How To: Different Ways Convert Mp4 To Mp3

Convert Mp4 To Mp3

It sound strange to many people as they can’t differentiate between these file formats, MP4 and MP3. The facts remains they are two different thing or different format. But the joy of it is this, you can convert mp4 to mp3. Now before we go into details about the conversion, let quickly look at the meaning of MP4 and MP3.

MP4 files are commonly used for uploading videos to the Internet and for storing and viewing on personal media devices.  While on the other hand, MP3 files are commonly used for Internet download and also on media devices. I hope you can now figure out their meaning, so you are no more confused. It is time now to diverge to different ways to convert MP4 to MP3 file format.

Different Ways To Convert Mp4 To Mp3

Here are some of the ways to convert MP4 to MP3 file format.

Convert MP4 to MP3 using any video converter

Any Video Converter is one of video converters that allows you to extract MP4 audio and convert it directly into MP3, AAC, or Wave format for use on a variety of mobile devices. The audio and video quality is exceptional for a free program, has a lightning-quick conversion speed, and the resulting audio is supported on everything from Apple to Android devices. Here are the complete steps:

Step 1 ====> Go to AVC website or the Mac App Store to download the latest freemium or lite version of the software. If you runs Windows, click on Free Download button at the middle of the download page to download and install on your device.

How to use video converter to convert video to MP3 on Android

Step 2 ====> Click the Start button and select AVC from the alphabetical list on the left to launch the program. On Mac, you can launch the program by searching for it in Spotlight.

Step 3 ====> Select the MP4(s) files you want to convert by clicking the Add Video(s) button with the addition sign in the upper left corner of the program. Then follow by pop up window to show where you can navigate or search for the desired files on your computer. Similarly on a Mac, click the Add Video  button in the bottom left hand corner and select the files you wish to convert.

Step 4 ====> In Windows, click the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and select the Common Audio Format option represented by the black music note from the resulting list of options. Afterward, select “MP3 Audio” from the drop down menu, select your save location for the resulting file(s)Convert Mp4 To Mp3

While on Mac head to the Profile options on the right side of the program window, choose the headphones icon, and select MP3 Audio from the list.

Step 5 ====> Finally on this section, click the Convert Now button at the top of the window. On a Mac, click the Convert Now button in the bottom right-hand corner to carry out the same action.Convert Mp4 To Mp3

How to Convert MP4 to MP3 using Free HD Video Converter Factory

Download Free HD Video Converter Factory, here are the steps to convert MP4 to MP3

Step 1 ====> Open HD Video Converter Factory and click on Add Files located at the top left.

Step 2 ====> Go to the MP4 video file located on your computer. Select the video file and click on Open or double-click on the video.

Step 3 ====> Click on the video format icon located under Output Format at the right side.

Step 4 ====> Click on Audio and click on MP3.

Step 5 ====> Now click on Settings located bottom right.

Step 6 ====> Then select a bit rate that is the same or almost the same as the bit rate of your video.

Step 7 ====> Select a sample rate that is the same or almost the same as the sample rate of your video and click on OK to save the settings.

Step 8 ====> Now at the output Folder located at the bottom you can see and/or change the location on your computer where the MP3 audio file will be saved.

Step 9 ====> Finally click on the Run button located at the bottom right. HD Video Converter Factory will now convert your MP4 to MP3 file.

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Convert Mp4 To Mp3 Using Windows Media Player

The next method is the use of Windows media player to convert mp4 to mp3. The steps require are very simple to follow. Here are the steps:

Step 1 ====> Download and install windows media player on your computer if not installed already. This could be downloaded from Microsoft website.

Step 2 ====> Launch Windows Media Player on your computer,

====> Go to Start

====>All Programs and click on

====> Windows Media Player” in the list.

Step 3 ====> Open the MP4 file you want to convert in Windows Media Player.

====> Go to the File menu,

====> Click Open and browse for the MP4 in the Open window that comes up.

====> Double-click the MP4 file and it automatically begins playing in Media Player

Step 4 ====> Return to the File menu and choose Save As. When the Save As window opens,

====> Click into the box next to File name” so that the cursor appears at the end of the file extension.

====>Delete the “4” from the end of the extension and replace it with “3.”

Step 5 ====> Scroll down the Folders pane in the Save As window and choose the folder on the hard drive where you want to save the MP3.

====> Press the “Save” button.

====>A copy of the MP4 file saves into the folder you selected as an MP3 file

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