My Kohls Charge Card Login | Kohls Credit Card Login Guide @

My Kohls Charge Card Login | Kohls Credit Card Login Guide

Kohl’s Department store is the second-largest retail chain in terms of sales. It only comes behind Macy’s international. Kohl’s is commonly called a family-friendly store that offers quality clothing materials to customers at very low prices. The company gains access through constant promotions, offering a coupon for as much as 35% off the store items or products. Kohl’s offers its own branded retail store card that can be used only at Kohl’s stores and at Though in this article, we shall be dealing with Kohls Credit Card Login.

The Kohl store was open as far back as 1927 by Maxwell Kohl in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The first departmental store of Kohl’s Company was established in 1962. In 1992, Kohl’s Company was publicized, since then, it has never gone down.

To address credit card and other debit card services, Kohl’s Company has MyKohlsCharge. People and customers of Khols Company are more familiar with this Kohls credit card management service, or My Kohls Charge Card.

Kohls operates in more than 49 states with more than 1200 stores across the country. With these numbers of stores, you will definitely access one store very close to your residence.

Pro and Cons of Pay Kohls Credit Card

Pros of Kohls Charge Card

In simple language, pros refer to the benefit of Kohls charge card, here is the list of such advantages.

====> Your points will be redeemed automatically as a certificate at end of each billing cycle (mailed in 2 days)

====> You can combine Yes2You rewards with Kohl’s cash and other discounts.

====> No limit to the points you can earn, the more point you earn, the benefit you will enjoy.

====> You will enjoy a 35% introductory discount on your first purchase

====> Earn lifetime MVC status by spending $600 in a calendar year, which comes with more discounts and benefits

====> 15% discount in the mail, can’t wait to get these benefits.

====> You will benefit from 12 annual discounts

====> No annual fee attached to your credit card

====> Exclusive sales and offers for cardholders is another what you get in Kohls recharge card

====> Receipt-free returns

Cons of Kohls Credit Card

We itemized some of the benefits you gained while using login to Kohls credit card

====> Certificates expire in only 30 days

====> Points expire 1 year after they are earned, you must redeem them before expire

====> Can only use the certificate at Kohl’s and

Requirements for Mykohlscharge Log on or Sign up

In other to create your account, you need the following materials available

====> Kohl’s Credit Card Number

====> Laptop or PC or Smartphone

====> Latest version of your browser

====> The right URL of the company

====> Internet Connection/ Wi-Fi Connection

Complete Steps for Kohls Credit Card Sign Up

In other to register or create your Kohls account, you need to complete the following steps. There are easy to follow, just read through:

Step 1 ====> You have to land on the Login page of Mykohlscharge or copy and paste

Step 2 ====> Locate sign-up option at the Login page. Since you want to sign up for an account, select that.

My Kohls Charge Card Login | Kohls Credit Card Login

Step 3 ====> Now you should have the Kohls Credit Card Number. Without this number, no one can sign up for Kohls Credit Card. If you have your own Kohl’s Credit Card, you can go ahead.

Step 4 ====> Now enter your Kohls Credit Card Number in the blank space and click on the submit option. After that, you will be taken to the next page

Step 5 ====> Then you have to create your own username with which you can access your account on Kohl. You need to set up your password as well, these must be confidential.

Step 6 ====> You need to provide your email if the need arises.

Step 7 ====> Then click on Submit, with which you have created your own account.


If you followed exactly what we highlighted here, you will have no problem signing up Kohl’s account on mykohlscharge. Use your username and Password word created to access your account

The Requirement to Login into your Account on mykohlscharge portal

You need the following items to be able to login to your account, there are:

====> Username and Password

====> Laptop, Computer or Smartphone, or other devices that can access the internet

====> Latest version of your browser

====> The right URL of the company

Complete Steps for Kohls Charge Card Login

By now, you are through with the registration process, let quickly run through the login process, here are the complete steps to achieve that.

Step 1 ====> First, you need to visit the official website of Mykohlscharge or copy and paste  You can use any web browser either from your PC or Smartphone.

Step 2 ====> Now click or select mykohlscharge which is on the home page

Step 3 ====> Now, on the login page. Enter your username and password in the spaces provided

Step 4 ====> Then, click or tap submit button on the page

Step 5 ====> If you enter your credentials correctly, you will be able to access your own personal mykohlscharge account

Step 6 ====> On your account, you can do any of the following, pay your bills, check your balance, and other operation

Different methods of Payment on Kohl’s Credit Card Bill

Our next line of action will be focusing on Kohls credit card payment methods. We are very sure, you have registered your card and you can log in to your Kohls charge card. Now let look at how you can make a payment on kohls charge card.

