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Jamalife Helpers Global

In our previous article, we run through complete steps on how you can register your account on Jamalife Helpers Global. But I am sure you will not be able to do so, this is because registration cannot be carried out through cash, through bank or ATM. You need to have what we call Jamalife dollars, which you can only get through active members. You may join our WHATSAPP CHAT to learn more.

I got this question from one of our prospects, the question goes thus, is it possible for me to have more than one account? Yes, of course, you can have multiple accounts on Jamalife Helper Global. One account will cost you only Jamalife $5 which N2000 only in Nigeria currency.

Since you can have multiple accounts on Jamalife Helpers Global, here is the list of possible account you can have in addition with the registration money.

NOTE: Multiple account pays better, you earn according to the number of accounts you have

====> 1 account goes for $5 / N2000

====> 3 accounts go for $15 / N6000

====> 7 accounts go for $35 / N14000

====> 15 accounts go for $75 / N30000

====> 31 accounts go for $155 / N62000

====> 63 accounts go for $315 / N126000

====> 127 accounts go for $635 / N254000

====> 255 accounts go for $1275 /N510000

====> 511 accounts go for $2555 / N1022000

Complete Guide to Sign-Up for Jamalife Helpers Global on your Smartphone or Computer

If you cannot register on your own, you may send your registration fee according to the number of accounts you have chosen to bank account detail bellow

Bank Name ====> GtBank

Account Name ====> Adesanmi Adeola O

Account Number ====> 0251214024

If you are reading this article outside Nigeria, you can still make payment to the account detail above, you only need account in the details bellow

Bank Name ====> GTBank

Account Name ====> Adesanmi Adeola O

Account Number ====> 0251214031

Swift Code ====> GTBINGLA

Now send your registration details to me privately for your registration by filling this form. You must have sent prove of payment to privately on 07031246786



Title:​ Mr/Mrs/Miss

Mobile no:​

Date of Birth:​

Email:​ This must be accessible by you always.

First Name:​

​Middle Name:​

Last Name:​

Father’s middle name:

Why you Need to Pay Money to Personal Account

In Jamalife Helpers Global, our means of payment is called e-wallet not cash. It is an electronic currency and you have to own enough to make your donation

Jamalife for real for life

Join us today with multiple accounts…

Multiple Accounts ====> Multiple earnings & benefits

Multiple accounts Rrocks

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Most of the time, the best person to buy from and pay for your registration in order for you to get registered is your sponsor. Hence to get registered, you have to pay to your sponsor for the e-wallet he or she is going to register you on Jamalife Helpers Global. It’s after you have been registered that you can now have e-wallet account.

join our WHATSAPP CHAT to learn more

So for now, you are paying to your sponsor account in cash for the equivalent amount of e-wallet


From the above write up, it was clearly stated that multiple accounts on Jamalife Helpers Global is the best. You will earn in multiple places, if you are not yet registered, we may do it for you, just send us your proof of payment and you registration details as highlighted above.

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