Hack Your Girlfriend Whatsapp

How To Hack Your Girlfriend Whatsapp And Read Her Messages

Communication is the only way to bridge the gap between lovers, either on the way to life longer friends. One of the ways to achieve this is probably through the social media. WhatsApp is one of the best social media platforms to communicate with one another. We find it hard to monitor lovers in the years past, but these days, you can easily hack your Girlfriend WhatsApp and Read Her Messages.

This is not meant for guys alone, you can monitor anyone messages on WhatsApp, if you truly want to know which type of people or friends they have. You can only do it if you have the next person’s phone, so at least you will be hacked by a person you love, most likely to be a life partner.

Hacking your girlfriend WhatsApp and read her messages could be simple, but you need to meet up with some conditions, here are these conditions:

1. You need a computer that has access to WhatsApp.

2. Lastly but not least, you need access to your friend/ girlfriend’s phone WhatsApp. I think should not be difficult for you, at least, she is your friend. Then having access to her phone will not be that hard.

Hope you are clear to this level. So if you have fulfilled all the above requirements, now you are ready to proceed to the most interesting part article.

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How To Hack Your Girlfriend Whatsapp Or Your Friends Whatsapp?

You have gone far, since you are patient enough to read up this level. What you want to learn now, is how to hack your Girlfriend WhatsApp and Read Her Messages without her knowing. The steps are simple and easy to follow, keep on and acquire this knowledge at once.

Step 1 ====> Open your computer, have your internet ready. Then open your browser, this could be your favorite browser. On the search bar, type http://web.whatsapp.com and click the search button.


This will only work for those who use WhatsApp web

Step 2 ====> You will need your friend/girlfriend’s device only for few minutes. Get her phone and open her WhatsApp application.

Step 3 ====> Now Whatsapp web will ask you to scan Qr Code using your phone. Use your girlfriend’s phone in this case. To do so, open WhatsApp on his/her phone.

Hack Your Girlfriend Whatsapp

On Android: In the Chats screen Menu ====> then tap the three dots at right hand corner ====> tap on WhatsApp Web.

On iPhone: Go to Settings ====> WhatsApp Web.

On Windows Phone: Go to Menu ====> Settings ====> WhatsApp Web.

Hack Your Girlfriend Whatsapp

Finally, you can easily access her WhatsApp messages without her knowing. So this trick will help you monitor her text messages without her permission, at the end, you have succeeded in hacking her WhatsApp account.

How To Hack Your Girlfriend Whatsapp Without Using Computer

This is contrary to the method above, where you needed a computer system to hack your girlfriend WhatsApp account. Here on this method, we shall be using phone. The steps are simple; keep reading as you will learn the trick to hack your girlfriend WhatsApp account to read her messages secretly.

Step 1 ====> If you are the one interested in doing the hacking, open Google Chrome and search for WhatsApp web. On the result, select the first search result.

Step 2 ====> Click on the drop down menu in a form of three little circles on the top right side of the screen

Hack Your Girlfriend Whatsapp

Step 3 ====> Click on Request desktop site

Step 4 ====> This is the screen it will give you: use your girlfriend phone to perform the following.

====> Now open her WhatsApp.

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====> Tap on the drop-down menu, then WhatsApp code.

====> Finally, scan the code on your screen, and there, now you have your girlfriend WhatsApp on your phone.

Hack Your Girlfriend Whatsapp

How To Hack Your Girlfriend Whatsapp Without Scanning Code

The first two methods above require the use of scanning before you can access the victim WhatsApp account. These methods are useful when WhatsApp are not locked. Now what happens, when your girlfriend locked her WhatsApp, will you be able to hack into her WhatsApp account?

No need to worry yourself too much about this, here we shall be presenting another method to hack your girlfriend WhatsApp account to access her messages without using QR code. These are the require steps, they are simple and easy steps to use.

Step 1 ====> You needs your girlfriend’s phone for minutes. So once your girlfriend phone is in your hands, then just install this application on her phone. This is the link to the app https://www.spy-phone-app.com/m/custom_install

Step 2 ====> Now after installing the application, open it up. Tap accept and sign up using your email and password, then tap register.

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Step 3 ====> After that just give all the permission to the app and activate and tap on exit. The app will automatically disappear from the victims device, here you girlfriend is your victim. Now hand over the phone to her, she will never find out about this.

Step 4 ====> Now on your phone browser, open this link https://www.spy-phone-app.com/m/. To open it up, sign up with same email and password you used on your girlfriend phone. Then tap on your device and at least select WhatsApp from the list.

Now with these tricks, you will have access to who so ever you want to monitor his or her WhatsApp account. Not only that, they will never no. But mind you, one of these days, you might be a victim to someone.


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