Free Music Download Apps for Android and iPhones 2017

Music is becoming popular among different age groups of people around the world, so also free music download apps become more popular and increasing on daily basis. With these apps you can download any music of your choice, some of these music cannot be easily get on any music stores that sell music with hard wares.

With any of the simple mp3 downloader apps that is available on the play store this day, you can download any music, even those that are uploaded before you were born. Now, you know the importance of these apps on you mobile phones.

As well free music download apps, help in saving certain amount of money being on purchasing music from music store and as well reduces load and dirty from around the home.

In addition, most of these apps, if not all are getting free from play store. You can lay your hand on this and have them on your android or iPhone. These simple mp3 downloader apps have friendly interfaces that make it easy for everyone to use them.


There are several search engines to search and play music online. With your Android Phone you get free apps from play store, it is easy to find your favorite music in seconds and save offline. These free music download apps are powerful tools to use, you can use more than one simple mp3 downloader to find your favorite music quickly and get your mp3 music download free. Here are the list of best free music download apps you can have on your android and iPhone.

List of best free music download apps for android and iPhone


This app was basically developed for those that cannot without music. 4shares is free music download apps for android phone as well as iPhone, it is also one of the best simple mp3 downloader you should have on your device. With 4shared, downloading and streaming any kind of music online and on to the Android or smartphone become easy.

This app is for free, once you have installed the apps from the best free music download apps for android 2017, then it becomes easy for you to download and play the music and tracks from the 4Shared tool.


Addition to that above point is the advanced search option which helps in downloading your favorite and latest music by using the artist name and title name, artist name, among other keywords and this is a free music download apps which android users will enjoy.

Google Play Music

Google is not new to any internet users this day, the fact still remain that Google is the best search engine around us this day. Apart from this, Google also provide us with this amazing app that allows us the user to have complete control of any song on the net at large. Google Play Music is another free music download apps you should have on your android or any other phone.

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Google Play Music makes it easy to discover, play and share the music you love on Android and the web. You can play millions of songs on Google Play Music app lets you listen to your music collection anywhere, listen to the radio with no limits while using this simple mp3 downloader.

Rock My Run

This app make the third in this list, no doubt about this app, is one of the best free music download apps I will advice to have on your android or iPhone. If you are fitness junk, then Rock My Run would be your partner in crime.

Since, it is a running music app it requires users to register an account or login with existing one, to have the better record. It has some nice features which include Beats per Minute (BPM), align your footsteps with the music you are listing to among other.

The notification control panel may help you for easy access to your favourite music. Most of the music are of western, so if you need any other than this, Rock My Run app is not for you but is a simple mp3 downloader app you should have on your phone.

Download Free Music App

Another free music download apps for android or iPhone in this category is Download Free Music App. This app is called Download free music app is a very simple app and extremely easy to use while download free music online.

The process is by typing what you are looking for in the Search box and you will get a list of results that match your request. Mp3 music download free using this app is wonderful and you will sure enjoy your time with it.

However the main demerit of this app is the annoying little ads that pops up from time to time which make it difficult to use a times. Other than that, it is still the best free music download apps available for Android.

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Just like the other simple mp3 downloader apps, Download free music app allows you to play the song before you download it, this will help you confirm that you are about to download the right music. With the app user can pause or resume the downloading in the download tab.

Wynk Music as free music download apps for android phone

Among free music download apps for android you should have on your phone, Wynk Music is the last on this list but not the least. To spice things up, we brought you the Wynk Music Downloader, for Indian and global music at your fingertips.

The negative part of this app, is not free like the other apps, you have to pay $1.5 per month to enable the unlimited music download and streaming on this app.

But I bet it with you, the app worth every penny you spend on it. With over 2 million songs, you have no limit to what you can download with this simple mp3 downloader. It also works as the music player; it plays the local song you have.

Previously, it allowed only Airtel subscribers to use the Wynk Music but now they have removed that restriction and it is open for everyone. The following are the feature you will enjoy using Wynk Music download app, download or stream regional or international music is easy. There are over 1.8 million songs in their database that you can enjoy and quickly find music as per genre or artists. Lastly, the tendency to download or stream music with one click is highly possible.


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