Step by Step Guide To Install A Smart Thermostat Without C Wire

In most installation processes, three wires are normally used. The white, red and neutral (c wire). Meanwhile, to install the Smart Ecobee thermostat, you will only see the two major wires (red and white). It simply means you will not see the common wire or the c wire. In that case, in this article, you will be guided through the step by step guide to install Ecobee without a c wire.

Now before we move on, what is the importance of the C wire in Ecobee thermostat smart devices? Why is everyone trying to install Ecobee without the common wire?

The common and simple answer to these questions is that the C wire is a power supply wire required for your smart thermostat to work correctly.

How to Install Ecobee Without a C Wire

Now, we will not waste much time, rather we move on to the process as we have promised in the article. The only thing you need here is the ability to read and follow the simple instructional guide as we explained in this article.

NOTE: Before you move on, please note of these: I am not a certified electrician or plumber. Therefore, if you do this, you are doing this install at your own risk.

Step 1 ====> Check for a C-Wire

First of all, you need to check for the c-wire. Now, your next quest is how do I check for the c wire?

This process is very simple and easy. You v=can do that by looking at your old thermostat. You need to detach your thermostat, and then look at the wires connected to it

If there is a terminal labelled C, then you have a C-wire at your disposal. On the other hand, if there is not, go to your furnace and check the source. Is that correct?

Meanwhile, if there is no C-wire on your furnace. Then take a look at these simple workarounds that will teach you how to install a smart thermostat without c wire.

Step 2 ====> Remove Your Old Thermostat

Now bring out your smart Thermostat completely out of the box. Then, you need to remove your old thermostat.

In case you have only two wires like my own, then you will see a red wire and a white wire.

Step 3 ====> Pick up Your Screwdriver

Please before you screw anything, turn off the power. If possible, disconnect from a power source.

Once you have turned off the power to that smart thermostat, before install Ecobee without a c wire. Now, you need to remove the red and white wires from the backplate. Typically you will find that they are held in by small Philips head screws.

Step 4 ====> Remove the Back Plate (Install Ecobee Without A C Wire)

Now you are a step closer to installing Ecobee. Remove the backplate from the wall. Most of the time, this is held in place by two to four screws into the wall.

You need to be careful in other not to damage the ribbons when removing the old backplate.

Step 5 ====> Installation Of The New WIFI Thermostat

Now is the right time to install Ecobee without a c wire, that is a new wifi thermostat. Meanwhile, you need a 24 Volt c wire Power adapter from Amazon. Many of these come with a rather long power cord, some are 25 feet or more.

Strip off the ends of the wire to a very short length, though you need to cut it out from the long wire or cord.

Then you will want to run the two wires that come from the AC adapter as well as your red and white wire coming from the wall up through the centre of the round backplate before attaching the backplate to the wall.

Step 6 ====> Wiring your New Thermostat

This part is very simple, from your AC adapter. Connect your Striped Wire into the RC slot and connect your non-striped wire into the C slot.

Now connect the red wire from the boiler into the RH slot and your white wire into the W1 slot.

Double-check your connections and then finish up by affixing the backplate to the wall.

At this point, you should be able to pop on your Ecobee thermostat and see its power right up with no problem.

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Install Ecobee without a c wire Conclusion

That is all, once you follow the process to the end; you should be able to install a smart thermostat without C Wire.

This process is very simple and easy to go about. You only need to follow a simple and easy process as explained in this article.

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