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Every android gadgets have its default keyboard made and installed by the manufacturer, some of these keyboards are users friendly. Meanwhile, these devices allow third-party apps to be installed go keyboard which are more users friendly than the default keyboard. The third party go keyboard has many features which are not present in the default keyboard.

Gokeyboard has different features which are likely let you ignore the default keyboard on your android devices such as, in some of the third party go keyboard you can change the default theme, you can also change images on the background of the keyboard.

Therefore you don’t need to depend on the gokeyboard on your Android phone before you can enjoy your phone, here is the list of top gokeyboard you can download on your phone and as well enjoy.

1. Google Keyboard

Google KeyboardOne of the best go keyboards is the Google keyboard, this keyboard has many features which rank it one of the best in go keyboard.

On Googlekeyboard, there is a feature which supports for tracing words, in addition to typing them, speech to text, a dictionary that learns your style and predictive text.

This keyboards is available for any android devices running on 4.o and above, another thing is that you can customize features on this keyboard.

You can change its themes, sound and as well you can decide on its vibration which will help you to save the power of your device when deactivating the vibration, you can as well set your layout and set its auto-correction, with these features, is good to try this app on your android gadgets.

2. Swiftkey Keyboard

Google KeyboardSwiftkey Keyboard is another type of go keyboard that is widely used by Android users globally. Another thing about this keyboard is available for free and has evolved into an intelligent keyboard fit to be on a smartphone.

Swiftkeykeyboard has features like word prediction, this keyboard has the ability of typing in your style, above all, it has a feature which is used to use of words and sentence construction to suggest words you naturally type.

Before you can enjoy this keyboard, download and set it up, you can also go to the themes section to browse a good variety of different skins and colour combinations which make it more interesting.

3. Fleksy Keyboard

The Fleksykeyboard was used to set the world record for fastest texting twice, so if snappy response times and customization for speed your thing, this is the keyboard for you.

It is also free and it does not come with any annoying adware. Rather than swiping or drawing the letters, you will tap just like you used to, and use gestures to delete words or select auto-correct options.

You cannot underrate this type of gokeyboard as you will love to use it if you have any android gadgets. You can change the colour and the layout of the keyboard, this keyboard helps you to opt-out of any programs that you find uncomfortable.

4. Swype Keyboard

Swype KeyboardWhile ruminating on any of Go keyboard and Swype keyboard is not mention, you are not getting it right then. Swypekeyboard is the original swipe input keyboard.

This keyboard has features such as Living Language, which updates your dictionary with the latest trending words. Like SwiftKey, Swypekeyboard has it features next word prediction and adapts to the way you swipe.

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Swype also allows you to perform quick tasks such as Select All, Cut, Copy and Paste by simply swiping on the keyboards. Swype supports more than 60 languages, this feature alone keeps its name among the top go keyboard.

5. TouchPal X Keyboard

touchPal X KeyboardThis is a wonderful type of gokeyboard that offers two input method, It also has a feature known as TouchPal Wave, this feature allows you to write a complete sentence in seconds by simply dragging the first word down to the spacebar and then swiping between the suggested words that appear over the keys.

This keyboard supports many languages, up to 80 different languages.

6. Microsoft Hub Keyboards

Microsoft Hub KeyboardAnother popular keyboards that has its name on this list is the Microsoft Hub keyboard. This type of go keyboard has features that distinguished it from other keyboards.

Microsoft’s Hub Keyboards Preview is all about making your other apps, such as Word and Excel, the amazing thing about this keyboard is that is easier to use when compared to other go keyboards.

7. MessageEase Keyboard

MessageEase KeyboardThis Android keyboards changes the way you type by using a tap and slide interface. Most used 9 letters are placed on large keys while the rest letters are activated by sliding. Another thing about this go keyboard is that it has an inbuilt game which helps to adapt to the way this keyboard is used.

Message Ease Keyboard also features gestures for basic operations such as Select All, Copy, Cut and Paste to let you type more words in less time.

Like some go keyboard, it operates in different languages which are up to 18.

8. Perfect Keyboards Pro

Perfect Keyboard ProThis keyboard is practically built to fully customize to the style that suite your purpose. Here you can change the colour of the keyboard buttons, text, background and even the word suggestion front style.

Another feature of this go keyboard is that, is support different languages, up to about 35 languages.

You can even customize the layout of the keyboard itself, the intensity of the haptic feedback as well as the style and volume of the keypress sounds.

9. GoKeyboard

Go KeyboardThis keyboard has multiple functions which make it stand out among other keyboards. This keyboards support multi-touch and swipe input method.

In addition, Go keyboards is built to learn and correct you as you type and as well feature to predict next word on top of Emoji support.

This keyboard has a feature to support many themes, currently is having more than 60 themes.

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