Lane Bryant Credit Card Registration Process, Login Guide and Reset Password

Like many other retailers, women’s plus-size retail chain Lane Bryant offers a retail reward credit card to its customers. The bank behind the card is Comenity, a financial services company that provides credit card services to hundreds of retailers across the country.

While the Bryant Credit Card offers a number of attractive perks, there are some restrictions and downsides customers should be aware of before filling out the application.

About Bryant Credit Card

The Lane Bryant credit card is store-only and not affiliated with Visa, Mastercard, or any other card networks. The card can only be used at stores and websites in the Lane Bryant family including Lane Bryant, Lane Bryant Outlet,, Cacique, and

The card is obtained through a standard credit application. Approval and credit limit depending on the same factors as any other credit product such as credit score, income, and other debt.

Cardholders can choose to pay off the balance in full each month or carry a balance with smaller payments over time. The minimum payment per month is $27. The card comes with a 25-day grace period, so those who pay off the card in full each month avoid interest payments altogether.

How to Apply for a Lane Bryant Credit Card?

Step 1 ====> Head to the Lane Bryant card application page. You can get it here from their website as well.

Step 2 ====> Read the terms and conditions and enter your personal details like name, DOB, SSN, annual income details, and more.

Lane Bryant | How to Login | Make Payments | Apply

Step 3 ====> Enter contact information like address, email, and phone number.

Step 4 ====> Choose whether you want to add an authorized buyer or not.

Step 5 ====> Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the online application.

How to Activate your Lane Bryant Credit Card Account?

From the above subheading, we explained how to register or apply for Bryant Lane Card. In this part of the article, we will teach you how you can activate your card.

Bryant Credit Card Make Payments

Step 1 ====> Visit the Lane Bryant login page once.

Step 2 ====> Click Register for online access.

Step 3 ====> Provide the account details and personal details asked for on the next screen, and click Find my account.

Step 4 ====> Follow the instructions on the screen on the next page(s) and complete the activation process.

How do I log in to Make Payments?

You have learned how you can register and activate your Bryant Lane card, the next line of action will be focusing on how to log in and make payment via your Bryant Lane Card.

Step 1 ====> Head to the Lane Bryant card login page on Comenity bank’s website.

Step 2 ====> Enter your username and password and click Sign in. You also have the option of remembering your details on your browser.

How to Reset Your Password

Resetting your password has made it easy for customers to reset their passwords on the platform. Once you have reset your password, you can login anytime to continue accessing your online account. Follow these steps to log in:

Step 1 ====> On the homepage, click sign in / register

Step 2 ====> Click retrieve password

Step 3 ====> Enter your email address

You will receive a new password in your email inbox

Forgot your Lane Bryant Credit Card Username

 Make Payments

Step 1 ====> From the same Lane Bryant login page, click on Forgot your username or password?

Step 2 ====> Enter your account number/username, and zip code, choose an identification type and enter the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Step 3 ====> Click Find My Account to continue the retrieval process.

Rewards and Benefits of Bryant Lane Credit Card

====> You will earn the following rewards and benefits using a Lane Rewards Membership + a Lane Bryant Credit Card

====> Earn points for every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases when you use your Lane Bryant Credit Card

====> $10 Reward for every 3,000 points

====> Birthday offer

====> Free standard shipping on qualifying purchases using your Lane Bryant Credit Card (minimum purchase of $100 for Silver members and $75 for Gold members)

====> Extended returns for Lane Bryant Credit Cardholders only and lots more

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As you see from this article, explained everything you need to know about Lane Bryant Credit Card. What we covered here includes how to apply for a credit card, Activate your card, and how to retrieves lost usernames and passwords.

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