Gordmans Store Card Review, Application Process, Login Guide, Password Reset and Payment Process

Gordmans Credit Card Review

Gordmans Credit Card is commonly called the store credit card. This is one of the credit cards issued by Comenity Bank. If you are a frequent Gordman’s shopper, you can get your hands on the Gordmans Credit Card from Comenity Bank and get rewarded for your loyalty spending. You will be getting 15% off your first day’s purchases when you apply for and use your store credit card.

Earn $5 in reward certificates for every 100 points earned, double points every day for cardholders and 20% off on your birthday! With no annual fee attached, this card is decent if you are a heavy Gordmans spender

Gordmans is an American department store with headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. With its credit card, customers can buy at any of their 99 locations in the 22 states in the US.

Gordmans is a popular off-price department store that is located in several Midwestern states. They have recently launched their own credit card that comes with several benefits when you shop in-store and at other selected retailers.

Key Features of Gordmans Store Card

No annual fee: This is a great option for people looking for a low-maintenance card. It gives you the benefits of a credit card, but you don’t have to pay an annual fee for the privilege.

Generous reward rate: You will get a rewards rate of up to 4x, no credit card has every offer reward like this before.

Fair or better credit required: You stand a chance of qualifying if your credit score is not below 600.

High APRs: This is not a great card for people who carry a balance. It has a variable purchase APR starting at 29.24% which is considered very high.

Birthday Reward: Birthday Reward is about 20% off

Double Points every day for cardholders

$5 Reward for every 100 points earned with any form of payment

15% off your first day’s purchases when you apply for and use your store credit card

Gordmans Credit Card Pros & Cons

You through with some of the key features of this credit card. Meanwhile, this part of the article will run through the Pros and Cons of using this credit card. We are very sure at the end of this part you will make a reasonable decision on the application process.

Pros of Gordmans Credit Card

====> No annual fee as mentioned above in the article. This is one of the leading reasons you need to have this credit card. You don’t need to worry much about the maintenances fee

====> Gordmans Credit Card reports to multiple credit bureaus

====> Every new member who applies for a Stage credit card will receive a Welcome Coupon worth $5 off a purchase of $5 or more.

====> Double points every day for cardholders. On every single dollar, you spent through store credit card, you will be rewarded with 2 points.

====> Considers applicants with fair or poor credit.

Cons of Gordmans Store card

Without giving out the cons of the credit card, the article will not be completed. In other not to waste much of our time, we will highlight the cons of this store card.

====> High interest charge if not paid in full each month. This is not good for people who cannot pay in the billing circle.

====> Higher than average purchase APRs.

====> Does not offer a signup bonus. This is unlike other store credit card, Gordmans credit card will not offer a sign-up bonus to new customers.

====> Does not include many credit card benefits

====> Does not offer rewards or cash back.

====> You don’t earn rewards on every purchase.

Gordmans Credit Card Fees

Fees                                                   Amount

Annual Fee                                         $0

Returned Payment Fee                    up to $39

Late Payment Fee                           up to $39

The Application Requirements for Gordmans Credit Card

====> You are to be at least 18 years old.

====> You are to have a government-issued ID.

====> You are to have a U.S Social Security Number

How to Apply for Gordmans Credit Card?

If you want to enjoy the advantages that come with having an online account for your Gordmans Credit Card then you should enrol. The application process is very simple and easy, you only need to follow simple steps.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official application page

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click Register for online access

Gordmans Credit Card Review

Step 3 ====> Enter your details, these include: credit card account number, zip code/postal code, social security number, and the last four digits of SSN and click find my account

Gordmans Credit Card Login Guide

This is basically the simplest part of the online services offered by the credit card company. All you need here is your login details, which basically include your username and password. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official login page in your web browser or click here

Step 2 ====> Now locate and click access your account

Step 3 ====> On the page, enter your login details (username and password) in the fields provided

Gordmans Store Card Review

Step 4 ====> Finally here, click on the login button to access your online account.

NB: If you enter the correct login details, you should be able to access your online account without any issue.

Reset Your Login Details

You can reset your password in a few simple steps to regain access to your Gordmans Credit Card online account. The credit card company has a website with an easy to use interface that allows customers to easily reset the password. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 ====> On the homepage, locate and click my account

Step 2 ====> Now on the page, locate and click forgot your username or password

Step 3 ====> Enter your credit card number, zip code, social security number and the last four digits of your SSN

Step 4 ====> Now click on find my account

Gordmans Credit Card Payment Process

There is various payment method using a Gordmans store card, each of these payment processes is effective. We will take them one after the other.

Phone Payment Process

You can pay your bill through this credit via a phone call. Make sure you have your credit card and your banking information(including routing number) on hand

Now on your phone, dial  1 866 322 13 16. Choose to either use the automated system or speak to a customer service agent. Now follow any further instructions provided by the automated system or customer service agent

Online Payment Process

Once you have activated your account you can pay your bills online by going back to the Gordmans credit card login page and following the directions below:

Step 1 ====> Go to Gordmans credit card payment online

Step 2 ====> Sign in using the login box on the left side of the page

Step 3 ====> Now locate and click on the Make a Payment link

Step 4 ====> Enter the amount you want to pay

Step 5 ====> Add your banking information, including your routing number. If you want to schedule an advance payment to choose a date for the payment to go through

Step 6 ====> Review your Gordmans credit card payment information and submit the payment if everything looks correct

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Mail Payment Process

Another means of payment method on Gordmans credit card is through the mail process. Write a check or money order for the amount you want to pay Gordmans. Write your account number (NOT your card number) directly on the payment. Make sure you mail your payment 5-7 days before it is due to avoid late fees

Comenity Bank Payments Address

P.O. Box 182273

Columbus, OH 43218-2273


P.O. Box 659705

San Antonio, TX 78265-9705

Store Payment Process

The last but not the least payment process is called the store payment method. Use the store locator to figure out which location is closest to you. Take your preferred method of payment and your credit card to the appropriate store. Follow any instructions provided by staff on site.


It was mentioned in the article, Gordmans credit card is one of the credit cards issued by Comenity Bank. It also called Gordmans Store card. This article had covered everything you need to know about the credit card. We run through the application process, login guide and various payment processes.

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