Grammarly Keyboard App with Grammar Checker

Grammarly Keyboard App with Grammar Checker Available for Android

The Grammarly Keyboard is now available on both iOS and Android. Whenever it comes to grammar checking and proofreading tools, Grammarly is something that we all prefer. The tool has been on the internet for a really long time. However, for a really long time, Grammarly was only available for the Web browsers and Microsoft Office.

Popular English language writing-enhancement platform, Grammarly announced the rollout of its virtual keyboard for Android on the Google Play Store. The Android app comes more than a month after the keyboard app was launched for iOS.

Hey Android users. Since launching the Grammarly Keyboard for iOS, we have heard from lots of you wondering when the app would be available on Android device.

Grammarly Keyboard is a free app that lets the users edit their written messages, documents, and social posts. We often make a lot of mistakes while typing on our smartphone. These errors are basically spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization errors and fixing them becomes a challenge for us.

However, with the Grammarly Keyboard, it is quite easy to check those written texts before we could even send them.

How to download Grammarly Keyboard For Your Android Device

Downloading Grammarly keyboard app on your android phone is a very simple task that requires no special effort, provided you have your internet connection available. Here are the steps to follow:

Grammarly Keyboard App with Grammar Checker

Step 1 ====> First of all launch the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Step 2 ====> After that search for Grammarly Keyboard via the search bar section on the app.

Step 3 ====> Then tap on the install button and let the app get installed to your Android phone.

Step 4 ====> Finally, launch the application and do all the settings and you are all set to use it.

Features of Grammarly Keyboard

Now that you have downloaded Grammarly keyboard on your smatphone, it is high time to know more of its features. Below are some of the important feature you could enjoy from downloading it on your devices.

====> Grammarly Premium has advanced punctuation correction.

====> It offers a sophisticated grammar checker.

====> Offers vocabulary enhancements and synonym finder.

====> It works with all the apps out there.

====> Extremely easy to set up.

====> It comes with the contextual spelling checker.

====> The Grammarly Keyboard lets you know when it auto-corrects your spelling.

====> You can spot the mistakes before you hit the send button.

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How to download Grammarly Keyboard on iOS Device

You might not using Android smartphone, but iPhone. You can still use Grammarly app on your device as well. Though app was first made available for iOS users, here are the very best step to have it on your devices.

Step 1 ====> From your iOS device, go to the App store.

Step 2 ====> After that search for the Grammarly Keyboard from the search bar

Step 3 ====> Do me a favour by tapping the install button get it install on your device.

Step 4 ====> After that do all the settings according to your needs, and you are all done.


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