Listentoyoutube Apps on Android for Free in 2017 to Watch Out for is one of the most convenient and reliable online application for videos to mp3 audio files format. This is one of the fast and free service online that does not requires you to sing up before you can use it.  The  only thing you are require of is the link address to the videos, and these apps will transfer the video to server, extract the MP3, and download the audio files.

Although, there are several online music stores are available nowadays, still no one can defeat YouTube on this particular segment. I do listen to music on my Android using YouTube application and get the update as soon as possible. On daily basis, millions of people upload different music on YouTube, mostly is videos.

Now come to knot it you as a lover of music, it will sound so funny to listen to video music while walking, reading or doing other thing else. The facts remain that you will not enjoy it if you listen to video music on these conditions.

Listentoyoutube apps are the applications that are developed to convert any videos from YouTube to audio files format while downloading or converting them after downloading so that you can listen to them as an audio music.

Most importantly, why should I need videos when I am only listening? In addition, high quality videos take a long time to buffer if you are on a slower internet connection. It also gobbles up the major chunk of data in no time.

The following Listentoyoutube apps can all play the audio from YouTube videos in the background, which is really what you want to do, right?

YouTube Radio


YouTube Radio is one Listentoyoutube apps which is widely used by millions of people to listen to YouTube on Android devices. This application an offer bunches of features like searching videos on YouTube and as well play them.

The most amazing thing about this application is about its very small size which is about 195k and enables you to have a painless access to YouTube.

With YouTube Radio you can execute some basic yet the most wanting tasks like, creating and organizing folders for your favourite music for easy access in the future and play these music like a radio station.

Meanwhile, there are two ways of searching music. Firstly, you can directly search on YouTube and secondly, via which is one of the most coveted online music store with the latest updates in that niche.



This app is refers to as YouTube Audio, this app is developed and deign with a very simple interface by GooglyEyes. With application you can listen to YouTube on Your Android devices as mp3 songs. In addition this app allows you to stream audios out of videos which saves the precious bandwidth of yours.

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uListen offers some special features like, a quick access status bar notification, add unlimited number of videos to playlists and backup/restore saved playlists from a removable memory storage.

With uListen you can stream and play tracks in background, search YouTube videos and public playlists and more, this simply prove to us that is one of the best Listentoyoutube apps.

Musix Tube

MusixTube, the ultimate YouTube music player for Android, brings you new music from YouTube everyday and you can select different playback mode to enhance your music experience. It is widely used globally and has its name on the list of best Listentoyoutube apps.

YouTube Music


Another important application in this group is YouTube Music, with this application you can listen to whatever YouTube music you want and you can even choose the video quality as you want. It is as well one of best Listentoyoutube apps.

YouTube Radio or YouTube Music Player


YouTube Music Player app is a simple and easy to use app, firstly you need to download this app from play store. After downloading, just lunch it on your android device. Locate the small music player button on the screen and press to enjoy this app.

You can straightaway start searching for songs and playlists from the Settings menu. While searching make sure you restrict your search to just the music to filter out unnecessary videos.

After the app returns the result of the video you searched for, it can be sorted according to various relevancies like views, ratings and duration, with these features, this application is regarded as one of best Listentoyoutube apps you can download and use this day.

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