Complete Guide to Use Google Flights to Search Cheap Flights

Guide to Use Google Flights for Cheap Flights

One of the most powerful flights search engines across the globe is the Google Flights search engines. This comes with a lot of features that make flights search easier among other search engines. It is easy to use thereby making airfare hunting easier. It was recorded in 2018 that Google Flights USA search exposes a major design overhaul. Some features and configuration were added. In this article, we shall run through several things you need to know about search Google flights

Pros and Cons of Google Flight search

We always look forward to the good and bad of everything around us. Google Flight app is one of the things we must put to consideration while looking up to the pros and cons of the subject matter in this article.

Pros of Google Lights com

====> The Google Flights Explore map lets you see the cheapest place to fly from your airport during your selected dates/date range, this is termed Map-based search

====> Google Flights search engine will open you up to several cheapest fare up to 7 locations and 7 destinations airports, this is simply called multiple airport search.

====> The search engine will show you what you need to know about the calendar-base fare, it will cover 12 months in a few moments

====> As a search engine, GoogleFlights is super fast compared to other flights search engines. The search engine displays what you need to know in a few seconds

Cons of Google Flights Search Engines

Google Flights search engine is not perfect, here is some of the negative aspect of this amazing search engine. Meanwhile, base on our judgment, the pros should outweigh the cons.

====> Displays unavailable deals. Every once in a while, Google Flights will tell you fare is available at a certain rate, but when you click to proceed with a booking either, it will not be available any longer

====> You will not be able to get lowest or cheapest fares, this is because it works by searching fares sold directly from the airlines and a handful of the top online travel agencies (OTAs), such as Expedia or Orbitz.

====> Many Mistake Fares only show up on smaller online travel agency websites. Google Flights will not be able to find those.

Guide to Book a Flight on Google Flights

Guide to Use GoogleFlights for Cheap Flights

By now, you know the advantages and the advantages of Google Flights search engine, we want to run through a complete guide to book your next flight using the search engine. In other to book a flight with Google Flights, you need to complete the steps in this article.

Step 1 ====> You need to sign in to your Google account on your Mac or Personal Computer.

NOTE: You can go through most of the process without doing so, but your research will be lost if you close your browser without signing in.

Step 2 ====> Navigate to Google Flights on your Personal Computer or Mac computer.

Step 3 ====> Now click on Round trip to select from the dropdown menu whether you’re looking for a round trip, one-way, or multi-city ticket.

Step 4 ====> Next line of action is to select ticket type option by click on 1 passenger to select how many tickets you need. Click on the blue + sign to add a passenger to that category, or the sign to take off the passenger.

Step 5 ====> Now click on Economy to select the class of ticket you are looking for, this depends on your capital.

Step 6 ====> In the box on the bottom-left enter the airport code or the name of the city or airport you would fly out of.

Step 7 ====> In the box on the right enter the airport code or city or airport name that you would like to fly to.

Step 8 ====> Now click on the date that you would like to return in the pop-up calendar. You can click the arrow in the middle of the box on the right to see the next month.

Step 9 ====> For a one-way flight, click the box on the right and select the date for your flight in the pop-up calendar.

Step 10 ====> For a multi-city trip, select a date for your first flight by clicking the box on the far-right, and then click the blue Add Flight button in the bottom-left of the window.

Step 11 ====> Another flight should pop-up underneath the first flight. Select the destinations and date for your trip. You can add up to five flights to a multi-city trip.

Step 12 ====> Once you have selected your dates, click the blue DONE button at the bottom of the window.

Step 13 ====> Once you are done entering all of your flight info, click the blue Search button at the bottom of the window.

Change your Currency or Language on Google Flights

You can change language and currency through Google Flights search engine, here we will run through the complete guides requires.

Step 1 ====> On the top left-hand corner of Google Flights, look for the three horizontal lines to the left of the words Google Flights.

Step 2 ====> By clicking on the lines, a vertical menu will come upon the left-hand side.

Guide to Use Google Flights for Cheap Flights

Look at the bottom of the menu, option to change currency, language, and country you use for Google flights are right here. From here you can also access the Explore map, or view any prices you’re tracking.

Download Google Flights Apps

Apps is a common way to access most of what we do today, aside from the use of the main website, apps keep growing on every business. Google Flight search engine also developed its own app that you can use make your work easier.

Google Flights is a simple way to search for flights. Simply type in your destination and specify price, date, location, and/or duration. Google will display the results by airline and price. Here are the details you need to know about Google Flights app as search engine app.

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General information of Google Flights App

Publisher                                             Google

Publisher website                      

Released Date                                    Sep. 2011

Added Date                                         Sep. 2011

Category                                              Travel

Subcategory                                        Itineraries & Schedules

Operating System

Operating System                               Webware

Additional requirement                        None

Download Information

File name                                            External file

File size                                               Not available


Price                                                    Free

License Model                                     Free

Limitations                                           Not available


That is what we have for you on Google Flights, you have realized that Google has a flight search engine which makes it easier to book a flight through the internet. You have gone through the pros and cons of Google Flight, you are familiar with the general information of the Google Flight Apps

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