Complete Guide on Jamalife Fund Transfer Process through Peer to Peer Method

Guide on Jamalife Fund Transfer Process

You are welcome to complete guide on Jamalife Fund Transfer through Peer to Peer method. But before we go into the details, we will like to run through some of the benefits of Jamalife Helpers Global.

Jamalife Helpers Global (JHG) is a Non-Governmental Organization and multinational networking marketing organization.  Its ultimate goal is to eradicate poverty from among people across the globe.

With just N2000 ($5 Jamalife money), you get registered as a Jamalife helpers Global member at stage 1. A group has been created to help you get from stage 1 to 8, you can join our WhatsApp group here. You will be earning financial and material rewards each stage.

Benefits of Jamalife Helpers Global

Why do you need to join Jamalife in the first place? You must join before Jamalife fund transfer comes to your mind. So in a short while, you will be going through some of Jamalife Helpers Global Benefits

Complete Guide to Encash Earned Money from Jamalife Helpers Global Community

====> You don’t need to have a huge amount of money before you can join Jamalife Helper Global. You can start with a single account, with N2000 or $5 Jamalife money

====> You will benefit from the materials incentive as you move from the stage through stage 8. Some of the incentives include laptop of high quality, generator, phone of high quality, at stage 6, you will get SUV Hyundai product and a Range Rover as you keep moving up the stages.

====> You will benefit from the skill acquisition program and trade worth around N200000 with just N2000 registration fees on Jamalife

====> You will enjoy food security through an agricultural project and related program

====> Financial Empowerment schemes such as health care packages, retirement funds, real estate and more.

====> You will enjoy reduced prices on product buy from the company online mall available to all members

====> You will benefit from the holiday trips and tour funded through Jamalife Helper Global. Every cost is reduced thereby making travelling easier and convenient. Join our WhatsApp group here TODAY

NOTE: All of which can be inherited by whoever you choose. Now, the only disadvantage you will have with Jamalife is not having the N2000 registration fee to get all the benefits listed above.

Jamalife Fund Transfer through Peer to Peer Process

This is a method to encash your earned money from Jamalife. The process is simple and easy. Jamalife fund transfer through Peer to peer is by selling your E-wallet dollars to any partner in-the-house that wants to do registration or who wants to hold money in his/her E-wallet. In other to be able to transfer fund through peer to peer process, you need to follow this step.

Step 1 ====> You need to register an account on Jamalife Helpers Global

Step 2 ====> Login to your account using your login details

Guide on Jamalife Fund Transfer Process

As a new member or first time user of the E-wallet, you need to create E-wallet Password. Here is the step to create E=wallet password.

a ====> Click or tap E-wallet

b ====> Enter new password and confirmed it

c ====> Now tap on Save to complete the process

d ====> Then, you will be able to generate OTP before you can log in to your E-wallet.

Step 3 ====> Now click or tap on E-wallet

Step 4 ====> Then tap on fund transfer

Guide on Jamalife Transfer fundProcess

Step 5 ====> Now provide your E-wallet login details. This is your password and the OTP generated through your Email address.

Step 6 ====> You need to fill Jamalife transfer fund form, enter user ID or user name, amount to be transferred, remark, and the new OTP

Guide on Jamalife FundTransfer Process

Step 7 ====> Finally, click or tap save to complete Jamalife transfer fund.

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If you followed Jamalife transfer fund steps in the article, you will be able to transfer fund to Jamalife member that need money on their E-wallet. The step is simple and complete, even if you are first time user, you will be able to create your E-wallet password and be able to carry out Jamalife transfer fund through peer to peer process.

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