How to Connect Multiple JBL Speakers Together

Today, I will show you how to pair multiple JBL speakers via a Bluetooth connection in this article. It is possible to link up to 100 JBL speakers collectively (Only supported speakers with the JBL Connect+ capability).

Bluetooth makes it considerably simpler to connect several JBL speakers, and you can raise the audio volume by up to 100 times if you choose.

The JBL Connect function on JBL Flip, JBL Charge, JBL Extreme, JBL Pulse, JBL Clip, and JBL Boombox speakers enables the pairing of JBL speakers.

Meanwhile, in other to connect multiple JBL speakers together, they must have the JBL Connect+ feature.

You can directly connect two or more JBL speakers from any of these series that have the JBL Connect feature and play audio from all of them at once.

You may experience louder, stereo sound with more bass when you link at least two JBL speakers. There is no better method to connect several JBL speakers and have a good time at large outdoor gatherings.

Instead of creating a home audio system, you should get two or more JBL speakers, even if you enjoy music and spend most of your time away from the house. The sound quality is identical to a home theatre even with just two JBL speakers.

To connect multiple JBL speakers, you may use the JBL Connect app. If you don’t want to use the app, it is really simple to use Bluetooth to link them all together and have fun.

The Essential Prerequisite to Connect JBL Speakers

Different JBL speakers need to have the same connection protocol in order to be connected to one another. There are numerous models of JBL speakers, and each one offers a unique form of connecting process or technology.

In actuality, there is an improved version of every new model. However, it is not possible to upgrade the older model to the new version or technology.

On the other hand, if you are familiar with their technology, connecting with several speakers will be simpler for you. I have therefore listed here a number of JBL models together with their technology.

PartyBoost Technology

The latest JBL speakers with PartyBoost are listed below.

====> Boombox 2 and Boombox 3

====> Flip 4 and Flip 5

====> JBL Xtreme 3

====> Pulse 4 and Pulse 5

JBL Connect Technology

The JBL speakers listed below have Connect technology

====> Pulse 2

====> Charge 3

====> Clip 2

====> Flip 3

JBL Connect+ Technology

These 5 speakers come with this ‘Connect+’ feature;

====> Boombox

====> Xtreme 2

====> Charge 4

====> Pulse 3

====> Flip 4

How to Enable Pairing Mode to Connect JBL Speakers

JBL Bluetooth speakers require pairing mode to connect. This implies that your music player can successfully establish a connection with your JBL speakers and recognize them. Fortunately, doing this is very simple. Simply adhere to these two instructions:

1 ====> Activate the JBL speaker.

2 ====> Hold the Bluetooth button down for at least three seconds.

The first and most important step to take if you are wondering how to link JBL speakers together is this!

How to Connect JBL Speakers to Music Device(s)

Your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC must now be connected to your JBL speakers before using them together.

Meanwhile, by navigating to the Bluetooth settings on the device, finding your speakers, and then choosing them, you can accomplish this fast and simple.

Once this is finished, attempt to test the connection by starting a song.

NOTE: The procedure will change depending on the device. We won’t go into great depth, but we do suggest that you read pairing instructions for JBL speakers.

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How to Pair JBL Speakers Together

There are various reasons why you might wish to set up the connection in this manner. The JBL connect option is very simple and easy to use.

For instance, you could wish to put your speakers in various spaces while still being able to listen to the same audio without any interruptions.

Perhaps you and your pals are going camping, or you just want your music to be louder! Whatever the cause, there are a few simple steps you may follow to connect multiple JBL speakers together (or more). Just adhere to these guidelines:

Step 1 ====> Make sure one of the speakers is in pairing mode.

Step 2 ====> Sync or link the speaker with your gadget.

Step 3 ====> To enable the speaker to connect with the other JBL speakers in the chain, just tap the JBL Connect button on the speaker.

Step 4 ====> The connect button will show the following icon

Step 5 ====> To finish the connection, press the Connect button on the second speaker.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to understand how to connect two JBL speakers. Repeat the procedure to link more speakers.

How Many JBL Speakers Can I Connect?

The model matters since there are two connecting options: JBL Connect and JBL Connect+.

The simplest option is Connect, which lets you pair up to two JBL speakers simultaneously. Connec+ lets you pair up to one hundred speakers.

What Is The JBL Portable App?

When connecting numerous speakers together, the JBL Portable App (formerly known as the JBL Connect App) gives an additional degree of customization that is useful.

Options for controlling your speakers, EQ settings, and even a light display on Pulse models are built within the app. The JBL app’s ability to switch speakers between Party and Stereo modes is another cool feature.

When set to Stereo mode, two speakers can play back in stereo (or left and right). This might be helpful when positioned in various parts of your room. Party mode causes all speakers to play the same item simultaneously.

What Is JBL Party Boost?

JBL Party Boost, which is available on more recent models, is simply an improved version of Connect+.

The distance the speakers will be from your music device should be taken into account if you intend to install the speakers in several locations.

If you will be moving around with your equipment, such as a cell phone that may be sitting in your pocket, there is something else to take into account.

If your speakers aren’t going to be close by, Party Boost’s range is substantially greater than that of its Connect competitors.

FAQs About Connecting JBL Speakers Together

You can be perplexed by several queries regarding pairing JBL speakers. Because of this, we have already provided you with the answers.

Can I connect JBL Flip and JBL Charge speakers together?

Since both of these speaker series offer the “JBL Connect” capability, pairing JBL Flip and JBL Charge speakers together is possible.

How to play connected JBL speakers in one mode?

The JBL speakers that are paired can be used in either Party or Stereo mode. The JBL app can be used to change these settings.

You may download this app to your smartphone, and nearly all JBL speakers are compatible with it. The same models, nevertheless, are the only ones that can play in stereo.

How do I disconnect one JBL speaker from many connected together?

When several JBL speakers are linked and playing simultaneously, there are two ways to disconnect a speaker.

The Connect button can be pressed once more or that speaker can be turned off. By doing this, only that specific speaker will be disconnected; all other speakers will keep playing sounds.

Why my JBL speakers do not connect together?

The JBL Connect feature is exclusive to JBL speakers that can be connected together. This feature won’t be available on any of your speakers. As a result, your JBL speakers won’t pair.

Can I upgrade from JBL Connect + to JBL PartyBoost using a firmware update?

No, you cannot upgrade your old JBL speakers with Connect+ technology to PartyBoost. The business has tightly segregated its communication protocols, with the JBL Charge 3 being the sole exception.

So, if your JBL speaker has reached the end of its upgrade cycle, your only option is to spend more money on the newest model.

What is the difference between JBL Connect+ and PartyBoost?

While Connect+ allows users greater freedom when pairing their speakers than the original Connect, PartyBoost has nothing to offer beyond the connectivity range.

The most recent PartyBoost Speakers have a wireless range of 60+ feet as opposed to 30+ with Connect+ Speakers. 100 speakers are the maximum number of connected devices for both protocols.

Final Word

Since you don’t need to do any complicated technical steps to play on several JBL speakers at once, connecting JBL speakers is simple.

With just five simple steps, as explained above, you can already improve your listening and musical experiences.

The Connect and Connect+ features of JBL are useful, especially for those who have several JBL speakers and wish to make the most of their gear.

Just remember that only speakers using the same communication protocol can establish connections with one another.

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