Complete Guide on GameStop Credit Card Review, Application, Login and Payment Options

Guide on GameStop Credit Card Review

GameStop Credit Card is mainly for gamers, it is one of credit card you must have as a gamer. This credit card is issued by one of the most popular banks in the United State of America, Comenity Bank to be precise.

Don’t be surprised to hear this, GameStop Credit Card does not link to any major payment network such as MasterCard or Visa card. With this point, you will now know that this credit card can only be used in in-game stores. This card cannot be used in the sister companies of GameStop stores, now you need to keep this at the back of your mind that, this card is mainly for GameStop stores.

This card is zero annual fees and comes with low credit score requirements. Though, this credit card comes with a staggering APR of 28.49%, which is another inherent trait of subprime credit cards. To enjoy this credit card, you need to have some balance on the card, not only that, the card is only members.

This simply means that you can only apply for this credit card, only if you are a member of GameStop PowerUp Rewards.

Even though the card’s rewards seem to be bountiful at first sight, that is quite a wrong impression. Actually, the already mentioned store cards from New York and Company and Victoria’s Secret offer far more generous rewards. For instance, you will receive 5,000 points for every $250 you spend at GameStop. 5,000 points are equal to a $5 certificate, which basically leaves you with a 2% reward rate. That’s not bad for ordinary credit cards, but a really poor offer as for a store-branded credit card.

Another thing to point out is the sign-up bonus. If you have a free membership, you will get 5,000 points, i.e. $5. But if you have a Pro ($15.99) or Elite ($29.99) membership, you will get 15,000 points (or $15).

Basically, this sign-up bonus doesn’t ever cover the annual fee of a Pro membership. Considering that having a Pro status doesn’t really boost rewards for making purchases, this really doesn’t seem worth it.

Pros and Cons of GameStop Credit Card

In other to decide on what to do about this credit card, you need to some of its bad and good aspects. That is why we want to quickly run through the pros and cons of this card.

GameStop Credit Card Pros

In a very short time, we want to highlight some good aspect of the credit card. If you are familiar with these goods about GameStop Credit Card, this will determine your decision.

====> You will earn points when you make purchases through your card.

====> You don’t need to worry about the annual fee, you enjoy what is called zero annual fees.

====> GameStop Credit card considers applicants with fair or poor credit.

====> As a cardholder, you earn rewards on the purchases through the card.

====> GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card reports to multiple credit bureaus.

====> Cardholders can earn rewards on their purchases

GameStop Credit Card Cons

In our previous heading, we list some of the good aspects of using the credit card, I believe it must have its bad aspect as well. We will quickly run through the cons of GameStop Card.

====> High interest rate, this is very bad. You need to spend more on the interest.

====> This card can only be used with GameStop, as this does not link with any major payment network.

====> Higher than average purchase APRs.

====> You don’t earn rewards on every purchase.

====> GameStop Credit card does not include many credit card rewards

Apply for GameStop Power Up Rewards Credit Card

Now that you have runs through the pros and cons of the credit card. If you have taken your decision to apply for the card, here are the complete steps to go about it.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the GameStop Power Up Rewards Credit Card website.

Step 2 ====> Now fill in the application form. You will typically need to provide general financial information, such as your Social Security Number, address, and annual income.

Step 3 ====> Then check, if your information is accurate

Step 4 ====> Finally on this aspect, click on submit your application.

GameStop Credit Card Login Guide

After registration, then you need to login to your account. If you have decided to log in to your account, here are the complete steps to log in to your account.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official website of Comenity bank or copy and paste on your browser.

Step 2 ====> On the page, you need to locate the GameStop credit card login form on the left-hand side of the page. You will be able to sign in to your GameStop account through the form.

Step 3 ====> Now you need to provide your login details, these include your username and password

Guide on GameStop Credit Card Review

Step 4 ====> Then, you need to mark the remember me box

Step 5 ====> Finally, you may now click on the login button.

NB: If you provide the right credentials, you will be able to access your GameStop Credit Card on Comenity Bank.

Benefits of GameStop Credit card

Now, you have no issue with registration and login to your account. These have been taken care of, but here in the part of the article, we want to itemize some of the benefits of using GameStop Credit card.

====> You will be able to use your accumulated point to get reward certificate

====> As a cardholder, you are entitled to other offers from the company

====> You need a fair credit score to be approved for this card. This simply means you limited credit to get your card approved

====> You will not pay anything at the end of the year, that is, there is no annual fee attached to your credit card

====> You will be able to shop online anytime, anywhere. You enjoy online shopping 24/7, with no issues.

====> You get 5000 points when you make your first purchase

====> You enjoy regular point as you make a purchase with GameStop Credit Card

Payment Option on GameStop Credit Card

We are moving forward, now is the time to explain the payment options on GameStop Credit Card. We will list and explain various payment methods on GameStop Card. You will now decide on which payment option to adopt, keep reading as you apply these methods.

Payment through Phone

Payment through Mail

Online Payment Method

GameStop Payment through Phone

In other to make your payment through a phone call, you need to follow the steps below in this article. The steps are simple and easy to adopt.

Step 1 ====> On your phone, dial 855-497-8168 to call customer care center, toll is free

Step 2 ====> The payment is automatic, so you need 16-digit card number or the primary cardholder’s nine-digit Social Security number.

Step 3 ====> In case you don’t have any of the info above, the system will direct your call to a GameStop credit card representative

Step 4 ====> Then, you need to provide your card number or checking account and bank routing numbers

Step 5 ====> Verbally agree to the payment terms

GameStop Credit Card by Mail

To pay your bills through the mail, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1 ====> Pay by personal check, cashier’s check or money order.

Step 2 ====> Include your account number in the memo field.

Step 3 ====> Send your payment to:

Comenity Capital Bank

PO Box 659820

San Antonio, TX 78265

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GameStop Online Payment Method

If you decided to make payment through the online process, you are at the right place to do so. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1 ====> Firs of all, you need to create an account, if you have not done so, follow the above steps to complete your registration.

Step 2 ====> Now, login to your account

Step 3 ====> Locate and click the payment option

Step 4 ====> Now enter your bank’s routing number and your checking account number. Your bank account information will be automatically saved for use in making future payments. You can edit or delete this info unless it’s attached to a scheduled payment.

Step 5 ====> Submit and verify your payment.


Now to round it up, you have learned a lot about GameStop Credit Card. You know which bank that issued out GameStop card as Comenity Bank. You are through with pros and cons, we also run through the registration process, login guide and various payment methods via GameStop Credit Card.

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