Best iCloud Alternatives for Backing up iPod iPhone iPad touch

Best iCloud Alternatives for Backing up iPod iPhone iPad touch

Till now icloud is one of the bet app to retrieve and store reasonable info on devices like iPad, iPod and iPhones. But this app lack certain thing which makes users of any of the items listed above searched for alternative, iCloud has very limited space for keeping data, document and many more. Therefore the users might be running out of space due to its storage capability, and then there is need for iCloud alternatives to backup your iOS devices.

In addition, there are series of reasons users need iCloud alternatives in their device. Among these reasons are, icloud service have security problem, there is limit to icloud free storage, icloud is very slow in backing up and restoring iDevice.

Some iCloud alternatives have the advantage of preview data on backup which is absent in icloud, icloud cannot restore only specific data from backup.

With the problems listed above, some users try to find iCloud alternative to reduce iCloud storage pressure and backup their devices. Therefore, this post, we list top 5 iCloud alternatives with their price lists and reviews for all Apple users.

1. OneDrive, 15 GB for free

OneDrive was developed by Microsoft inc and is one of nice cloud. This application can be download to any iOS phone like iPhone, iPod and iPad touch. With OneDrive, you can view, upload and share photos, videos and documents on the cloud server anytime and anywhere.

These are the basics feature of OneDrive, it was developed with 15GB free storage space, 100 GB will cost about $ 2 per mounth, $ 4 per month for 200 GB and $ 7 per month for 1 TB, with these features OneDrive is one of the best iCloud alternatives to use.

2. Google Drive for iOS, 15 GB for free

Another wonderful iCloud alternatives is Google Drive, you can download this app from iTunes store. The amazing thing about this app is that, after downloading it to your device you can you can back up your files, such as videos, photos and documents on your iOS devices, and get them anytime you want them.

Google Drive supports the following file format, Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawing; Microsoft office files, PDF/TXT, photos and movies (MOV, AVI, MP4). You are to enjoy the free space of this app (15 GB), you can also pay for more space if you need.

3. Box cloud for iPhone iPad and iPod touch, 10 GB of free storage

All iOS devices users can depend largely on this app to backup their documents, photos and videos in the cloud. Unlike other icloud apps, it has less free storage space and in another best iCloud alternatives to be used.

You can access and share files anytime, anywhere by using this app. It supports over 100 file types which including PDF, Word, Excel, All, PSD among others.

4. MediaFire, 10 GB for Free

Just like Box cloud, it has 10GB for free, Mediafire allows you to automatically backup you photos and videos on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can also access your documents, media and photos on MediaFire cloud online at any time. With these amazing features Mediafire is one of the best iCloud alternatives

5. Amazon Cloud Drive, 3 months free trial

This cloud app differs from the listed cloud apps, on its own development there is no free storage space rather it was developed with three months trial.  Amazon Cloud Drive for iOS allows you to backup your photos, videos, music, and documents on your iOS devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone.

This app allows you to share files and folders on its cloud server, in addition you can also use Amazon Cloud to play videos and music or preview the documents you stored on their server, with these features Amazon Cloud is another best iCloud alternatives.

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6. Dropbox – 2GB to 16GB free storage

Dropbox enables users to create a special Dropbox folder on their computer, and the Dropbox folder will synchronize to any mobile device installed with Dropbox so that you can access to the same folder with same contents anytime anywhere.

Dropbox supported file types

Videos (3gp, wmv, mp4, mov, avi, flv etc)

Documents files (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, html, txt etc)

Pictures (jpg, png, gif, jpeg, psd, etc)

Some Other iCloud Alternatives

Although some iCloud alternatives, such as Copy, Spideroak and Just cloud, do not fair well in backing up iPhone/iPad, you can also use them to backup your data on your computer to cloud online, and access/share these data by using their iOS apps on your devices.


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