Complete Guide on VLC Media Player for Android

VLC Media player is one of the popular players that play videos and audio on your devices, this includes your Android devices, personal computer and all other devices. One of the major things I really appreciate about VLC media player is its free downloading.

VLC for Android is a full port of VLC media player to the Android platform. It can play any video and audio files, network streams and DVD ISOs, like the classic version of VLC. VLC features a full music player, amedia database, equalizer and filters, and numerous other features.

About VLC Media Player for Android

VLC Media for Android publicly started with a beta project and now, they have launched a full-fledged app that is supported wholly by theVideo LAN team.

This port for Android can play any video and audio stored on your phone, tablet or any other device powered by Android. Apart from localstorage, it can also access network streams, network shares, and DVD ISOs. Thevideo player is packed with features that allow it to play every known format.You can easily play popular formats MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI, and others.

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Features of VLC Media Player for Android

Before we continue with this write up, we will like us to know some of the wonderful feature embedded on the VLC media Player. Here are tones of features of VLC.

====> Plays all files, in all formats, like the classic VLC.

====> Audio and video media library, with full search and history.

====> Support Chromebooks.

====> Subtitles support, embedded and external, including ASS and DVD subtitles.

====> Multi audio or subtitles tracks selection.

====> Audio equalizer and filters.

====> Supports secondary display.

====> Supports 360 video and 3D audio.

====> Multi-core and full hardware decoding.

====> Support for network streams, including HLS and Dash.

====> Support for NAS and shared drives browsing.

====> Supports Android Version 2.2 (platform-8) or later.

====> Supports ARMv7, ARMv8 / AArch64, MIPS and x86.

====> Support Android TV.

====> Gestures, headphones control.

Downloading and Installing VLC Media Player on Android

If you are on Android, you can download VLC Player from the Play Store. Just search the play store or click here to go there directly. Once you hit the install button, your smart device will download the necessary app files and install the app automatically. After that, you can easily access the player from the app drawer (and even the home screen). Tap on the cone icon and you are good to go.

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VLC Media Player Video Interface

Open up a video and you will access the interface. There will be several buttons on the screen and gestures will also be displayed for a short while. You can use them for easy watching and navigation.

VLC media player

Subtitles button: Choose an audio track, subtitle file or download the subtitles for it automatically.

Lock button: Lock the screen so that you can watch the video in peace. Accidentally tapping on the screen will do nothing.

VLC Media Player Audio Interface

The audio player interface is as simple as it gets. Open up an MP3 file and you will know how easy it is to navigate through it using the player. The basic controls of playing/pausing and previous and next tracks are right there in the bottom. Choose to repeat the entire playlist, the current playing track or disable repeating using the bottom right option.

VLC media player

On the top you will find options related to searching theplaylist, displaying album art and accessing additional options. Additional options button is the one with the three buttons. Tap on it and you can select the sleep timer, playback speed, jump to time, equalizer and to save the current queue as a playlist.

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Conclusion on VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is quite simply the best multimedia application for Android, Windows and Mac. It plays just about anything, hassle-free – what more could you need?


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