How To Make Single Name On Facebook Account 2018

Make Single Name On Facebook

Facebook is a place where users share thing on their daily activities. Everyday incidents with our friends, family chat or status updates. Facebook is the largest social media with millions of daily users just because it has thousands of different features that make Facebook amazing. So developers are still trying to find bugs to do with Facebook tricks and funny jokes.  Today’s article will be focusing on how to make single name on Facebook account.

Do you think this is possible, since we are addressed with at least two names which include sure name and one other name?

Yeah, it is possible. We have share a lot of trick on this site on how to do lot on our Facebook account which includes inviting all friends to Facebook page, set news feed on Facebook and many more.

Now here we are going to share another wonderful tip to make single name on Facebook account. According to rule it is not possible to make account in Facebook without last name. But if you want to make your Facebook profile with Name without using last name, simply follow these steps.

Requirements To Make Single Name On Facebook Account

If really you want to change your Facebook name to just only one name, you need the following to do the job.

Google Chrome Browser or Firefox – Windows / Android  / iPhone

Facebook Account


Ability to follow instruction

Finally working internet

How To Make Single Name On Facebook Account

Step 1 ====> From your Mozilla Firefox browser, open your Facebook account

Step 2 ====>Then go to “General Account Settings“.

Step 3 ====> Change language settings to “Bahasa Indonesia“.

Step 4 ====> Go to any of below links,

Select Proxy country=Indonesia, port=8080 & click ‘Update results’. 

Step 5 ====> Now copy the proxy address of port – 8080 from those results. In general the proxy address will in this format –

Just for example I am giving you this proxy = Try it, but it might and might not work. Mostly select new proxies which were updated there recently.

[Check the time of recently updated proxies].While performing this process, some of the proxies may not work and some proxies will work just like 1 out of 3 trails.

So be patient while doing this single name account process.

Step 6 ====> Now you  have to change your Firefox browser proxy as shown in the below pictures:

Make Single Name On Facebook

Go to Tools ====> Options ====> Advanced ====> Network ====>Settings.

Step 7 ====> Now click  ‘Settings’ and select “Manual proxy configuration:” – paste the proxy & port-8080 where you got from above 2 or and tick the box that says “Use this proxy server for all protocols” and finally click OK in settings dialog box.Make Single Name On Facebook

Step 8 ====> It is time now to open your Name settings in your Facebook account. Simply remove your last name or leave it as empty and then click ‘Save Changes‘.Make Single Name On Facebook

Step 9 ====>Now Change back your Language settings from “Bahasa Indonesia” to “English“.

Step 10 ====> After completing all steps, remove ‘Manual proxy configuration:‘  in Firefox Settings and select “Use system proxy setting“. That’s it


Step 1 ====> In case you are not able to add proxy settings and facing any problem, then I recommend downloading Hola Best Internet VPN.

Step 2 ====> Install Hola Extension in Firefox or Chrome and then on Hello and search and select Country Indonesia.

Step 3 ====>Automatically implement proxy settings in your browser so you do not need to manually add proxies.

Settings To Make Single Facebook Account.

Step 1 ====> After installing and using Hola extension make sure it is working fine on Facebook.

Step 2 ====> Now it’s time to create single name account.

Step 3 ====> Open your Facebook Account Settings.

Step 4 ====> Change your language to Bahasa Indonesia.

Step 5 ====>Then edit your current Facebook profile name and Simply remove Your Last Name. After that review your name and Save it.Make Single Name On Facebook

Step 6 ====> After that your Facebook Account is only using First Name and you will see that Last Name Hide.

Step 7 ====> On Completing all steps, Remove Manual Proxy or Turn off Hola and change your language back to English (US) or other according to you.


With this steps you have successfully make single name on Facebook

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