Make Payment at a Kohl’s Store

Make a Kohl’s Charge Payment by Mail

Pay a Kohl’s Charge by Phone

Pay a Kohl’s Charge Card Online

Make Payment at a Kohl’s Store

Kohls credit card-holders can pay bills in-store using a check, money order, electronic debit, or Kohl’s Cares card.

Cash or check payments made at the registered post the same day and are accepted until the close of business.

Make a Kohl’s Charge Payment by Mail

Payment by mail is not allowed by Kohl’s, but you can still make a payment on your Kohls credit card bill by check or money order.

Mail your payment order to:

Kohl’s Payment Center

P.O. Box 2983

Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

People living in the following areas, Ariz., Calif., Colo., Hawaii, Idaho, Mont., Nev., Okla., Ore., Texas, Utah, Wash., and Wyo. can send their payments to this Los Angeles address:

P.O. Box 30510

Los Angeles, CA 90030-0510

Pay a Kohl’s Charge by Phone

You can make payment by call Kohl’s Customer Service hotline at 855-564-5748 to pay a Kohl’s charge by phone or ask questions about your account.

Kohl’s automated phone system allows you to make free payments 24 hours a day. Have your bank routing number and account number on hand, and make your payment by 7 p.m. CST for same-day posting to your account.

Phone associates can take debit or check-by-phone payments during business hours. Associates are available from 7 am to 9 pm CST Monday through Saturday, and from 8 am to 9 pm. CST on Sunday.

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Pay a Kohl’s Charge Card Online

Register your account online at My Kohl’s Charge to make free online payments through the Kohl’s sign-in page.

You can schedule daily payments for up to 180 days, or schedule payments to go out on the same day each month. Payments made online by 7 pm


Now you have learned how to register your Kohls credit card on the portal. You also learn how you can log in to make a payment on your Kohls charge card. We also list the requirements for sign up and log in to your account.

Kohls Credit Card Commonly Asked Questions and Possible Answers

Our team has tried hard to provide possible answers to commonly asked questions on Kohls Credit Card. In other to explore answers to these commonly asked questions, then keep on reading.

What is the Interest Rate on a Kohls Credit Card?

The interest rate charged by this credit card is a bit high, every cardholder must be very careful not to fall victim to high charges on interest. The Kohls Charge cards APR for purchases is a variable rate of 27.24%.

The only way we suggest to avoid paying such a high interest rate is simply to pay off your balance in full each month. Make sure you do not carry any unpaid balance to the next month, doing this will save you from paying overcharges on the interest rate.

Is there an Annual Fee for Kohl’s Card?

No, Kohls credit card does not charge an annual fee, it is regarded as an annual fee-free credit card. Meanwhile, Kohl’s charge card can only be used at Kohl’s, either in-store or online. You need to watch out for the very high APR of 27.24% Variable

What is the Credit Limit for the Kohl’s Charge Card?

There is no specific credit limit for the Kohls Credit Card. Your credit limit will be determined by your overall creditworthiness, including your credit scores and income. You can request a credit line through the following process:

Step 1 ====> You need to login to your account

Step 2 ====> Now click the Account Summary tab

Step 3 ====> Now click the Request Credit Line Increase option.

Step 4 ====> Then enter the required information.

Kohl’s will allow you to request a credit limit increase once every three months.

Be aware that credit limit increase requests will often result in hard inquiries on your credit reports. If you want a higher credit limit, we recommend requesting an increase about once every 6 to 12 months or so.

Can I Use My Kohls Credit Card at other Stores?

Can you use a Kohl’s credit card anywhere? Wow, this is a nice question, this is a store card that is not accepted in stores other than Kohls stores and an online portal. Therefore, you can only use the Kohl’s Charge card at Kohl’s stores and

Is the Kohl’s Charge Card Worth it?

This depends on the individual. If you are the type of customer who shops more often at Kohls stores and an online portal. You were also aware that the card can only be used at Kohl’s. Then, I think Kohl’s Charge card is worth it.

Additionally, cardholders will have to keep track of the promotional dates on their special offers/percent-off coupons, once they expire they are no longer useable.

Will Closing My Kohls Card Hurt My Credit?

On closed accounts, the limit is no longer taken into account for available credit. So for people with less available credit that carry balances, closing a card would impact their debit to credit ratio. It does not sound like you would be impacted much in your situation.

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