How to Create A Google Talk Account

Create A Google Talk Account

Google Talk is a free service from Google which allows users to send and receive instant messages, make voice calls and transfer files. GTalk requires users to have a Google or Gmail account to use the client. Additional features are available for users with Google mail accounts. Keep reading to learn how to set up a Google Talk account and install it on your device. In other to be able to create Google Talk Account, you need the following at your disposal.

Google Talk system Requirements

To be able to use GTalk, the certain requirement must be met, if you have them at hand, you are good to go. But if otherwise, you need them.

Create A Google Talk Account

How to Create A Google Talk Account

The following steps will be required to set up a GTalk account, we are taking the steps one after the other in an orderly manner. Please sit back as you continue:

Step 1 ====> Google Talk system Requirements Verification

Google Talk is compatible with Windows but not with Macintosh or Linux operating systems. Macintosh or Linux users can log-in to Google Talk using third-party instant messaging clients.

Step 2 ====> Log in to Your Google account:

To have access to additional Google Talk Account features when signing in to your Gmail account instead of your Google account. Send voicemails and emails, receive notifications of new Gmail, revisit your chat history from previous Talk sessions and receive offline chats when you log into Gmail.

Create A Google Talk Account

Access your Google account.

====> Go to Google’s home page

====> Click on the link for “Sign in” in the upper right corner to enter your login information.

Access your Gmail account.

====> Go to Gmail’s home page

====> Sign in using your email address and password.

Step 3 ====> Open a Google or Gmail account

To open a Google account, follow the following steps:

====> Go to Google’s home page

====> Click on “Sign in” located in the upper right corner.

====> Click on the link for “Create an account now” on the right

====> Enter your preferred account information.

To open a Gmail account, follow these steps:

 ====> Visit the Google Mail Signup page,

====> Enter your preferred account information

Create A Google Talk Account

Step 4 ====> Download  And Install Google Talk to your computer.

Doing this is very simple and easy to go about, Follow the steps below:

====> Visit the Google Talk home page

====> Scroll down to click on the “Download Google Talk” button.

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Install Google Talk Account to your computer

====> Open and run the downloaded file to begin the Google Talk installation process.

====> Google Talk will launch automatically when the installation process is complete.

Step 5 ====> Sign in to Google Talk Account.

Google Talk will load automatically and sign you in by default when you start Windows. This is great! Revise your settings to log in to Google Talk manually. You will be prompted for your username and password to sign in manually instead of automatically. This is great as well, it will prevent access to your account from others that have access to your computer. Here is what to do:

====> Click Settings in the top right corner of Google Talk.

====> Click on General on the left when the menu appears.

====> Now remove the checkmark next to Start automatically when starting Windows in the right pane and click the OK button on the bottom.

====> Going forward, you will need to open Google Talk through the Start menu on your computer.

Access Google Talk Account on your Android device.

====> Open the Google Talk application.

====> Google Talk is preinstalled on most Android devices and syncs automatically with the Google account you used to sign in with initially

Access Google Talk Account on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

====> Visit the home page of Google Talk using your iPhone or iPod Touch or visit the home page of Google and choose “Talk” from the More tab.

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