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Sponsored Content: How To Get Sponsored Content For Your Blog

Are you one of the many bloggers out there who wish they could get blog sponsorship but don’t know how to go about it? Are you looking forward to get sponsored content for your blog, but don’t want to fill your blog up with Google ads? Well, here are some tips about blog sponsorship and a few leads to get you started.

Freelancers need to brand themselves and find multiple streams of income in their businesses. This is how you can get high quality clients and also ensure that you are never dealing with the feast or famine cycle.

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In fact, blog posts are now being sponsored and many of these kinds of blogs can be seen online today. If thinking of monetizing your blog posts or acquiring sponsored content opportunities for you blog posts, don’t be intimidated by the lengthy processes or competition observed.

Even with the sponsorship opportunities being quite many, it is impossible to cope and make use of them. It is important to get the best opportunities and to understand that failure means you keep on trying.

With the numerous opportunities out there, you need to know the processes used in acquiring sponsored content opportunities for any specific blog.

But before we go into details steps requires in getting sponsored content opportunities, we need to define certain terminologies, these include:

What Is A Sponsor?

A sponsor is basically an advertiser on your own blog. It can take different forms such as part of a social media campaign or publishing a sponsored content on your own blog or website.

What Is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is content that a company pays you for. They pay for the spot on your blog or social media, for the links, etc. This generally happens in the form of a blog post or social media post but can happen via video, picture, house party or Twitter Party too.

Why Do You Want To Get Sponsors For Your Blog?

Sponsors are essentially another form of income for your blog. Additionally, if you align yourself with the right sponsors, it can further help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche. This translates into people wanting to hire you for your freelance services.

How Much Can You Make With Sponsorship Deals?

It depends on the company you are working with and it depends on you. For instance, you already know that large corporations have money to spend. In fact, according to a recent workshop I attended, companies are specifically allocating money in their marketing budget to work with bloggers and social influencers.

Steps To Get Sponsorship For Your Blog Content

Here are the top action steps that have been working for me in an effort to get sponsors:

Keep It Real

Stay true to yourself and keep your readers’ best interests in mind. Do not promote things you don’t wholly endorse. Maintain your integrity and be upright about your sponsorship in an introductory blog post.

Identify Media Firms And Closely Work With Them

For any sponsored content (blog), this is another major step for the blogger. Media firms are quite many and therefore you have to identify the most pertinent one that suit your purpose.

As a person looking for a job, the first most important step is to apply, the same happens for bloggers seeking sponsored content. Apply and await your letter of acceptance.

If not, do not give up, keep sending your applications to the different available firms and one of them is bound to accept your blog and sponsor your posts.

Move Your Blog To Self-Hosted

While using free blog services such as Blogger.com and WordPress.org are great because they don’t cost you anything, they can be a major setback for grabbing yourself some sponsored content. Companies prefer bloggers to self-host their blogs as it comes across that they are a more serious blogger, it increases their Domain Authority (DA) and is picked up by search engines more effectively

Identify Firms That Sell Products Or Brands That Are Similar To Your Blog Theme

Sponsored posts do not only come in form of cash alone. Some firms may offer other services in order to sponsor a post. Identify those firms that have brands that rhyme with your blog and send brief but informative blog pitches.

Specifically those firms that are looking forward to expand and grow their media presence especially in marketing will form the best targets for sponsored blogs.

Write A Professional Sponsorship Document

Write a bit about yourself and your blog, including all your contact details. Tell the reader why they might want to work with you, why is your exposure good for the sponsor? Determine your niche market, readership demographics, the keywords your blog is ranked highly for and how frequently you post.

Decide exactly what you can offer any given sponsor and how much you expect to receive for your efforts. Do you want monthly sponsorship, giveaways or do you want sponsorship for a conference? Always make sure you can follow through or over-deliver on your promises.

Ensure your terms are clear and stipulate that you will not write more than is declared in the sponsorship agreement. Make this document professional and ready to send to any prospective sponsor, but remember to tailor it somewhat to each company you approach.

Connect With Fellow Bloggers For Sponsored Content

Develop relationships with other bloggers can be such a useful way of getting yourself sponsored work. Firstly, they might actually ask you to write a post for their blog, this may or may not be paid for, it might be a mutual guest post but it’s still a great way to connect with others as their readers will come over to your blog to read it.

They might also end up recommending you for a job if they personally cannot do it or a company they are working with is looking for other bloggers. Bloggers can give each other helpful feedback as the community is a wealth of knowledge.

Join in blogging communities on Facebook such as UK Bloggers or in weekly Twitter hours.

Link Your Blog With Social Media And Blogging Communities

Where else can you find sponsored opportunities than fellow blogging communities or the social media? Once you have opened your own website, it is essential to know other bloggers around you and any blog around your area.

Opportunities may be posted on these communities and many may be viable for you. In addition, the group may be a resource in that it can create a link between you and potential blog post sponsors.

Remember, this groups or communities vet and approve you and your blog before you are accepted. Giving up is never an option, therefore keep trying

Sign Up For Network That Connect Advertiser And Publishers

Another way to get started with sponsored reviews is by signing up for a  network that connects Advertisers & publishers. Here are some of the best-Sponsored reviews finding network in 2017

SheSpeaks (For U.S.A only)

Shopstylecollective (For Lifestyle bloggers)


Clever Girls

Mom Central 

Blog Her 

Mom It Forward

Pollinate Media

Weave Made Media

Zycon Influencer Program

Finally on sponsored content

The Money Shed’s blogging board is filled with useful advice and knowledgeable people so be sure to pop over if you have any questions or need a bit of advice when it comes to getting sponsored content blog posts.

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