Vivint Smart Home Security Review, Home Security Vivint Review and Prices

Home security Vivint gadget is one of the leading home security devices across the country. It is also recognized across the globe. These devices are full-featured wireless home security systems which can be professionally installed.

What we mean by the professional installation is that you might not be able to install the Vivint smart home security device(s) on your own. You likely need to service or professional for the installation process.

Though, the company and its ally offer what we called in-home consultation with an experienced security advisor for free without you paying any penny. This process may likely result in what is likely tailored to your needs. I Hope, this is a very good one.

Why Do You Need to Get Vivint Security Systems?

When it comes to security issues, alter most attention must be given. That is one of the reasons you need Home Security Vivint gadgets. Come to think of it, Governments across the globe try hard to put more effort into security issues.

Then, we can not depend on their effort; you need to do your own part by making security your right.

Therefore, when we call Vivint a high-end or full-service home security system, we are not joking or playing around, we mean business.

Here are the reasons you need to lay your hand on the Vivint home security system

====> Professional installation requires the touching of professionals for proper installation. Thereby figuring out the right and hidden location for these gadgets.

====> The gadget has a wonderfully designed app (Vivint smart home app) which is in control of everything

====> You will have full monitoring access through the use of these amazing gadgets. As a matter of fact, it is 24/7 professional monitoring

====> Your personal information will be registered on the system and the Vivint app

====> The gadgets come with Smart security cameras, doorbell cameras and with advanced safety features

====> On Home Security Vivint devices, you enjoy multiple contract options

====> Another reason you need to have these home security gadgets at your disposal is the professional maintenance and repairs you will enjoy

====> Irrespective of your home structure, you will enjoy total customization which will suit and fit your home

====> It is a lifetime equipment warranty

Pros and Cons of Vivint Smart Home Security

Just concluded part of the article cover what you will enjoy using the security device. But we further need to explain some of the other benefits as well as the non-benefit of using Home Security Vivint in your home, offices and any other places.


====> Feature-rich system that will meet most people’s needs

====> Professional installation with high-end equipment

====> No long-term contract with upfront equipment package purchase

====> One app that manages both smart home and security devices

====> Extensive customization possible


====> Professional monitoring is required for remote access and use of the mobile app

====> Lingering customer service woes

====> Relatively expensive compared to competitors

====> Supports a limited number of third-party smart home devices

====> Higher overall costs

====> Month-to-month pricing unavailable for DIY systems

====> Limited third-party smart home integration

Vivint Security Components

Here are the lists of Home security Vivint devices.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Vivint Outdoor Camera

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Vivint Ping Indoor Camera

Garage door controller

Kwikset Smart Lock

Vivint smart sensor

Vivint Smart Hub

Vivint glass break detector

Vivint water sensor

Vivint motion sensor

Vivint Element Thermostat

Vivint Smart Drive

Vivint smoke detector

Vivint CO detector

Vivint Car guard

Vivint monitoring plan comparison

Monitoring PlanSmart SecuritySmart HomeSmart Home Video
Prices$ 29.99/mot$ 39.99/mot$ 44.99/mot
Mobile App AccessYesYesYes
Text or Email AlertYesYesYes
24/7 Professional MonitoringYesYesYes
Smart Home IntegrationsNoYesYes
Environmental Monitoring: flood, smokeNoYesYes
Security Camera SupportNoNoYes

Vivint Camera Comparison

This part will take a good look at the Home Security Vivint camera comparison.

FeaturesVivint Indoor CameraVivint Outdoor Camera ProVivint Doorbell Camera Pro
Outside or InsideInsideOutsideOutside
Field of Vision155 Degrees140 Degrees180 Degrees
Night VisionYesYesYes
Personal DetectionNoYesYes
Lurker DetectionNoYesYes
Package DetectionNoNoYes
Two-way talkNoYesYes
Pool AlertNoYesNo
4K Image SensorNoYesNo
Outbound call functionYesNoNo

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