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How To Stop Google Chrome From Using Extra Internet Bandwidth

Most internet users surf the web using Google chrome browser, from my own point of view, Google chrome is the fastest browser you should have on your devices. Internet bandwidth sometime affects the consumption of our data. Mainly, when you are on limited data, you will be mindful of how you use your data.

On the other hand, if you are unlimited data plan, you will not mind extra network bandwidth on your Chrome browser. If you are using a slow Internet connection while using Google Chrome as your browser, you will experience an extra Internet bandwidth being used by Chrome even when you are not browsing any site or downloading any file.

This extra network bandwidth usage is usually because of the pre-resolution feature of Google Chrome. Thankfully Google Chrome has an option to enable or disable this feature. Let’s see how we can enable or disable this feature to stop Google Chrome from using extra Internet bandwidth.

The methods are very simple as you just need to do some settings in your Google Chrome and have to install a very useful Google Chrome extension that will help you save lots of your internet data.

Surprisingly, by following the tutorial below, you would also experience boost in your internet speed. Just follow up simple steps to proceed.

Stop Google Chrome From Using Extra Internet Bandwidth Via settings

Step 1 ====> Go to Settings

Step 2 ====> Click advance: Under the bonnet (You can also open the under the bonnet options by opening a new tab in Chrome and going to /)

Step 3 ====> Uncheck the option Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly

Internet Bandwidth

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Using Chrome’s Data Saver Extension

Step 1 ====> First of all, you need the latest version of Google Chrome Browser on your computer.

Step 2 ====> Now in your Chrome Browser download and install extension Data Saver (Beta).

Internet Bandwidth

Step 3 ====> Now that you have added this extension to your chrome browser, there will be a pop up message displaying Data Saver has been added to your browser

Internet Bandwidth

Step 4 ====> Now click on it to activate and start monitoring your data usage and stop extra data usage in your chrome browser.

Internet Bandwidth

That is it you will be now able to save your data usage every time you browse the internet in the Google Chrome browser.

Blocking Flash

Despite the echos of Adobe’s Flash player being dead in the tech industry, it is still a large part of websites in 2018. For someone with limited bandwidth, flash assets can take a massive toll on data usage. If you are on the latest version of Chrome, it already blocks Flash by default, and that is fine for most users.

Internet Bandwidth

Check out FlashControl. Instead of just blocking everything outright, this extension puts you in control of what flash does. You will be able to set a default behavior for it (block or allow by default), but it also gives you a white-list and black-list.

Using Ad Block

Blocking Ads by using extension can turn out to be handy if you are looking for data saving extension. Ads are something that we don’t want in our browser as they consume bandwidths and sometimes they are annoying too.

Internet Bandwidth

You can use AD Block extension to block ads on your browser and by this way, chrome will consume less bandwidth while loading pages.

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Blocking Advertisements

Talking about blocking advertisements is a sensitive subject. Everyone who makes anything on the web relies on online advertisements to make an income, including the very website that you are reading this article on. We rely on it too. Still, this is an important conversation to have.

Internet Bandwidth

Advertisements slow down the load of websites and add considerable bandwidth, bandwidth that you can save by blocking them. If you want to save some of your precious limited data, think about installing an advertisement-blocking extension. You will see a considerable decrease in the amount of data you are using.

Conclusion On Internet Bandwidth

So above is all about how to reduce internet data usage in Google Chrome Browser. By these methods, you can browse faster with fewer data usage in your Google chrome browser. Hope you like this cool post to save internet data, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you know more methods regarding this topic.


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