JCP Credit Card Review, Application process, Login Guide and Payment Process

JCPenney Credit Card Review

JCPenney Credit Card is one of the credit cards issued to customers by Synchrony Bank. This credit card is a store credit card that offers rewards to customers on the level of your spending.

Your reward is highly dependent on your spending on purchases throughout the year, you can earn Gold or Platinum status. These statuses give you extra benefits which include better birthday gifts or additional discount days.

JCPenney is a Texas-based company that runs departmental stores. However, JCPenney credit card or JCPenney Mastercard is issued by Synchrony Banka as mentioned above. The company was founded in 1902 and consistently serving people with top-notch quality services for last 117 years.

While this card could be nice for loyal JCPenney customers, its use is limited only to JCPenney stores. That is what common to all store cards in the market. This severely hampers its applicability in day-to-day life.

When you use your JCPenney Credit Card, you earn 1 point per dollar spent at JCPenney. This is double the earning rate of non-cardholder rewards members, who earn 1 point for every $2 of spend. Special financing is available to JCPenney cardholders, subject to credit approval.

Pros of JCPenney Card

JCPenney credit card is regarded as a poor credit card. But it has some benefits you can still enjoy as a cardholder.

====> You will enjoy special coupons, bonus points, and appreciation discounts based on your elite status

====> JCPenney credit card cardholder can combined certificate with other discounts or coupon

====> As a JCPenney Cardholder, you will enjoy increased earnings compared to non-cardholder rewards members

====> JCPenney credit points do not expire for the period of 12 months, so you need to claim your point before 12 months

====> Rewards certificates automatically issued in $10 increments for every 200 points you earn

====> You will have access to over 150 card member-specific savings days, only for JCP Credit cardholders

Cons of JCP Credit Card

It is wrong to highlight the pros of this credit card and ignore its cons. This part of the article will list out the cons of using JCPenney Credit Card.

====> Your certificates expire very fast, it only valid for 45 days. If you are unable to use it within 45 days, it is useless

====> You will only redeem 10 certificates ($100) per purchase. You will redeem 9 if you use a coupon code at this is not a good way to redeem your certificate

====> You only earn a maximum of 2000 points on a single purchase

====> Your certificates can only be redeemed at JCPenney stores and JCP website or

JCPenney Credit Card Rate and Fees

This part of the article will list out fees and rate attached to the use of JCP Credit Card.

====> APR: 26.99% fixed APR on purchases

====> Cash Advance Fee: Not Available

====> Card Intro Balance Transfer Fee: Not Available

====> Balance Transfer Fee: Not Available

====> APR on Cash Advances: None ($0)

====> Annual Fee: None ($0)

====> Returned Payment Fee: None ($0)

====> Foreign Transaction Fee: None ($0)

====> Late Fee Penalty: Up to $37

JCP Credit Card Requirements and Qualifications

====> Applicant personal details like name, birth date, and Social Security Number

====> Applicant must be at least 18 years and above before you can apply

====> Applicant contact details like home address, phone number, and email address

====> Applicant financial information, mainly total annual income

How to Apply for a JCPenney Credit Card 

You are already familiar with the application requirement, now we need to run through the application properly. The application process will only take few minutes from your time. You can apply for this credit card online and through the store near you.

JCP Credit Card Online Application Process

This part will guide you through the online application process. It is very simple and easy to go about. You only need to take e few steps once you have the requirements listed above.

Follow this procedure if you have a phone number. If you don’t have a phone number or you decided not to use your phone number, follow the second step.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit JCPenney Credit Card official application website.

Step 2 ====> On the application page, you start the application process by providing your last 4-digit of your SSN and your phone number in the space provided and click the continue button

Step 3 ====> Now follow the onscreen instruction to continue the application process

Step 4 ====> Select any options you want included with your card. You can elect to receive electronic statements, add an authorized user or sign up for card security, a credit card insurance feature that pays for your minimum balance or potentially your entire balance under certain circumstances.

Step 5 ====> Finally on this part, click the Continue to submit your application.

Once you complete the process, you have just completed JCPenney Credit Card application process via online means.

Online Application without Phone Number

Step 1 ====> You need to visit JCPenney Credit Card official application website.

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on I don’t have a phone number

Step 3 ====> On the next page, you will be required to fill the application form.

JCPenney Card Review

Step 4 ====> Provide your names, address, phone number, and others on the fields provided and click on the continue button to proceed

Step 5 ====> Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the application process

JCPenney Credit Card Store Application Process

In other to apply for JCPenney credit card in-store, you need to visit a JCPenney store and apply in-person with an associate.

The information you need to submit will be the same as the one provided through the online application.

For convenience, use JCPenney’s store locator to find the nearest store. For questions, contact JCPenney’s customer support at 800 542 0800.

How to Activate JCPenney Credit Card

JCP Credit Card needs to be activated before you can use it, without activation, is just like an ordinary plastic card. You can active the store credit card via online process and via phone call process.

Online Activation Process

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official activation page of JCPenney Credit Card

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on Activate Your Card.

