips, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, DISH Hopper, Chromecast, etc.

Newest Movies HD

The Newest Movies HD Android app, though relatively low profile, offers a staggering 50,000 titles. This movie app comes with an expansive selection of genres and categories, so you will always be spoiled for choice here.

To make searching easier, there are filters like highest-rated, most watched, and critically acclaimed. The drawback to using this app is that there has been some talk of compatibility issues and occasional software malfunctions.

At the moment, the Newest Movies HD is only available on Android devices, but you can download content and watch it later, at your convenience. There is an exciting (and surprisingly vast) anime collection, which is sure to delight diehard fans of the genre.

Megabox HD

The last but not the least on free mobile movies apps of this list is Megabox HD. MegaBox HD app is a slightly newer choice, as it only appeared a couple of years ago.

It is extremely popular though and has more than 50,000 users globally. It also offers a staggering 60,000 titles, so you will never have trouble finding that movie magic again.

The downside to MegaBox HD is that it streams some commercial ads and it will not work if an ad-blocking program is activated to stop them. While this is bound to put some film lovers off, the app is certainly worth a look.

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Do you want to download movies to your Android and OS devices, and willing to watch them later when you are away from your Wi-Fi connection? This article of Top Free Mobile Movies Apps for Android and OS devices will be of great help. Feel free to share this among your friend and please let us know your opinion.

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