Step 3 ====> You will have a choice to either enter your User ID and Password for an existing account or register and create an account to activate your card.

Step 4 ====> Now enter your account number on the front of your card and click on the Next button

Step 5 ====> You may be asked to enter the last four digits of the Social Security number, the date of birth, or the mother’s maiden name of the primary cardholder.

Once you complete the steps, your JCPenney Credit Card will be activated, that is how to activate your credit card online.

Phone Call Activation Process

On your phone, dial 1 800 542 0800 to speak with a customer representative to activate your credit card. You will receive automated instructions to share the account number on the front side of the card.

Once, you follow all the prompt steps then you will receive a notification about successfully activating the card. If at the time you wanted to activate your JCPenney Credit Card, you can’t access the web, you can activate via a phone call.

JCPenney Credit Card Login Step by Step Process

You have completed your application process, it’s time to log in to your online account. This part of the article will guide you through the login details.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official login page of JCP Credit Card

Step 2 ====> Now enter your login detail (User ID and Password) in the space provided

JCPenney Credit Card Review

Step 3 ====> Lastly here, click on the Secure Login button to access your JCPenney Credit Card dashboard

How to Reset Account Username and Password?

In case you forgot your password, and need to access your JCP credit card account now. Then you need to follow the below steps quickly

Step 1 ====> Open the sign in page using the link provided above.

Step 2 ====> Click on Reset Password link right below the Secure Login button

JCP Credit Card Review

Step 3 ====> After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the Reset Password Page, where you need to provide your primary account holder information to get your new password.

How to Make a JCPenney Credit Card Payment

Before you can make any payment through JCP credit card, you need to register or create an online account. We have covered this aspect in the article above, after registering your account, you need to log in to that account. We have also taken care of that in the article.

Now, we need to run through the payment process, this is very simple, making an online payment to apply to your JCPenney credit card account is simple. You need to follow the procedure in the article to pay your bills online using your JCP credit card.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official website

Step 2 ====> Login to your account as explained above

Step 3 ====> On your account dashboard, choose the Pay My Bill option from the navigation bar

Step 4 ====> Enter your bank account information and the bill payment amount.

Step 5 ====> Select the date on which you want the payment to be drafted from your bank account. Schedule your JCPenney payment at least one day before the due date to be sure it’s not late.

That is it, hope is very simple as we mention before kicked start the process.

How to Use the JCPenney App to Manage Your Account

Another thing we need to quickly cover in the article is how to JCPenney App to manage your account. We are saying, you can manage your account via mobile app as you did via the web.

Step 1 ====> You need to download the JCPenney app on your mobile device(s). This depends on what device(s) you will like to use. If you prefer using your tablet or phone to manage your JCPenney credit card account.

Step 2 ====> After downloading the app, you log in via your mobile device and select the JCPenney credit card option.

Step 3 ====> You will see links to review your account activity and pay online.

Step 4 ====> Now, you need to select the Payment option from the navigation bar to enter payment information.

In addition to letting you check your JCP credit card account balance and make an online bill payment, the app also provides coupons, gives push notifications of sales, supplies product information when you scan bar codes, tracks your JCPenney Rewards, and lets you make purchases for in-store pickup.

For frequent JCPenney shoppers, the app might be more valuable for account management than using the JCPenney online credit center website.

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JCPenney Card Frequently Asked Questions

This part of the article will run through the commonly asked questions on JCP credit cards. If you need the answer to any of these questions, here are the likely answers.

When will My Points Expire?

Your points expire, but it’s will cover 12 calendar months. You must redeem your point before 12 months, after that long period of time, the point unclaimed will expire.

In this case, that means making a purchase that earns rewards at least once in a 12-month period. And as long as your account remains in good standing (which means paying your bill on time each month), you will continue to earn rewards.

Where can I use the JCPenney Credit Card?

Remember, we mentioned it is a store credit card issued by Synchrony Bank. Therefore, this card can only be used at JCPenney, in-store and online.

What are My Points Worth?

You earn points when you make use of your JCPenney Card to pay your bills. Each point is worth 5 cents, I think this is good enough for great shoppers using this store credit card.

For every dollar spent you will earn one point. For every 200 points you earn, you will get a JCP reward certificate that is worth $10. Therefore, the cash back equivalent for your spending works out to 5%.

What Credit Score is Needed for JCPenney Credit Card?

The credit score for this store credit card is a bit fair. It is not too high nor too low, if your credit score is around 640, your application may be approved.

How much do I Need to Spend to get the JCP Credit Card Benefits?

You will not have to spend anything to get the most basic level of benefits, like reward points and bonus events.

But to reach the Gold and Platinum tiers, you will need to spend $500 or $1000 in a calendar year, respectively.

How do I know if I Get Approved for JCPenney Card?

You can get pre-knowledge of your application status. You only need to contact Synchrony Bank’s customer service department.

Therefore, if you want to know your JCPenney Credit Card application status, you may reach the customer representative through a phone call (1 855 220 3806) or through the online portal. . Either way, you will receive a decision in the mail within 10 business days

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